IWDFLSB (Novel) Chapter 20



"Would you like to go out and take a walk for a moment?"

I was stunned by Terence's words and asked him, "What?"

Instead of accepting or rejecting my offer, he suddenly asked me to go out?

Terence stood up with his typical polite smile.

"Isn't it frustrating to stay indoors? The weather is perfect for a walk."

It was a completely unfamiliar smile.


We walked through the bustling streets.

Perhaps thanks to the sunny weather, the faces of the passersby were lit up.

Indeed, the weather also influenced my decision to make a bold proposal to Terence today. You can't ignore the impact of the weather on a person's mood.

"If he listens to me when he's in a good mood, the chances of him accepting it will increase."

"It doesn't seem to have much effect at the moment."

Although he was the one who asked to go out first, Terence's expression was subtly rigid.

No matter how long it had been since we last met face to face, I could clearly notice the difference between a formal smile and a heartfelt one.

Anyway, he still seemed to be pondering my suggestion. Can I reassure him a bit?


He turned his head slightly at my call.


Undoubtedly, Terence will think this is an extension of the conversation we had before, something like asking for a quick response to a suggestion.

But what I said was completely different.

"Should we go shopping?"


"It's been a while since I've been out."

"If you want to buy me something again..."

"Oh, it's not like that. I now know that you're much richer than me... Haha."

In fact, I knew that from the beginning, but I pretended to be embarrassed, and Terence made an excuse.

Regardless of the circumstances, since you were deceived, I'll pay you back for the gifts you gave me in money."

"Where can one return a gift? I gave it to you because I wanted to."


"If it bothers you, Marquess, you could give me a gift this time."

This meant that he would have to pay for the shopping.

Seeing me wink, Terence's expression brightened a bit.

"Choose whatever you like."

"Oh? If you say that, I really have no objections."

"As you wish."

"Even if you declare bankruptcy, you can't forget it."

"I guess I should also buy a tent just in case I have to sit on the street."

We headed to the shopping district, joking as always, as if the conversation at the tea house had never happened.

That's what I said, but my courage was not enough to steal too much money from the villain.

"Hmm, what should I do?"

"Do you really have to choose one? Just buy everything. Please give me everything in this showcase."

"I decided on this! Please pack it quickly!"

Shopping was a continuation of these conversations. After all, luxury was not something everyone could afford.

When we finished shopping hastily and were at a nearby outdoor café, Terence asked with sarcasm.

"Didn't you say you were going to bankrupt me?"

However, even the Marquess, who was so proud, gave in to a parfait filled with ice cream and snacks.

"I'm not a big fan of sweets..."

"Just try a bite."

"I'm sorry to bother you."

"It's not for that reason."

With a victorious smile, I took a spoonful of parfait and put it in my mouth.

A man wearing a navy blue uniform caught my attention.

"It's the uniform of Cassius's Knights...!"

Although it was the first time I had seen his face, and the distance was quite far, I hid by unfolding the umbrella I had bought a while ago.

In times like these, it was advantageous for all the people serving Cassius, including knights and servants, to wear elegant uniforms. It stood out even from a distance.

It was an outfit issued by Liena with the purpose of distinguishing it from other families and instilling pride as a member of the duchy.


But for some reason, the Cassius knight came directly toward us. Certainly, it didn't seem like he had seen me.

The matter was soon resolved. This is because the knight shouted at Terence.

"Suspicious man, reveal your identity immediately!"

Terence, who stood up and looked at the knight as if to hide me behind his back, responded calmly.

"Should I reveal my identity to you?"

A voice tinged with absurdity returned.

"Don't you know what this uniform and emblem on the shoulder mean?"

"I don't know."

"Idiot! This is the great Cassius family!"

"Hmm, so what does Cassius want?"

Terence, who was expected to tremble, reacted calmly, and the knight clearly felt embarrassed.

"Our job is to investigate people like you who seem suspicious and dangerous. Immediately reveal your identity or leave here."

Something is strange. Although Cassius's members went out, they didn't stop and interrogate people on the streets just because they had swords on their belts.

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