LWTG (Novel) Chapter 335



Hercules' body soared into the air.

The club remained at rest.

At least that was fortunate for YuWon.

Hercules, wielding Yggdrasil's club, was too much for YuWon to handle.



Hercules' fist struck the ground.

The place where the fist landed sank deep into the earth.

Rocks on the edge rose up, blocking YuWon's movement. Seeing that scene, YuWon clicked his tongue once again.

"It's monstrously strong, no matter how many times I see it."

That was pure power without using any skill or item.

It was astonishing.

Undoubtedly, Hercules called himself the strongest in this Tower in terms of strength.

"Do you want to buy time by running away?"


Hercules extended his foot and caught YuWon moving away.

"Of course, that's the only thing you can do."

Hercules didn't insult YuWon for being a coward.

Rather, it was a situation where insulting him would be cowardly.

Hercules knew exactly what his strength was, and he had already anticipated that YuWon wouldn't confront him directly.

Above all, time was YuWon's weapon.

Not using the most powerful weapon was not a suitable fighting style for YuWon's personality.

"But still..."


Hercules' fist struck through the empty air.

"You're still ten years away from being able to fight me."



A loud wind struck YuWon's body.

The punch that struck the air turned into air pressure and hit YuWon's body. Pushed back by the wind, YuWon flew backward.

Dust rose with the pressure of the wind.


While clearing the dust, Hercules approached YuWon again.


The beautiful field turned into a field full of craters with just two strikes.

The ground rose everywhere.

Hercules' hand covered YuWon.


Instead of grabbing his neck, Hercules had shattered stone fragments in his hand.

YuWon's movements were smooth.

It was as if he knew from the beginning what Hercules would do.

"You're like an illusion."

Golden Cinder Eyes and Sensory Field.

They were skills that showed the best evasion ability in close combat.

As if not allowing Hercules to get close, YuWon moved smoothly.

"You had faith in this, right?"



Simply relying on strength and fighting ignorantly, Hercules wouldn't have been able to earn the title of 'Giant Slayer' and his current rank.

The distance between Hercules and YuWon quickly closed.


A fist extended in a straight line.

And at that moment...


YuWon's "Gigantification" manifested.

[The power of a Giant dwells in your arm]


The two strikes collided, and the ground where they both stood sank due to the impact.

Hercules, who didn't expect this direct confrontation, showed a bewildered expression instead.

Tong, thud!

YuWon's body was thrown far away by the clash of their fists.

YuWon tumbled on the ground and quickly got back up, regaining his balance.


While clutching his right shoulder, YuWon slightly distorted his expression.

"My shoulder..."

Fortunately, he was in the state of Gigantification, so it was fortunate that his shoulder wasn't completely broken.

He thought that if he used Gigantification, he might be able to clash head-on, but it still wasn't enough.

"Gigantification alone isn't enough, right?"

When he looked up, he saw Hercules running towards him relentlessly.

There was no time to hesitate.

YuWon immediately summoned his Arcane Power.


Behind YuWon, a giant red figure appeared.

It was the manifestation of a giant formed by a massive set of Arcane Power.

Heavenly Demon Spirit.

Its utility was truly limitless.

"This is the first time I've used it in a real fight."

[The 'Heavenly Demon Spirit' responds to 'Gigantification']

[The power of a Giant dwells in the Heavenly Demon Spirit]

[The 'Holy Fire' dwells in the Heavenly Demon Spirit]

The Heavenly Demon Spirit was both a composite form of Arcane Power and a manifestation of YuWon.

A vessel containing the Holy Fire that had been sealed in the Celestial Mountain for a long time.

This vessel was not simply created to contain the Holy Fire.


The Heavenly Demon Spirit, imbued with the power of Gigantification, clenched its fist.

The Heavenly Demon Spirit moved in unison with YuWon.



The Heavenly Demon Spirit collided with Hercules' fist.



The Heavenly Demon Spirit, filled with the power of the Giant, received Hercules' punch head-on without flinching, accompanied by flames.

Hercules was surprised once again.

"Did he block it?"

He took a few steps back, looking at the Heavenly Demon Spirit.

A giant form that was even larger than his own body.

The true identity of that ability was unknown, but it was evident that the power of Gigantification was imbued in the fists that formed its figure.

Hercules narrowed his eyes.

"It's not unfounded confidence, is it?"

YuWon evaded the first punch.

The second punch clashed but was repelled, and he blocked the third punch.

"I thought it would take you about ten years..."

Considering his progress, he thought he could reach his level in less than ten years.

But it turned out not to be the case.

"Maybe it's much faster."

He hadn't imagined that YuWon had improved so much since the end of Ragnarok.


YuWon's rank had risen to the Top 50.

Perhaps it wasn't so strange not to be able to reach even that level.

Bang, kuwong!

Hercules' fists and the Heavenly Demon Spirit clashed repeatedly.

The strength didn't lean towards one side. The Heavenly Demon Spirit didn't waver, and Hercules didn't suffer injuries.

How many times did their fists collide?


