IWDFLSB (Novel) Chapter 57



Joshua, there was a face that vaguely appeared in Liena's memory when she heard that name.

Now that she thinks about it, there was such a child. The quiet and shy little son of the butler.

She had only seen him once when she was young, but she couldn't recall the details because it had been almost ten years.

Duke Cassius frowned.

"Why did you mention your son all of a sudden? Tell me why you betrayed me."

"Dad! Even if you say the same thing, it's better to say it gently."

Liena tried to dissuade her father, who was making the atmosphere unpleasant as if it were a deeply ingrained habit. In moments like these, she was always the one who controlled the situation and achieved a better result.

"Uncle Kayden, I remember. When I was young, Joshua came to the mansion."

Liena chatted cheerfully as always.

"However... Did something happen to Joshua? Is that why you left us?"

Observing the butler's expression, it seemed to be the correct answer.

"What's going on? Please tell me. I'll do everything I can to help you as best as I can."

"... Joshua is sick."

"Oh, dear! Is he very sick? What kind of illness is it?"

Sick? Then, did he leave Cassius and join Ethel because the treatment costs were enormous?

It didn't make sense. There's no way Cassius wouldn't have given him enough money to cover the treatment. Cassius wasn't a family that treated their employees harshly.

While consoling the head butler with a worried expression, Liena's mind was busy turning in the other direction.

Although the personal circumstances of the butler had already been investigated, the information about Joshua was surprisingly clear. Like someone who has been away for a long time.

"I never thought he would be related to Ethel, let alone her son."

Attention focused on the speculation that it was a behind-the-scenes operation carried out by the Creed family when the head butler disappeared. The Creeds were currently the most hostile political family to Cassius.

In any case, the butler had a significant influence not only on Duke Cassius but also on the outcome of the trial. It had to be placated as much as possible.

"If I can visit the hospital, I'd like to see Joshua. How sick must he have been during that time?"

Liena was sure. It was none other than the head butler who had observed her closely for over ten years.

Although the butler's attitude was tepid compared to that of the other employees, she could be sure. The head butler also felt affection for Liena.

However, for some reason, the sweeter Liena spoke, the more clouded the expression of the head butler became.

"As expected, none of you three took that incident seriously."

He spoke calmly and with a sad expression on his face.

"The Master Leandro, or even the Duke, wouldn't have been different."

Duke Cassius raised his eyebrows.

"That incident?"

While Liena tried to remember what could be called an incident, something passed through her mind. A small commotion that occurred the day she met Joshua.

"My son still has nightmares about that day."

The head butler began to speak. Liena's first impression after learning of the past that she and her family were unaware of.

"I can't believe something like that happened..."

It was surprising and bewildering.

It was surprising that the butler's son couldn't lead a normal life for so long, but what was even more shocking was that the cause was a small disturbance at that moment.

"Did it hurt him so much?"

To be honest, it was a past that Liena couldn't even remember. It's a shameful truth, but the number of people of the opposite sex who have expressed interest in her has been countless since childhood. Like those who were punished by her father and brothers.

It's not uncommon for her life to be threatened verbally, and indeed, there are many cases where she is scolded to duel with the Cassius family. Mikhail, who is currently dating Liena, also had to go through many hardships.

Therefore, the humiliation that Joshua experienced also fell into the same category. Despite the sword pointing at his neck, in the end, there wasn't a single injury.

Liena wasn't the only one who thought that way.

"I wondered what you were talking about."

Duke Cassius seemed a bit embarrassed at first, but then he snorted.

"Did you turn your back on me just for something like that, Kayden?"

"Just for something like that...?"

"Why do you blame me for your son's weakness?"

The head butler's face was painted with feelings of resentment or shock.

No way. This way, the head butler will never return to Cassius in this lifetime.

"Dad, you're speaking too harshly."

"Don't step forward. This is a conversation between Kayden and me."

The Duke rarely didn't yield to his daughter's words. Liena coldly analyzed her father's state.

"When I was his age, I trained with a real sword."

It's dangerous. Now he has lost rational thinking. I don't want to admit it. But it's my fault.

"Do you waste half of your life in your room just because you were threatened? Ask anyone passing by on the street. Is that a normal reaction?

Even if it were Liena, she didn't have the confidence to stop him here. But once he leaves, if she persuades him slowly...

"Wait! Both are very emotional right now. We can talk about this later."

In the end, the duke had no choice but to agree to his daughter's request. Because that's how it has always been.

"Sister, let's come back when both parties calm down..."

"You won't regret it, will you?"

Ethel didn't look at Liena at all. Instead, she asked the duke.

"Are you sure you won't regret what you just said?"


The head butler spoke to Ethel resignedly.

"It's enough. It was a vain expectation. It was something that could be expected from him."


"Duke, now it's my turn."


"I also came here because I had some business with you."

The Duke Cassius clicked his tongue.

"What? Speak plainly and get out of my house."

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