IWDFLSB (Novel) Chapter 63



It was unexpected. What wish?

"What is your wish?"

Is there any wish I can grant that is worthy of Terence's desire?

"It's not such an unreasonable request."

I thought for a moment and nodded.


"It seems like you accept it more willingly than I expected."

"Because Tay said it wasn't an unreasonable request."

"... Yes. Sometimes receiving infinite trust is heartbreaking."

"Why? What kind of wish is this?"

"The wish itself is simple. It might be a bit troublesome given the situation you're in."

"Tell me. I'll do my best."

I said it seriously. He was my benefactor, and if he had a wish, I wanted to grant it as much as possible.


Terence whispered the contents of his wish in a low voice.

"Well. If that's the case, I can definitely do it! Again, I am a divorced person."

"Fortunately. Then, I'll convey the details later through someone."

"Please go back safely."

"I hope you have a peaceful night."

Under the night sky adorned with a beautiful moon, he smiled more than anyone else.

* * *

As Terence said, the next day I received the news that my divorce had been approved. All the newspapers published our divorce, and people talked about it whenever they saw me.

Finally, I was officially free.

For several days, I dedicated my time to enjoy. Annoying interview requests were cut off mid-sentence, and when I needed something, people took care of it even before I spoke.

The people working at the embassy residence were very kind.

They seemed grateful to me because they had seen how much the ambassador and his wife missed their daughter.

As planned with Diana, I held a grand dinner to celebrate my divorce. Key figures from the trial, such as Sharon and her colleagues, and Laura and the butler, adorned the occasion.

Unfortunately, Terence couldn't attend. Not only was he busy, but Sharon was the only one present who knew his true identity, so it was inevitable.

Moreover, there was one more person who congratulated me on my divorce.

"Congratulations on your wish."

I murmured as I looked at the card with a brief word written on it.

"Wow, why is this person like this again?"

It was a congratulatory message from Duke Cassius. Does he still feel indebted to me for finding his wife's letter?

Since I received a letter, it would be polite to respond, but I didn't feel like it, so I was thinking about it.

"Excuse me, the family of Count Wallace has come. What should I do?"

Ethel's family visited the embassy residence. I wondered why they hadn't come. They must have regained their senses by now.

"Diana, can I use the lounge?"

Diana, with whom I was having tea, gladly accepted my request.

"Of course. But will it be okay?"

"Yes, there are some matters that need to be finalized."

It was definitely something I had to resolve before leaving the Empire.

"You, you...!"

Count Wallace, who entered the reception room of the ambassador's residence, looked at me and opened his eyes wide.

"I've seen the Countess before, but it's been a while for you two, Count and Samuel."

"How dare you?!"

"Father, calm down."

A beautifully looking young man stopped Count Wallace, who was smiling.

"It's been a while, sister."

It was Samuel, Ethel's younger brother and the son who monopolized the love of the count and his wife.

"Come on, let's sit down first."


The Count couldn't hide his agitation, but he sat quietly. It wasn't just because of his son.

"But the hospitality is a bit unique."

Samuel looked around the living room. The embassy guards surrounded us with stern expressions. It was a consideration from Ambassador Leok towards me.

"What kind of treatment is this country giving to guests?"

Intimidated by the momentum, Count Wallace grumbled.

"They say it's Leok's style. If you have any complaints, ask the ambassador. Do you want me to call him?"

"T-That's enough!"

The Count was the type of person who was strong against the weak and weak against the strong. If he were alone, he would have simply grabbed me by the hair.

"More than that, idiot! How much effort did I put in to make you a duchess, but you ruined everything?!"

Leandro came to see me alone, but I don't know what he did.

"We didn't come here to say that."

But for some reason, Samuel harshly rebuked the count. A young man who didn't even care that his older sister had been mistreated by their parents throughout her life.

"I came today to apologize to my sister."

Samuel lowered his eyes as if regretting it.

"I'm sorry, sister. I've thought a lot about it, and I think we did something wrong."

When he nudged him with his elbow, Count Wallace also spoke with a disgusted expression on his face.

"Yes, I'm sorry."

"Your mother also has something to say."

Next was the turn of Countess Wallace, who had been silently looking down until now.


The countess's shaky eyes seemed to be directed at me, and suddenly she fell to the floor! She knelt.

"I'm sorry. I'm so sorry. Could you please come back? Also, speak kindly to the young Duke Cassius and ask him not to collect his debt."

Compared to his seemingly desperate wife, Count Wallace spoke calmly.

"Seeing how Duke Cassius accepted the divorce, it seems the relationship has reached a low point. Do your best to cancel the debt."

Samuel also added a few words.

"And I'm not forcing you, but why not give it another try with young Duke Cassius? It would be a waste to break up due to a misunderstanding. You really loved each other."

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