IBAWWMB (Novel) Chapter 95



- As you can see, things haven't gone well for me. Thanks to the princess in front of me describing this body as spoiled food.

Philap Montes spoke as he looked at me.

- All I've been doing is remembering your cold and ruthless back.

So you've been so disconnected.

As I watched him appear and spout nonsense, I leaned on one foot and looked at him skeptically.

He was looking at me with a confident and authoritative gaze.

Suddenly, I remembered something when I saw Philap act like this.

Did you take the bait? Did the news reach Philap's ears?

I thought it was worth checking, so I decided to mix things up.

... Speaking like my younger brother from my previous life.

- Doesn't it hurt more because you keep it in your heart even though it's insignificant? Now it seems to be in the stage where it has withered and rotted.

I was good at maintaining an expression that seemed to think it was worth letting you go.

When I cheekily clicked my tongue at the emaciated look that seemed to have stayed awake all night for several days, Philap let out a vain laugh.

- Rotted? Your choice of words is still like a masterpiece. Your attitude is like that of a street gangster. However, the last time was the only time we spoke while hurting each other's pride like mischievous people. I have developed tolerance by thinking about what you've been saying.

- What kind of self-awareness is this?

I said while repeatedly hitting the back of my stiff neck with a fan.

- Philap, if I were a gangster, I would punch you in the face first. You're the one who approached me first and looked for a fight like a child.

- Looking for a fight, you say... I'm sorry it looks that way. I came here to have a productive conversation with you.

- I'm already involved in a variety of productive activities, so I don't even need you to get involved.

Philap listened to me and narrowed the edge of his eyes.

- Several productive activities? You seem to be proud of your recent social activities and academic achievements, but it's limited to the magical world. Spiritists like me don't even pant.

- Why are you blowing hot air? It stinks.

- You're bragging while playing with words.

He looked at me with a smile on his lips.

- Many people who were as arrogant as you have shone for a while and then disappeared. Do you think it's easy to keep getting attention like now when you've lost your faction and popularity in society? You've deviated from your path and touched the wrong beehive.

I just shrugged.

- Popularity? What the hell are you talking about? I am the daughter of the Lord of the Magic Tower. If there's someone better than me, bring them. Let's see.

- Why can't you understand my words when you've been giving several lectures these days? There's no way a single Magic Tower can cover them all. I mean, you can stand next to me if you apologize for your rude words and act smoothly.

- Stand next to you? I don't like it because you have bad breath.

While I kept taunting Philap, recalling the tone of my younger brother in my past life, a vein appeared on Philap's forehead.

- Will you continue to act like this? I am also the leader of Omicron! In your current situation, it's enough to kneel and beg me!

I wanted to be patient, but he quickly showed his fiery personality, so my fist trembled slightly.

While I slowly scratched Philap, I understood the purpose for which he had come to see me today.

He came to me to make up for the miserable feeling he felt when I rejected his last dance request during the Spring Flower Festival.

Deborah, who had been chasing him persistently enough to be unknown to others, suddenly changed. This pricked his pride and provoked him.

As expected, you are making me yield by giving a sense of crisis as if something is happening. It must not have been to show the nature of Philap's character.

I looked at him after I finished understanding the situation.

- Kneel and beg? Why should I? I have no intention of putting you in the plan for my future life, so let's stay out of each other's way.

- Ah! We still have an old relationship, so I took care of you all the time, but you went and acted on your own. You had two faces in the past, at least in front of me.

- Two faces? Why the hell are you talking about that old story again?

I pretended to yawn when he suddenly went down memory lane.

The explicit expression of boredom distorted his eyes.

- Why are you talking as if it were a distant past? It was just last year when you said you wanted to go to the dance together.

- Do you know you're as clingy as spoiled food that's already past its expiration date? I already explained it to you at that time so that you understand. It has passed the date and expired.

While looking at him coldly, he bit his lips hard.

- Yes, I know I have been cruel incessantly because I went with Mia Binoche after conceding a hundred times. I must have hurt your feelings. But it's because she is the benefactor of my life...

