LWTG (Novel) Chapter 333


The Twelve Labors.

It was a legend in Olympus.

Whoever solved the Twelve Labors would become the Hero of Olympus.

He had heard the name several times before.

Of course, he had heard it from Hercules.

"The Twelve Labors. I came close to dying then."

Hercules raised a bottle the size of his own torso with one hand and drank it in one gulp.

Half of it was drunk, and half of it was spilled. Although YuWon asked him to stop drinking, the alcohol banquet, which turned into an appetizer of memories, would not end easily.

"Cerberus, the Hydra, the golden apples... Some were difficult, others were easy."

He began to talk a lot.

Hercules was someone who rarely got drunk, but once he did, he was hard to control.

It was a past that had already passed.

But at times like this, there was no choice but to listen.

"The hardest part of it all was..." (Hercules)


YuWon leaned back in his chair, wrapping his head pulsating with pain.

He thought something like this would happen eventually.

But this was too fast.

'The sudden change in the timeline is probably because of...'

There was only one variable.

'Is it my fault?'

The Destruction of Olympus.

The suppression of Zeus and the alteration of power balance. And the problems that would arise as a result.

Although the Rankers were intelligent and knew many things, there was no way to know when and in which direction the cracked tower would collapse.

In the end, it is a situation where you have no choice but to move according to the situation at that time.

He didn't expect the Twelve Labors to start so quickly.

'It's a challenge he has already overcome once.'

But at that time, Hercules' rank was higher than the current one.

The reason he started the Twelve Labors was also because he wanted to, not because Hera ordered him to.

'It might be a little dangerous.'

"Are you done thinking already?"

Apparently, the silence had lasted a little too long.

At Hargan's question, YuWon straightened up again and nodded.

"Yes, more or less."

"Anyway, I want you to help me."

"Why me?"

There were several experts in Olympus.

In any case, Hades could move directly, there was also Poseidon, and the siblings Apollo and Artemis.

However, there was a reason why he sought out YuWon and made this request.

YuWon wanted a clear reason.

"After all, you have a good relationship with Big Brother Hercules. You also have abilities..."

Hargan hesitated for a moment and scratched his head.

"Besides, when I ask you something, it doesn't seem like you're going to fail, you know? That's what matters in this matter."

Definitely, if only the ranking was considered, YuWon was in a similar position to Hades right now.

The situation is much better when it's YuWon, an outsider, who moves instead of Hades, the Guild leader.

"Don't worry too much, we'll handle the compensation properly. We're not the kind of people who take advantage and ask for a favor without a good reason."

"How much would it be?"

"5 million points."

"5 million..."

It was a tremendous amount.

It meant that Olympus valued YuWon's worth and Hercules' worth very highly.

Of course.

It also meant that it was a very dangerous matter.

'With that many points, there's no shortage of things that can be done immediately.'

Points had various uses.

Purchase of valuable items, expansion of influence, hiring mercenaries, negotiations using points.

With 5 million points, the possibilities were endless.

That's why, in the Tower, it was also said that one could become a God if they had enough points.

So YuWon was also a little worried.


"I don't want points, I want something else."

"Is there something else you desire?"

"The Aegis of Athena."

"The Aegis?"

Hargan's expression distorted.

It was a difficult request.

"That's something that Sister Athena has..."

"In any case, Hera's Salvation is also fine."

"Hey, that's..."

Hargan backed off as he tensed his neck.

The Aegis of Athena.

And Hera's Salvation.

Both were items that symbolized Olympus. Although they were of incalculable value, obtaining them was like catching stars in the sky, and on their own, they represented Olympus' pride.

But asking for those items as a reward...

"Isn't it cheap compared to 5 million points? Both the Aegis and Hera's Salvation."

"Can those items be converted into points?"

"We could overlook the Aegis, but Hera's Salvation could become a worthless item now."

Hargan's expression became serious.

The fact that it no longer mattered implied that Hera's Salvation would no longer be Olympus' property.

And that meant...

"They won't just let it be like that."

Internal war in Olympus.

Or a fierce battle with the Outer Gods.

Perhaps Hera was preparing for a rebellion, as feared.

"I'll try to lure the Players and Rankers who have crossed over to the other side. If their strength diminishes, they might surrender first."

"Something tells me it won't be so easy to resolve."

"Don't say that. If you talk like that, it sounds like it will really happen that way."


YuWon took a sip of the remaining coffee.

In any case, the conversation with Hargan had been resolved quite satisfactorily.

Now the break was over.

"Anyway, let me know as soon as it's decided. Whether it's the Aegis or Hera's Salvation."

"The request? Will you accept it?"




YuWon got up from his seat.

"If you really want to hear a clear answer, then say it clearly from your side too."

"Huh? Is that how you behave?"

"Didn't you say we're not the type of scoundrels who only look out for our own interests and constantly ask for favors?"


"Then, I'm leaving."

YuWon exited the room first.

