IWDFLSB (Novel) Chapter 49



"So, why didn't he change his habits even though his wife rejected his invitation several times?

"He planned to change it when he could afford it. But this situation came before that.

The battle between Sharon and Farrell reached no turning point and was slow.

"We'll take a short break at this point.

The lower judge banged his gavel.

"I think I need time to closely review the evidence presented by both parties so far.

Before I knew it, a stack of documents presented by Sharon and Farrell had formed a tower in front of the judge.

Usually, when there's a lot of evidence like this, it's submitted to the court in advance for review. It can't take up time during the trial.

But this time the case is different. The trial proceeded unusually quickly under the influence of the emperor. Like us, they didn't seem to have reviewed all the evidence beforehand.

The judge sighed slightly as he looked at the large amount of documents he had to quickly review during the recess.

"If there's any witness scheduled to be called next, prepare them.

Farrell responded as if he had been expecting.

"We invite the head maid of Duke Cassius, Marianne Neuer, as a witness. She can be considered the general manager of the employees working in the Cassius mansion.

The head maid with whom I had a conflict over the portrait incident was also here.

"Alright. Let's resume in 30 or 40 minutes.

And so the trial ended for a moment.

"Tay still hasn't arrived.

Robbie, who was outside the courtroom, saw us and ran over to whisper. So far, there was no news about Terence or the butler who went to fetch him.

"It's okay to take a two-hour break instead of 40 minutes.

I murmured as I checked the clock hanging in the hallway.

Anyway, it was good for us to have a break. Given Farrell's personality, I thought he would have prepared quite a bit of evidence, but my prediction was correct.

"Come on, let's do what we can.

Sharon pressed her furrowed brows with her fingers.

"I never expected it to turn out like this. It would be better to go back to the waiting room and discuss how to refute it...

Someone interrupted.

"I'm very disappointed, little lady.

The head maid of Duke Cassius looked at me with resentment as if I were her enemy.

"I trusted the little lady. I tried to believe her until the end, but how could she do this to me?

It seemed she was referring to the destruction of Liena's portrait in Cassius Castle.

She seemed to have finally realized that my logic was nothing more than sophistry.

"It wasn't just any portrait but Lady Liena's. Doesn't the little lady have any blood or tears?

She doesn't think there's anything wrong with arbitrarily hanging a portrait in someone else's room.

However, the maid, who was always described as kind in the novel, also tried to understand me.

"That's right. What can I do? She must have been corrupted because she grew up with parents who didn't support her. In a way, I feel sorry for the little lady.

Instead of consoling me, it only angers me.

"What do I have to do? Why don't I try to provoke her?"

If the head maid has a simple personality, she can easily get angry. All I have to do is drag Liena into it and make her fall.

At that moment, the audience members who came out for a break looked at us. They were curious to know if there was any new topic for me, the center of the issue.

"If the provocation works and the maid makes a loud noise, it will be an advantage for me."

Because it shows at a glance how disrespectful the duchy servants are to me. It will strengthen my claim that I was mistreated in Cassius.

"Moreover, since there are judicial officials nearby, it will definitely reach the judge's ears."

Alright. The final result is the final result. It was when I made a decision and was about to say something provocative.

"Marianne, you're here.

Liena jumped.

"Why is the atmosphere like this? Were you saying something bad about my sister-in-law?

"Oh, no, miss.

"Haven't I told you many times that you must treat my sister-in-law with the utmost respect?

Liena gave me a shy look.

"I'm sorry. Was Marianne rude?

"... It wasn't a big deal.

I'm putting up a strong defense in case the head maid says something unreasonable. If I can't get what I want, it's better not to confront it.

"Liena, what are you doing there?

At that moment, Duke Cassius, who was nearby, called Liena.

"Oh, let's go now! Marianne, come along too.

Liena took the head maid and headed towards the duke. The duke affectionately put his hand on Liena's shoulder, then looked at me and turned away.

"Tsk, I don't like you either. Do you think if you stare at me, I'll be scared...? Oh?"

For some reason, I felt uncomfortable. Feeling like something was missing.

I tilted my head and asked, "What's wrong?" and soon realized the cause of my discomfort.

Duke Cassius is fine.

"Strange. I'm sure he heard a report from his subordinates that they found the head butler."

There's no way the duke doesn't know the information Robbie mentioned before the trial. They say they've made a hundred concessions and that access is restricted during the trial, but it's currently in recess.

Given the Duke's personality, he would probably try to go to where the head butler is as soon as he hears about it. Why is he here with such a carefree expression?


"This is a big problem."

Duke Cassius's head butler, Kayden, bit his lips in silence.

He was currently in a carriage with Cassius's knights. It wasn't something he willingly boarded. He was almost forced onto the carriage, as if pushed.

From then on, he was overwhelmed by the feeling that something was wrong. Although he resigned and disappeared, he had been the duke's closest confidant for the past few decades.

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