IWDFLSB (Novel) Chapter 39



Also, I knew he was an idiot, but he was also confused about his own feelings. When I heard this story, a memory came to mind.

"I married you because I liked you, and I still like you, so I don't want a divorce."

He said that even if it weren't for the abandoned mine, there would be no divorce, and that he liked me. Because he was really in love with me...?

But I quickly shook my head.

"No, that doesn't make sense. Nonsense."

If he were in love with me, he wouldn't have treated me like this all this time. Even if he couldn't whisper words of love to me, he could at least treat me kindly.

But what about the Leandro I've seen in the last two years? He often avoided me with the excuse of being busy, and when we had to be together for things like family gatherings, he was cold and distant.

"...What he says is probably a lie. If he liked even a little, he wouldn't have done that."

Let's say he gave in a hundred times and couldn't reveal the truth because he was afraid of divorce. However, the cold gaze and sarcastic tone of voice were far from pleasant.

The head butler looked at me and replied.

"That's how it seemed to me. So I asked him why he was like that with the young lady..."

He said Leandro stayed silent when he was asked that question. After that, every time a topic related to me came up, he avoided it, and he couldn't even ask the head butler about it.

"... ..."

"... ..."

There was an uncomfortable silence in the quiet atmosphere. But it didn't last long.

"Well, it's okay. Anyway, I've decided not to worry too much about that person anymore."

It wasn't a white lie meant to reassure the head butler. I really felt that way.

I was definitely in a bad mood right now, but it improved after a while. It wasn't pleasant, but I thought, "Well, what does it matter?"

If I keep hanging on to people like Leandro, I'll only lose. During that time, it would be better to just curl up and eat a delicious dessert.

"I really have changed."

If it had been earlier, I would have been angry and depressed for a long time.

It was thanks to leaving Cassius, meeting many people, and choosing the path I really wanted. Instead of running from Wallace and marrying Leandro.

And, indeed, there was something good.

"Can you testify to that in the trial too?"

"I plan to tell the truth about everything I saw and heard."

We smiled quietly face to face.

The head butler will immediately prove that nothing happened between Leandro and me!

This was a great harvest. There's a big difference between just having a separate relationship that never joined. I didn't even feel like someone of the opposite sex, so it was impossible for him to do anything befitting a married couple.

"I think we should have a more detailed and strategic discussion when I'm with my lawyer."

I told the head butler about the secret entrance to the lawyer's office I was using. For now, he had to hide from Cassius.

The head butler promised to visit us tomorrow.

Today would be too much for him because Joshua gets anxious if he's gone for a long time.

"Thanks again. Thanks to you, I opened my eyes."

"I don't think you should bow like this. I'm the one receiving help."

"No, even now, compared to living as Joshua's father, this is not much help or anything."

I just went to see him for a divorce and couldn't stand it and said something. I felt embarrassed to receive such sincere thanks.

"Hurry and go in. Your son must be waiting for you."

"Then I'll see you tomorrow."

It was just as we were about to part.

"Buy the newspaper! The newspaper! This morning's newspaper... Aack!"

A boy with a bag and his arms full of newspapers was approaching me when he was stopped by Vinetta, who appeared out of nowhere. She was hiding at a certain distance, escorting me.

"It's not like someone is trying to kill me, so there's no need to stop them like that."

Vinetta let go of the newspaper delivery boy after winking at him, indicating that it was fine. The boy looked at Vinetta but approached me confidently to sell me the newspaper.

"Do you want a newspaper? Today there was an exclusive that wasn't found in other newspapers."

"Is that so? Then, can you give me three copies?"

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