IWDFLSB (Novel) Chapter 15



But the more I thought about it, the stronger the hypothesis became.

There was no special incident that confirmed the goodwill between Liena and me, so there was only one answer.

Since Liena returned, she has been surrounded by people who love her.

Although there are differences in degree, all normal characters were eventually entrapped by Liena.

The only characters who don't like her until the end are the villains.

From the orphanage director who mistreated Liena, Cassius's former head maid who ignored her as an orphan, and collateral relatives who tried to push her out of the family.

Everyone, each and every one!

In fact, the author probably thought it was a bit unreasonable, but then explained that it was thanks to the blessings of the goddess.

Liena's blessing draws people's unconscious favor.

I had never thought about this from Liena's perspective.

"... This girl doesn't even consider the possibility that someone who isn't a villain might dislike her."

Because her world had always worked that way, and there had only been people like that around her.

Except for me, a transmigrator.

"Sister-in-law, what are you thinking so much about?"

"...It's nothing."

My head was pounding.

I used my ability to check the herbal recipe, and I even exhausted my mental energy while talking to Liena, so I had no strength left in my body.

Meanwhile, Liena complained and asked me to accept her gift.

"Look at my sincerity, close your eyes and take at least one. I bought it for my sister-in-law."

I'm concerned.

Is there any need to act on emotions and create a disaster?

If I become an enemy of Liena, my problems will increase exponentially.

"Sister-in-law, please stop ignoring me and answer me."

She even grabbed my arm and shook me.

How annoying!

As I said, I was very tired.

And when people get tired, their patience disappears, and they become unable to handle things they would normally just ignore.

I coldly shook off Liena's touch.

"Liena, I'll be honest."

My inner feelings that had not been expressed until now poured out like a torrent.

"I don't like you. If I had to choose, you tend not to please me. So please disappear from my presence and never come back to me like this. Do you understand?"

At that moment...


Any expression that could be called an expression disappeared from Liena's face.

One second, two seconds, time passed, and the expression did not return.

The shock was so great that the returner who had always played over other people's heads couldn't process her own emotions.



Tara and Matisse's reactions were not very different.

"Ah, I feel renewed inside."

I got up on my own with a casual attitude.

"I won't fire you. So, I'm leaving."

Of the three people who stood paralyzed, Matisse was the first to react.

"How dare you?!"

He growled and looked at me as if he were going to kill me.

"How dare you say such words to the lady?!"

And it was at the moment he tried to stop me by grabbing my arm.


Matisse fell grandly without even touching a hair of mine.

"Oops, I'm sorry. I didn't know you were there."

A polite but somewhat intimidating voice.

Terence was standing with his back to me, looking at Matisse.

I looked back and forth between Terence and the place he had just gotten up from.

"Since when have you been here?"

When I looked at the place where Terence was sitting, I couldn't see him because it was darkened by ornamental plants.

Did you really hear everything Liena and I said?

I thought he was following the man standing in front of the hotel, who was believed to be the marquis's servant.

"What's with those eyes?"

"Is there something wrong with my eyes?"

"You, mercenary, are looking at me with arrogant eyes!"

Matisse, who was already very angry with me, couldn't control his emotions and tried to draw his sword.

Terence's hand also went for the sword hanging from his waist.

But then...


Liena, who had been silent until then, suddenly stood up.

"Stop it! Are you going to tarnish the reputation of Cassius?"

"Oh, no. My lady."

"I'm leaving! Follow me!"

Liena headed for the exit with a stiff expression on her face. She didn't even look at me or Terence.

Matisse smiled, and Tara gave me a quick look before following her mistress.

The commotion stopped.

"Are you okay?"

Terence asked.

"We were just talking, right?"

"You look very tired."

"I can go up and rest."

I bit my lip in embarrassment.

"I've shown you a not-so-good side due to family problems."

"Well, compared to my family, he was a noble."

Well, if you're bored, you can go face an assassin.

"I didn't know that your husband's family was the Cassius family."

"...I wasn't trying to hide it."

"There's no reason for you to tell me those things. But..."

The serious gaze tickled one side of my face.

"If the other person is Cassius, divorce will be difficult."

Is it because I'm tired?

I feel like complaining.

"In fact, it's possible that the divorce notification submitted to the court wasn't received correctly. There's a good chance it's sleeping in the administrator's drawer. Ah... getting divorced will be difficult."

Hey, what are you clinging to someone for?

Furthermore, it was a problem that should be calmly resolved through a transaction rather than emotional appeals sooner or later.

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