IBAWWMB (Novel) Chapter 100



It didn't take long before a sophisticated geometric pattern appeared on his arm in the shape of a hexagon, resembling a kaleidoscope.

It also reminded him of the shape of a turtle's shell.

It was one of the representative abilities of the spirit, "Formal Transformation."

"Do you already know how to do this? That's great."

When I patted his arm and praised him, the hexagonal pattern shone slightly and disappeared as if it were responding to him.

I simply thought I should carry it in my pocket because it was a small turtle, but it had a much better ability than I thought.

Its size was about 5 centimeters.

Looking closely at the beautiful tattoo patterns, I got up from my seat when the servant said that Belreck was here.

He was waiting for me in the living room with his long legs crossed.

With an expression of superiority, not the usual sensitive and finicky mood.

He had the appearance of a deceptive pervert.

"What's going on?"

I asked, and he gave me a strange look.

"Sit down for now. I brought some good tea, so let's drink and talk."

His voice was so smooth that I sat in front of him, feeling even more suspicious.

"Deborah, I heard you publicly said that you were collaborating with me on the conference."

"Well, it's true. Did you come here because you thought I threatened you?"

"Let's say... it's a collaboration. My father suddenly congratulated me."

He took a sip of tea and closed his mouth.

"Well, I think he thought I had worked on the magic tool you presented at the conference too."

"I'm the designer, and my real brother is the actual developer, so he might think that."

"Hmm! So I answered that I'm working with you for now. Wouldn't it be a benefit for you if I made the artifact?"

He coughed with a slightly flushed face.

It was a compliment, so it seemed like he had come to confirm the opportunity that had come to him unknowingly.

It must have been a fruitful situation since it ended the war, and Rosad would soon arrive in the capital.

In the novel's timeline, the time was slowly approaching when the crown prince and Rosad would appear.

"It's nonprofit. He believes it's for my father."

His eyes sank at my pretentious remark.

"Let's see what kind of magic tool you designed that our father liked so much."

As soon as he brought out the massage device design, Belreck immediately slapped his forehead.

"Hey! How do you implement this?! Why didn't you discuss it with me before the presentation?"

"I didn't realize."

I had no choice but to look at Belreck, who seemed ready to dig his own grave and lie down.

"Oh, you have a rough plan. It will take more than half a year to plan and fully implement it."

I looked at him; he seemed depressed because he wanted to look good with his father right away. I had to order a servant to bring writing tools.

"Then let's make a foot massage machine. There's no need to do the whole body."

"Is that okay?"

He looked at me suspiciously as I designed a relatively simple magic tool.

"It has the same goal, which is to relieve muscle fatigue. Father goes up and down a maze of stairs constantly, so his feet must hurt more."

I continued as I drew various designs.

"And throughout the process, you will think about your father."


"Perhaps that will be enough for you?"

Suddenly, Belreck's sharp gaze relaxed.

He looked at me strangely.


Belreck cleared his throat once again, avoiding my eyes.

"You're as pretentious as Father... No, I thought this would be reliable because you're very filial."

"I think I'm going to hear something that will annoy me."

"... I mean, now I understand a little why Father worries about you."

Belreck, who had not complained and had been talking to me enthusiastically with a sweet voice, suddenly asked at the end of the sketch.

"By the way, Deborah. Why are you helping me so kindly? I've been ignoring you. Of course, you've also been bothering me."

The reason for the generosity toward Belreck was that I considered him a colleague as an engineering student and that Belreck was easier to deal with than Rosad.

Rosad was more insidious than Belreck; he only looked at Louis Gazelle's information from a distance without taking the initiative himself.

I also thought it was time to give carrots because I didn't know what kind of unexpected behavior my slave number 2 might engage in if I just wielded a whip every time.

Well, he can patent various artifacts.

"There's no such thing as a free lunch, Belreck."

"It's a collaborative relationship."

While speaking, hiding my thoughts, Belreck said something wrong again.

"Tell me, how the hell are you threatening Prince Visconti? Maybe he's under..."


I muttered, and Belreck closed his mouth.

"I'm not threatening him."


If I had Isidor's weakness like the rumors circulating in society, I would feel comfortable inside.

I wouldn't have to keep thinking about Isidor's words or actions.

"I thought you knew something about me."

So in the end, I did a little investigation.

I picked up the two papers that Margaret left in front of me.

Isidor's relationship with the master is questionable.

I wanted to cross-reference the research results on Isidor from another guild with the master's findings.

First of all, the first guild I asked Margaret to buy information from was the most popular information and entertainment guild among the nobles.

I heard that this place is particularly good at catching cheaters.

"It's also good for following."

Isidor has so many fans that any information about him would be worth money.

Since the main customer base is young ladies, it seems that they have gathered the most rumors and information about Isidor.

And the second one is the information guild highly sought after by ladies to investigate the behavior of their daughters' future spouses.

"Rather, it's much stronger."

Isidor wasn't in a hurry to get married, as the Empire has a generous age standard for men.

But he wasn't engaged, so I thought there would be a lot of questions. So, he bought the existing information.

Isidor is such a celebrity that it's possible to investigate.

"It's incredible that he's such a deputy at such a young age."

However, by buying information collected from the guilds, it's hard not to suspect the master if it's the only route receiving the complicated data.

What if the information content from this guild is missing?

My assumption that Isidor and the Master have some kind of relationship is really convincing.

"I feel like I'm going to get a different kind of information."

I quickly broke the seal of the envelope.

Then I started to focus on reading the information it contained.


"Princess Deborah?"


At the master's call, I snapped out of my thoughts.

"You look tired today. It's good to work hard, but wouldn't it be better to go back and rest when you're not feeling well?"

"I should work. The second store is moving faster than I thought," I said, looking at the current progress of the construction.

Originally, it was a dessert shop, so the second store was much faster and easier to set up than the first store.

"I saved a lot of money this way."

The Master had acquired the building, which had once been Naria, at half price.

I couldn't help but click my tongue when I saw him working in Naria, which was once a hotbed of crimes.

Even spreading the rumor that they grew drugs to raise funds.

That rumor seems believable because Bruno bought a variety of herbs to mimic the fake recipes of isotonic drinks.

Anyway, having purchased the property at a bargain price, all he has to do is clean up his image to dispel the rumor.

"How about this?"

"Not bad."

He smiled.

This time, once again, a clock was going to be donated to reduce taxes.

However, it would be nice to add a sacred sound to the clock tower at the time of the goddess's birthday.

A memory came to me from my previous life when I was a fan.

In the case of my favorite idol, their birthday was on September 12th, so I remembered my favorite's birthday every time it was 9:12.

"How's my favorite doing? The dance line was really good."



He quickly concluded the meeting and magically moved the teapot and dessert to the table, perhaps noticing that I wasn't paying attention at all.

I took a sip of the tea he had prepared and took a small bottle from my pocket.

"Oh, and this tea. I'd like to sell it at Armand."

I brought the tea that Isidor had given me in a bottle.

"Sir Isidor gave it to me. It was delicious."

Then there was a touch of embarrassment on his face.

"As expected, something is wrong."

I recalled the information data I received from the guild about Isidor yesterday.

To be honest, I was very surprised.

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