IWDFLSB (Novel) Chapter 4



Leandro remained silent for a moment after hearing my entire story.

His proud face gradually twisted.

"Was the person wearing this dress Liena, not my wife?" he asked.

"That's right," I replied.

"There's no way I'd make such a stupid mistake... Did I really do that?" he muttered in disbelief.

"Are you making a mistake, wife?" he asked with a hint of doubt.

"Am I stupid? Can't I tell the difference between what I'm wearing and what I'm not?" I retorted.

"I can also tell the difference between what my wife is wearing and what she's not," Leandro replied.

Ah. I was so dumbfounded that I couldn't think of anything to say in response.

But Leandro continued speaking, probably because he thought I was silent because I had been hurt.

"Yes... I'm just saying this just in case..."

The hesitation in the man's blue eyes turned into suspicion.

"Aren't you saying things that aren't true to blame me?"


When people are so absurd, it's not just that you have nothing to say; it makes you laugh.

Now I get it, hahaha.

I asked him again, suppressing a mocking laugh.

"Are you saying that I'm lying? Why would I blame myself for doing something wrong? Even after I say it, he avoids looking at me as if he thinks I'm sorry, but he doesn't change his mind.

"I'm not saying that's necessarily true, but... Honestly, it's hard to believe my wife's claims," he said.

"Why?" I asked.

"Liena and my wife look alike. Things like impressions and atmosphere."

What is he saying now? Who looks like whom? Liena has a cute and eye-catching appearance that makes people look at her hundreds of times as she walks down the street. I've heard that I'm pretty a few times, but in general, my presence is weak. I never thought I looked like her, and in reality, I didn't look like her at all.

"There are other things I don't understand," Leandro continued arbitrarily. "According to what my wife said, isn't that wedding dress the one Liena wore?"

"That's right."

"Then why did you choose this wedding dress without saying anything?"

I understand the logic.

"You wear a dress you haven't tried on and don't like for an important event like a wedding. If that's true... isn't that quite insulting? You wore it well at the time, so why make a fuss now? Isn't it in itself a lie that I made a mistake?"

In short, that's what he meant.

I was surprised again. The fact that I still have feelings for Leandro.

"Why did I do that? Why did I choose that wedding dress?" I said, sighing.

"Leandro. What did I say when I came here today?"

"...What do you mean?"

"Think without the cliché greetings. What kind of words did I say after setting foot in the Cassius mansion?"

He thought about today's events for a moment and then replied thoughtfully.

"You said you had no appetite."

This is what I said when I lost my appetite after seeing his behavior.


"And you apologized to the servants who prepared the food."


"...You asked if there was any gift and requested a divorce."

"Exactly. There's no need to say anything after that. You have a clear memory."

And yet, he forgot. What dress my future wife is wearing.

"Why is this story happening suddenly?"

"And before that?"


"What did I say before I said I had no appetite?"


The mouth that had been talking freely until now faltered.


A silence fell after searching persistently through his memories. I guess he had nothing to say.

Since I entered this house, I haven't said a word except for the brief greetings I exchanged with his family when we first met.

"That's my position in this house."

A vivid shock passed through Leandro's face. He realized it too.

No one in this family speaks to me, and I don't even open my mouth first.

It has been like this all along.

"It's like this even after getting married, so how was it before getting married?"


"Could I have pointed out the misunderstanding of the noble young Duke Cassius? Could I have rejected your offer?"

I resigned myself to seeing that man offering me the dress Liena was wearing so casually. Even if he pointed out the truth, both of them would just blush and progress in their relationship would be difficult.

"Well, let's not rush it. After we get married, you can gradually get closer. Then you will also become interested in me."

Based on that vague hope, I tried to approach her first in the early days of our honeymoon.

But I soon realized that there was a very strong invisible barrier between them and me.

I don't think the Cassius family intentionally excluded me.

It's just that the amount of time and affection shared is significantly different.

This harmonious family has accumulated so many things they want to say to each other in just a few days of not seeing each other.

I wasn't assigned any space while they laughed, joked, and shared affection with each other.

But one of the people who made me realize the barrier seemed to want to make an excuse.

"Since the relationship in our family is unusually close..."

"Then, since we don't have a close relationship, I'll just leave."


I passed by Leandro and headed for the door. But before I could leave through the door, my shoulder was grabbed.

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