IBAWWMB (Novel) Chapter 129



"Are you asking me why I am the only exception?"

A thought appeared for a moment, but it was embarrassing to say it myself.

"Somehow, I think I contracted the ax disease*."

I can't believe he asked me such cheap questions.

Confused, I couldn't respond, Isidor smiled sweetly with his dimples.

"Try to think about it when you have plenty of time. I'm curious to know your opinion."

Finally, a moment later, I realized he meant for me to think a lot about him.

But I already am.

His sudden disappearance made a part of me feel empty, and I worried all the time after learning the news of his father's death.

Isidor held my hand carefully even before sending me home.

I also held his hand gently.

I couldn't let go of that hand of his after remembering that Isidor was only seeking comfort.

On the other hand, his large hand comforted me.

I was too focused on our intertwined hands, so I couldn't remember well what kind of conversation we had.

"Deborah. It was nice to see your face today."

"Same here."


His eyes widened as if he were surprised by my innocent response. I moved my arm slightly.

"Really. I was surprised when you suddenly appeared, but I felt relieved when I saw your face. You must be shaken and busy, but take good care of your health."

Honestly, it was difficult to choose the right words to comfort him, so I kept repeatedly telling him to eat well and take care of his health.

He smiled as if he felt the same.

"I didn't know you would worry so much about my health.... The more I see you, the more I realize how sweet you are. You're totally different from the rumors."

"Hmm! It's for a limited time."

"You were sweet enough even before that."

When we reached the fence of the forest leading to the east gate, he swung the arm holding my hand and slowly released our intertwined hands with a regretful expression.

"I don't want to let you go."

Unintentionally, I gently stroked his cheeks at his regretful voice.

He held his breath for a moment and pulled my arm forcefully.

Then, my body was caught in his large and strong embrace.

It wasn't the first time he hugged me, as he did after being swept away by the wave last time.

However, it was the first time I felt the sensation of being completely in the arms of a man because last time, I had fainted.

His body temperature was high due to his large physique, so I felt like I was immersed in warm water from head to toe.

While he held me, he slowly swept my back with his hands. I felt ticklish in my stomach, so I slightly curled my toes.

He shivered when my shoulders trembled unknowingly, and he slowly released me from his embrace.

"Go, go home safely."


The fingers that were tightly intertwined felt numb later.

His pale hands were very warm.

So, the lingering warmth he left behind remained for a long time.


Recently, Isidor's succession to the position of Duke was the center of attention in social circles.

Even in the academy, they only talked about this.

It was inevitable because he is currently the youngest duke in the Empire.

Indeed, it wasn't just a ducal family but one of the founding families of the Empire with a high reputation.

Usually, nobles succeeded the title at 30 years old, 40 at most.

Isidor was certainly much younger compared to the other dukes.

However, there were rumors that he finished the funeral excellently without any problems and gained the loyalty of the Visconti vassals at an early age.

This demonstrated that Isidor, who was covered by a veil, had quite a prominent political power.

"Since his appearance is so outstanding, his abilities were underestimated."

"It seems he hid his claws."

Busybodies constantly gossiped about Isidor. If they brought stories about him, they could be at the center of the conversation.

"Above all... he's single."

"That's why Duke Visconti is receiving a lot of attention in social circles these days.

There are many rumors that he has a good personality, but there is no news about an engaged woman.

Strictly speaking, Isidor is not of marriageable age, but he will need a spouse to attend official events because he is a duke, unlike other young people his age.

On the Visconti side, the situation was enough to consider marriage to counter the weakness that the duke is too young.

"Recently, noblewomen with marriageable daughters are lining up trying to please Visconti."

"The position of the Visconti duchess is attractive. There's no need to talk about honor, and it's also a family famous for having many gold mines."

Isidor overnight became the most sought-after son-in-law in the Empire.

However, only noblewomen were pulling strings, and the young ladies who really liked him couldn't get close to him.

"I heard that Deborah and Isidor are often seen together here and there."

"What kind of relationship do they have?"