The sound of Hargan pulling at his hair could be heard from a distance. He seemed very frustrated.

Probably, from now on, just as YuWon said, he would run as much as needed to obtain the Aegis or Hera's Salvation.

'The Twelve Labors...'

Hera had given Twelve Labors in total.

He didn't remember all the details, so YuWon had to review them as he walked slowly.

'Where are you right now?'

Just in case, during the conversation with Hargan, when Hargan said they couldn't locate Hercules, he left him a message through the Player Kit.

And as expected, Hercules didn't respond to his message.

So there was no other choice but to go in person.

YuWon never expected he would regret underestimating the situation due to drunkenness.

YuWon recalled that moment in his mind.

"What was the hardest one?" (YuWon)

Anyway, it was fortunate.

To empathize with Hercules, who seemed to be in a good mood despite being drunk, YuWon asked him which Labor was the most challenging.

"It was catching the Ceryneian Hind."

"For it to be the hardest, was that creature strong?"

"No. It was fast, but not strong."


"It took a long time to catch it."

Even just remembering that incident was painful for Hercules. He sighed deeply and lowered his head.

'The Ceryneian Hind.'

Ceryneian Hind.

A mythological creature with golden antlers and bronze hooves.

More than a creature, it resembled a Sacred Beast (神兽) that appears in legends.

It was such a challenging hunt that even Artemis, who had hunted numerous times, found it difficult.

"That stubborn thing was impossible to catch."

Hercules was a powerful man.

As a High-Ranker, his speed was also quite good, but his stats were completely biased toward one side.

On the other hand, Artemis was considered the best in agility among the Olympus High-Rankers.

Even Artemis had difficulties with the Ceryneian Hind hunt.

'That was probably the Third Labor...'

If the Labors had started a few days ago, he would probably be hunting the Hydra now.

'It wouldn't be bad to go there and wait.'

YuWon's steps quickened as he headed towards his destination.


With his shoulder bandaged, Hercules staggered.

The poison was stronger than he thought.

This must be the last head.

The Hydra.

The venomous monster with nine heads.

Always compared to Yamata no Orochi, it still hasn't been captured by anyone.

Unlike Yamata no Orochi, it hasn't caused much damage to the city, and no Ranker or Guild has killed it.

Therefore, its power had not been properly unleashed yet.


Fortunately, Hercules had managed to kill the Hydra on his own.

Its corpse, buried in a massive mountain, probably would never leave the world.


Hercules ripped off the hastily tied bandage. A little blood oozed out, but the wound was almost healed.

Upon closer inspection, he had hardly any injuries.

Just a bite mark.

That was the only wound Hercules had received in this battle.

But that wound was a problem.

'Do I not have enough poison resistance?'


That was the most terrifying aspect of the Hydra.

Fortunately, the poison didn't last long.

Perhaps because it was only in its body.

Hercules' robust resistance was enduring the Hydra's venom without any antidote.

'There's no time to rest.'

He couldn't even stagger for a moment.

Hercules headed straight to Floor 37.

A world with only two things: mountains and meadows.

Having arrived in this place inhabited only by Elves and Spirits of the Spirit Realm, Hercules sat down for a moment in his place, letting the sweat drip from his forehead.


As he moved, the poison spread faster and faster.

He needed rest.

Hercules briefly sat in his place, contemplating the vast field that spread before his eyes.

"Ceryneian Hind..."

He had never actually seen it, only knew it was a deer.

If it's called a Divine Creature (Sacred Beast) rather than a monster, it's safe to say it's not something common. Even Artemis, who couldn't catch it, attests to that.

'Where can I find it?'

It might be better to fight the Hydra again.

This kind of trial was simply unpleasant.

Hercules lay down in the middle of a vast field, drawing a large sign (大) with his arms as he rested for a moment and turned his head to look.

But at that moment...

"You arrived early."


A shadow stretched over Hercules.

Hercules slowly opened his eyes, and upon recognizing the identity of the shadow, he jumped to his feet.

"Why are you here?"

"You arrived much earlier than expected."

The owner of the shadow was YuWon, who knew in advance that Hercules would come and was waiting for him.

He thought it wouldn't take much time, but it was much faster than expected.

This meant he had already defeated the Nemean Lion and the Hydra.

Hercules became cautious as he questioned YuWon.

"Who sent you?"


"...As I thought."

An uncomfortable flow took over in an instant.

Hercules, who was indecisive for a moment, got up again and spoke.

"Leave. I can understand you have business to deal with, but I have no intention of listening to you."

As if he knew, YuWon showed no surprise.

If he had intended to cooperate with Olympus, he should have made contact from the beginning.


"Nevertheless, this will be necessary, won't it?"


YuWon reached into his inventory.

This... Hercules' gaze instinctively went to YuWon's hand, which pulled something out.

And then...

"That is..."

Hercules discovered the golden horns in YuWon's hand.

"Could it be they're from the Ceryneian Hind?"


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