IWDFLSB (Novel) Chapter 54



¡Bang Bang Bang!

The sound of the judge's gavel striking slowly three times in a row drew attention.

"There was an involuntary mishap, but please remain silent. Please return to your seats now."

When the conversation settled down, and I sat down, the judge spoke again.

"I have listened carefully to the testimony of the two witnesses. It seems that the defense has no witnesses to summon or evidence to present on this matter."

The audience listened attentively to the judge's next words as the verdict approached slowly. But what came out of his mouth was completely different from their expectations.

"It's too late, so today's trial will end here."

For those who were expecting the trial to end today, it was like a bolt from the blue.

"The next date will be two days from now, at 2 p.m. You can all go back. Thank you for your effort."

"What? I thought it would end today."

"It got cut off during a very exciting part."

The judge hurriedly left the room, leaving behind people making loud noises.

I looked back and thought.

"It seems he has decided that it's no longer his role to control the situation."

It was a trial that discussed the fertility of Leandro, the heir of the great Duke Cassius. Neither the judge nor the emperor would have expected a serious issue to arise in this trial.

It is a very delicate matter. It can have a significant impact on the succession structure of the Cassius family.

From the moment the judge first heard this story, he must have been deeply concerned about the emperor's intentions, Cassius's reaction, and the social repercussions that would stem from it. So, let's postpone the conclusion for now.

Perhaps I should ask the emperor first in secret. How do you want to handle this? Or he can convey his meaning there first.

"Anyway, it's not important now."

It is a fact that today's trial has come to an end. It is an area where I cannot touch the judge or the emperor.

"Young Duke, it's okay. We just have to quickly return to the mansion and prepare a response."

Farrell stood up and comforted Leandro. There was a slight sneer in his eyes as he passed by us and glanced sideways.

A smile that seems to suggest that no matter how much you run, luck in the end is with Cassius. The leisure of a believer in the luck goddess named Liena.

"I'm sorry."

Sharon spoke to me in a weak voice.

"I wanted to finish it today if possible, but I'm not good at that."

"Don't blame yourself too much."

"It's because I'm angry. I wanted to help you as much as you recognized me. But…"

She whispered softly.

"In the end, it turned out just as Ethel-ni expected."

The corners of my mouth lifted slightly.

"I know. The head butler barely got halfway, but the end was what I expected."

I knew it would be like this. Of course, the best outcome would have been for the divorce to be decided in the circumstances that prevailed for us.

"But how can things be so easy in this world?"

The judge was also an ordinary human who backed off when faced with a problem that escaped his control.

Certainly, the words exchanged between the judge and the emperor were areas I couldn't touch, but that didn't mean I had nothing to do.

"Come on, let's go back quickly. It's time to end this struggle."

I gathered my things and left the room with Sharon. As it was a trial with a large audience, the guards considered allowing the plaintiff and defendant to leave first.

Therefore, I could face the audience before they overflowed. Leandro and Farrell, whom I had just seen, and the Cassius family waiting for them outside.

Duke Cassius looked at me and rolled his eyes.

"What did you do to seduce Kayden?"

In the duke's mind, I was already an evil woman who corrupted the innocent butler.

"Seeing you ask those questions calmly, I guess you haven't heard the whole trial yet."

As if what I said was true, Leandro looked away, and Farrell frowned.

Of course, it's not easy to say it. The news that his son was once again under shameful suspicion.

"Well, talk about it step by step with your family. I have separate matters."

I declared, looking directly at the duke.

"I'll see you at the Cassius residence tomorrow at 10 a.m."

"Who agreed to that?!"

"Don't want to? I'll go with Mr. Kayden."


"Soon, a lot of people will come out. For them, we are an interesting spectacle. Especially your son."

The duke looked at Leandro. His complexion still wasn't good.

"Anyway, we won't be able to talk quietly here, so please let me visit you tomorrow. I'll also bring Mr. Kayden, with whom the Duke would like to talk more at this moment."

"Ethel Wallace, you..."

"If you don't want to, you can stay here and act like a monkey in the zoo. I'm leaving."

An angry voice escaped from the duke's teeth.

"Fine. Make sure to come to Cassius tomorrow. I'll be waiting for you."

Truth be told, my legs were trembling. After all, he was a man with two terrifying nicknames: war demon and duke demon.

The force he emitted on his own felt like it would crush an ordinary person like me. To not show weakness, I used all the strength I had to maintain an upright posture.

"That's what I expected."

"Hmph! Let's go."

Duke Cassius swirled his cape and led his family toward the main gate of the court.


Liena remained in her seat, looking at me as if she had something more to say.


However, she also had to turn her back on her father's support.


Plaintiff's waiting room.

About ten minutes after Sharon and I returned here, the butler and Laura also appeared.

Although we couldn't secure a tangible victory, the atmosphere was quite good. Not only did the head butler act confidently in front of the speakers' table, but in the end, we took full control of the trial.

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