"Aren't they just friends? Their families have had exchanges, so they might have known each other from before."

"Isn't he being threatened?"

No one was sure about their relationship.

It was difficult to imagine that Duke Visconti, who is full of chivalry and courtesy, would have a deep relationship with Deborah, who is like lightning.

The nobles were curious about their relationship, but they couldn't bring up the question in front of her, who always had a cold expression.

If they mess with her temper, they could be humiliated like Miss Emmanuelle.

If she's not satisfied, she might even splash them with her drink because there's no reason she wouldn't.

She might also pour hot tea.

Those who couldn't bear their curiosity stuck to people close to Isidor.

"Thierry. Why don't you try asking the duke about his relationship with Deborah? All the White Knights are curious."

When the guy, famous for being a meddler, knelt and begged, Thierry frowned.

"Contrary to what it seems, Isidor is not such a kind person. He'll probably dodge the question."

According to Thierry's instinct, it was rather Isidor who was more interested in Deborah than the other way around.

"Well, I'm interested in her too."

It's not easy to get close to her because she's indifferent.

But honestly, she's very pretty.

"Should I ask Isidor?"

Suddenly, he had a good idea and waited for Isidor to appear while thinking about it all the time.

"He's here!"

Isidor, who returned to the capital, stopped for a moment at the headquarters to observe the formation of the Knights.

"Position makes the person. It certainly feels different because he's a duke."

The atmosphere seems to be a bit heavier.

Thierry, who was surprised that Isidor was handsome enough to bother him, courteously greeted Isidor.

"Duke Visconti. Could you spare a moment of your time?"

Isidor immediately showed a displeased expression.

"Let's just talk as usual."

"Can I do that? It's a rare case to become a duke so quickly."

"Let's be courteous only at formal events. I say this because I care about you."

"Oh, right! Speaking of formal events, the title ceremony is coming up soon."

There is a ceremony for obtaining a title in the Empire.

At that moment, nobles receiving a new title, like Isidor, were officially recognized in front of the Emperor.

Moreover, the title ceremony had a larger scale as it took place before the Goddess Festival.

It was done to strengthen imperial power and also had the intention of keeping the temple under control.

"And... isn't it a place that requires a partner?"

Isidor's expression became strange.

"Since when are you interested in my partner?"

"Honestly, is there any noble who is not interested in being your partner these days?"

"Everyone will eventually know on the day of the ceremony anyway. It's only a week away.

"As expected, I knew you would say that. But I can guess who you have in mind. Well, it's different to have someone in mind than to have them agree with you."

Thierry's words seemed a bit annoyed, but Isidor chuckled softly.



"It seems like you forget that I'm the duke? In my position right now, I can meet your father privately and inform him about your training for the last three years..."

"Aren't you being too harsh?!"

Thierry, who couldn't ask any questions because he was scared, left grumbling, and Isidor began to think deeply while drumming his fingers.


"I guess Lady Cyril asked Lord Isidor directly."


"She asked him who he had in mind to attend the title ceremony... she said that if he didn't have a partner, she could go in his place."

"What do you mean she could go in his place? That wasn't right of her."

"But on the positive side, it's worth a try. There's a saying that a handsome man gets the bravest."

"Did he respond?"

"First of all, it seems it's not her..."

"Who is it?"

"Wouldn't the Visconti family directly select a candidate and recommend her to Duke Visconti? Because noblewomen from prominent families have already been pushed."

I sighed when I heard the whisper in the hallway.

"Why is Isidor so popular?"

His face alone is hard to handle, and his status rose even more after becoming Duke.

Isidor, who had a growing K-Wave Star popularity and is no longer an idol, seems to be as busy as a bee after returning to the capital.

He needed to attend the event organized by the Emperor as soon as the funeral ended because the date of his father's death coincided with the date of the event.

But why hasn't he talked to me about the title ceremony?

I know there's not much time left until the event.

"Well, he doesn't have to tell me everything."

He must be busy and hectic, so maybe he forgot to tell me.

But he keeps sending letters through Muffin.

I scratched my chin in confusion.

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