Arcane Power inside Hercules wriggled for the first time.



A crack appeared in the fist of the Heavenly Demon Spirit that had collided.


Cracks formed on the vessel, and the Holy Fire contained inside naturally trembled.

With just one blow.

And finally...


On the second punch, the Heavenly Demon Spirit shattered into pieces.


YuWon showed no hesitation at the shattered Heavenly Demon Spirit. Instead, he focused on another ability.

[The 'Golden Cinder Eyes' read the path]

['Sensory Field' is activated]

He widened his vision through his eyes and focused more on Hercules' movements.


Crack, cra-cra-cra-cra!

As YuWon dodged the punch, Hercules' fist impotently struck the ground.

The results were different from before.

The earth cracked in a chain as if an earthquake had occurred, and the upturned earth rose as high as to form a small mountain.

The power had become several times stronger.

YuWon: "Is he using Gigantification?"

The current Hercules.

The ability that allowed him to become the Giant Slayer.

It was a manifestation of an ability much more powerful than YuWon's Gigantification.

"Are you thinking of winning somehow?"

"Because you're my opponent."

Hercules, raising his head, once again faced YuWon.

"Complacency is forbidden."

Although the world thought of Hades and Hercules as the main players, their thoughts were different.

The destruction of Olympus, the Ragnarok...

Everything was something that YuWon had initiated and concluded.

The guy who made possible what seemed impossible.

There was no guarantee that this time would be different.

"This is an unexpected reaction, somewhat different from what I expected," YuWon thought in an uncomfortable situation.

The ability that combined the Heavenly Demon Spirit, the Holy Fire, and Gigantification had been broken. Now he had no means to buy time through close combat.

Even if he didn't like it much, he had no other choice.

"For now, I must minimize the damage," YuWon thought.

He no longer attempted to extend his fist or fight head-on.

From now on, he had to change his way of fighting.


A golden lightning began to emanate from the ring on his right hand.

The lightning quickly formed into a tangible shape. It became a small spear the size of YuWon.

YuWon escaped from Hercules' grasp and launched the lightning he had created in his hand.



The lightning spear pierced through Hercules' body.

Hercules' body momentarily trembled, even though he used his Arcane Power to protect himself; it was a painful blow.


At that moment, YuWon distanced himself again and took another lightning in his hand.

The speed of creating the spears was astonishing. Although Hercules had seen him handle lightning before, he had not been as skilled as this.

The power was also impressive.

It was amazing to be able to create lightning so quickly and still cause minimal impact on his own body.

"This is annoying."

If he continued avoiding combat like this, he would only accumulate damage in his own body. In his heart, Hercules felt like grabbing YuWon's neck and hitting him with all his strength, but it wasn't that easy.


A drop of sweat fell from Hercules' forehead.

The more he moved, the more he felt the torment of the Hydra's poison.

YuWon knew that time was on his side.

But that wasn't all.

"Did you really think of all this?"

Taking advantage of the fact that he was poisoned by the Hydra's venom, YuWon attacked at that vulnerable point.

If he had planned up to that point, it was a level of meticulousness that was surprising.

"This could get painful if it continues."


Once again, a lightning spread over Hercules' body.

He crossed his arms to block the lightning, thinking that he needed his arms to be longer.


Hercules reached into his inventory.

A familiar sensation as he grabbed something.

As soon as he held it, he felt a surge of energy throughout his body.

[Yggdrasil's Club]


The Supreme Blacksmith of Olympus, Hephaestus, had created that item at Kim YuWon's request.

Hercules didn't particularly rely on items, but this club was different.

When he held it, his strength amplified, and he felt a surge of energy throughout his body.

It was like a shark rediscovering the ocean.


Hercules took another step forward with the club in hand.

And at that moment...


Once again, a lightning flew from the direction where YuWon stood.


Hercules swung his club to strike the lightning.

The lightning dissipated without any difficulty.

YuWon, who was gradually retreating and throwing lightning to maintain distance, stopped and looked at Hercules.

"Are you finally going to use that club?"

"This is the only item I have."

Hercules waved his club slightly in the air as he approached YuWon.


I only have one item, but don't you have many items with you?

He wasn't wrong in saying that.

And, of course, YuWon didn't think of calling him a coward.


If you analyze it, YuWon had much more in his possession.

"Actually, I'm not the only one."


Hercules paused briefly, as if asking what YuWon meant.

At that moment...


Hercules felt a sinister feeling behind his neck.


Unknowingly, Hercules quickly lowered his head.


Spinning in the air, Hercules swung his club backward.

That new and fast person.

Finally, he landed away from Hercules.

-It seems that even days like these come to me.

A crazed voice, full of emotion and madness.

A sword as red as blood, as if it had been forged from spilled blood. A shield with a shape that seemed to have been carved into a mirror.

And on the hilt of his sword, a single shining red jewel.

The Kusanagi Sword.

The Yata Mirror.

And even the Magatama Jewel.

Susanoo, armed with the Three Sacred Treasures, appeared before Hercules.



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