- Your response is strange since the assumption is incorrect.

- What?

- I'm not being mean, but I'm originally like this, and, above all, I'm not interested in you anymore. At this point, I think you can understand it, so I'm leaving.

I turned and walked towards the escort knight and the coachman, who were hesitating because of Philap Montes.

- You bothered Mia! For me!

- He shouted behind me.

I returned his gaze and was left speechless.

- "Back to the story again? And a handsome man like Isidor is on my side. So if you were me, would you even look at me? Philap, you're thinking too much of your charms. Wake up."

- "You're the one who should wake up. That punk is just a hypocrite pretending to be a gentleman."

Philap had a lot of resentment towards Isidor.

It seems that something happened between the two in the past.

"Oh. Then it would be better to make him desire it."

- "Hypocrite? I only judge based on objective facts that I see. And Sir Isidor is much more handsome than you."

- "Are you like this because of that idiot's beautiful face?! Do you think Isidor is so special and great?"

- "His face is special and amazing. Do you think he became the flower of the year by recommendation of everyone and surpassed all the ladies for nothing? Please, don't worry about my business and just take care of your princess, Mia Binoche."

I got into the carriage since I had nothing more to say, and Philap shouted loudly outside the window.

- "You will surely regret today!"

His voice was so loud that it hurt my ears.

- "You will crawl to my feet later and ask for help, Deborah!"

I can't believe you're saying it with your own mouth.

- "Please, go home and have your strange illusions!"

I shouted loudly and leaned against the plush cushion of the carriage.

The appearance of a flushed Philap who was breathing heavily quickly faded.

I repeatedly waved the fan in my hand and had a curious thought.

"He must not even have known what he was saying. Omicron seems to be flowing as expected."

As expected, after the worker ants carry food, they will move quickly.

To stand out in the eyes of the queen.

"Now all I have to do is be patient and wait slowly."

I massaged my stiff neck.

I wish I at least had a massage machine.



Philap, who returned to the mansion with a pale and red face, randomly threw anything he caught in his hands.

The mirror hanging on the wall shattered, the vase fell to the ground and broke.

The servants watched his bad temper and trembled as he cursed violently.

Damn it!

Philap, the third-generation heir of the prestigious family, always had the upper hand in relationships. Except for his father, the main figure of the family.

Especially the relationship between Deborah and Philap was so clear, so he couldn't accept that the situation had been reversed and hated to admit it.

Every time he remembered that what he had held in his hand for a long time had disappeared, his heart turned upside down, and his chest ached, so he started to shout.

- "Who the hell goes their separate ways?"

How dare she reject his offer when he put his pride aside and approached her first?

The news was delivered as he trampled the glass shards into dust.

- "Sir, Sir Philap... Lady Mia has just arrived. She is waiting to see you for a moment."


Philap roughly brushed his red hair with anger still on his face.

- "What the hell happened that she came presumptuously without even making an appointment? Tell her to wait."

- "Yes. Sir Philap."

If it were like before, he would have said that he was happy that she arrived first, but now it had become insignificant.

Rather, he wanted to do something with Deborah at this moment, who had turned his heart upside down.

The red eyes with a hint of rudeness endlessly scratched his heart.

It was a feeling he had tasted throughout his house arrest.

Let's see how long you can act like this.

Philap lit a cigarette, drank alcohol, and looked out of the dark blue window. Then he remembered that a servant said that Mia had come and finally went down to the living room.

- "What is it?"

In response to Philap's question, Mia hesitated for a moment and then opened her mouth.

- "Please give me the opportunity to showcase my healing powers at the upcoming Omicron Conference."

- "Talk about those things with Princess Emmanuelle, the center of the Fraternity. I am only in charge of the Fraternity."

Philap said coldly.

- "Princess Emmanuelle didn't give me the opportunity. Instead, I will surprise everyone. So that the Omicron academic conference receives the most attention."

- "You always ask me for an opportunity."

The princess to whom he really tried to give an opportunity treated him like trash.

- ".... I'm sorry."

- "This is the last chance I will give you, benefactress."

Philap said coldly and left.

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