IWDFLSB (Novel) Chapter 46



This is what Robbie said.

Last night, the butler's son, Joshua, suffered a sudden attack. Perhaps the consequences of the drastically changed environment had finally arrived.

Fortunately, the doctor who quickly visited him administered a sedative, so there was no major problem for Joshua.

The problem was that due to the shock, Cassius, who was searching for the head butler with wide-open eyes, sensed the situation.

"If I had known this would happen, I would have let the head butler stay in the villa!"

No, it was not the time to lament the past. At that moment, the best thing for the butler was to stay close to a general hospital for Joshua's outpatient treatment.

Action must be taken. How are we going to do it? Can the trial proceed without a head butler?

After thinking for a moment, I quickly shook my head. The butler's testimony was crucial to winning the trial.

Should we postpone the trial? No.

This trial took place with the emperor's intervention. It was unclear whether a postponement would be possible because the witness did not appear.

"More than anything, now is the best time."

So, there's only one answer.

"In Sharon! Could you please postpone the turn of the head butler?"

"Oh yes. It seems possible by adjusting the order. However... Until then, I think our team will be at a certain disadvantage."

"It can't be helped. Can you make Laura's testimony as long as possible?"

"Yes! Just leave it to me!"

"I'll also take my time to answer the questions. Well, I'm likely to be extensively questioned by Cassius's lawyer."

Next was the matter of the butler. Terence spoke first with me, who was hesitating because it was a very uncomfortable situation.

"I'll go see."

"Are you sure you don't mind?"

"Sure. For them, the butler is not a sinner. Rather, he is a superior to be accompanied. It's not so difficult to bring him as long as he's not detained in Cassius Mansion."

Robbie vigorously nodded.

"When I saw him, he was arguing with Cassius's people in front of the lodging."

"After Jack catches their attention, I'll sneak him out."


Terence, who easily ignored Jack's question, looked at me while winking.

"Don't worry. I'll make it in time to not waste my hard-earned right to attend."

"Thank you very much. And please."

"I'll make sure to live up to your expectations."

Then he left. Unfortunately, I wasn't allowed the luxury of looking at the back of someone who was willing to work hard for me for a long time.

"It's time for the trial to begin."

I had my own fight.


The second court of the Central Court of the Asteroth Empire.

The place was louder than ever with the sound of people talking, filling almost all 200 audience seats.

Among the audience, the most conspicuous beings were, by far, the members of the Cassius family sitting in the first row.

Thanks to a privilege granted only to a few noble families of the empire, they can attend the trial without a draw and sit wherever they want.

People looked at them, as they were great nobles and always the center of attention.

"Are those people from the Cassius family?"

"As I heard, everyone in their family is very handsome."

However, their faces, which were always confident and relaxed in front of others, looked somewhat dark today.

"Did I hear that the eldest son forced his wife to come?"

"Shh, don't speak loudly. If you talk carelessly about Cassius, you'll be in trouble."

It was because of the whispers towards them.

"But is that rumor true? When I read the newspaper, it seemed like they really loved each other, and that's why they got married."

"My friend said he saw it in person at the restaurant. The young duchess was beaten by her mother. But you know what's even more surprising? They say the one who brought that woman was her husband."

"Really? Could it be on purpose...?"

"Well, if he were a decent person, he wouldn't have done it."

"Anyway, I feel sorry for the young lady. Seeing what happened today, she seems like a good person."

"I thought she had no heart because I only heard rumors."

A few days ago, the rumor that Ethel had planted through the information guild was finally bearing fruit.

A person's perception does not change easily once it has formed, but it also has the property of reversing when the right opportunity arises.

This time, my good deed of finding the ambassador's daughter was the trigger.

Of course, as Liena had worked so hard over the years, there were many who believed in Cassius's innocence and had no doubts about it.

However, except for a very small number of people, all had the misfortune of losing the lottery and never entering the courtroom.

The audience here was divided between opinions, "Still..." and "it's quite suspicious."

I ordered my thoughts as I listened to the audience's whispers. Not bad.

People tend to be drawn to newer and more interesting information.

Currently, the topic that attracts them the most is the news about Diana's return, which I intentionally revealed today.

"The goal was to prevent Liena from responding immediately."

I made eye contact with the person in the audience who was looking at me passionately.

Liena Cassius, aren't you thinking in your head right now? "How could she find the ambassador's daughter?"

Considering the fact that humans often understand others based on themselves, there is a possibility that she suspects I am a returner just like her.

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