LWTG (Novel) Chapter 345


After Hera's visit to Olympus.

In Olympus, the heavy air constantly hung around. It was because they didn't know when they would have to fight again.


"I wish we could fight openly and directly."

Athena, dressed in a heavy golden armor, gazed at the empty sky and murmured to herself.

Behind her, the Olympian Rankers stood in full preparation.

It was the first time for Athena to spend so much time without fighting while fully equipped.

"Be patient, sister. It's best for this peace to continue as long as possible."

Hargan approached Athena, who was venting her frustration with her own body.

Athena looked at Hargan, who approached calmly. Pandora was right beside Hargan.

"It seems they've been together all this time."

"YuWon asked me to."


At that moment, two scenes flashed through Athena's mind.

The fight in the temple of Ares and the battle in the Celestial Demon Cult.

Both events were caused by the same person.

"That's what he said."

Pandora obediently followed YuWon's words.

It was inexplicable. Pandora was a woman even Zeus couldn't control and imprisoned in Olympus.

"I don't like to admit it... but thanks to him, we were able to stop Hera. I suppose I should thank him."

"Still, he's lucky. It's also thanks to sister's help."

"After my father left, I decided that legitimacy was on this side."

Athena had a strict personality.

Until now, she had followed Zeus largely because he was her father, but above all, it was due to Zeus's authority as the King of Olympus.

And Hades became the King who followed in Zeus's footsteps.

Athena didn't want Olympus to waver because of Hades's death and Hera's transformation.

"Is that so?"


Hargan's deep expression.

In an instant, Athena's face wrinkled.

"What's wrong?"

"It's nothing."

"Tell me."

"It's always been difficult, but it's really nice to be able to talk to you, sister, in this way."

Zeus had many children.

But there weren't many close siblings among them. Mostly, they kept their distance from each other and saw each other more as competitors.

One day, they might compete for the throne of Olympus.

That's why the current situation didn't seem so bad to Hargan.

"It would be nice if everyone could get along like Brother Apollo and Sister Artemis."

"It's an unnecessary comment. They're traitors. They've joined Hera's side, which has a knife pointed at Olympus."

Apollo and Artemis were currently out of the fight. It was because they couldn't fight against their mother, Hera.

But no one thought that the two had withdrawn from the fight.

In fact, in reality, the two were no different from being on Hera's side. Athena felt a great sense of betrayal towards them, as much as she trusted them.

Athena's atmosphere changed when Apollo and Artemis were mentioned, and Hargan made an uncomfortable expression.

Athena seemed ready to draw her sword and Aegis if the two (Apollo and Artemis) were in front of her.

"Ah, well..."

Hargan, who hesitated for a moment, took out the Player Kit from his lap and checked the date.

It's been seven days since Hera led her forces to Olympus.

'I think it's time.'

At that moment...


A strong grip was felt from his clothes.

When Hargan turned his head, Pandora shook her head.

As if to say not to do it.

Then, the words that were about to come out of his mouth disappeared again. It seemed that she could see through his thoughts.

He finally decided to let it go.

'Well, I guess...'

Hargan, who scratched his head with a puzzled expression, thought of Apollo and Artemis as he looked at Athena, who was still venting her frustration.

'They'll all realize in time.'


At that moment, inside the Sun Chariot.


Hercules, who was applying ointment to his wounds, asked with surprise in his eyes.

That was his reaction after hearing about YuWon's current situation.

"It's probably him."

"By the way..."

How did Prometheus know the location of the garden and let him know?

That was strange.

Until now, no one in Olympus had found the garden, but Prometheus knew about it.

"Was it a trap from the beginning?"

"That's right."

"When I return, there will be someone else to deal with."


Hercules clenched his fist and muttered with a stern voice.

Inside, YuWon wished Prometheus rest in peace.

Perhaps, even without knowing it, after all of this is over, Hercules will continue to search for Prometheus for some time.

With the determination to break him in two if he catches him.

"But now, what will you do?"

Hercules, who was speaking resolutely, suddenly lit up his eyes and asked.


"Hera. Now she's even involved the Giants."

YuWon nodded.

Since Atlas moved, this matter also had something to do with the Giants.

Above all, if the Giants had not given up on the Gigantomachy, things would have become much more serious.

"I'm not sure if I should continue with the Labors... I don't know."

His initial resolve wavered a bit.

Originally, Hercules wanted to finish all the Labors and make Hera surrender on her own.

However, with the Gigantomachy involved, he no longer had enough leeway to do that. Perhaps even before finishing all the Labors, he would find himself in a situation where the dreaded major battle could erupt.


"It's not necessary."

YuWon shook his head at Hercules' words.

"Anyway, there's only one Labor left, so finish it. It will be better for the future."


Surprised, Hercules looked at YuWon as if it were unexpected.

He thought YuWon would be pleased if he stubbornly gave up the Labors and quit.

But instead, it seemed that YuWon opposed stopping the Labors.

"Why do you think Hera made this bet?"

"Why? Well..."

"To buy time. That's not the only reason."

These Labors were not so simple.

"Perhaps Hera thought you couldn't succeed in the Labors."

It probably would have been so if he hadn't experienced the destruction of Olympus.

If he hadn't had the Yggdrasil Club in his hands.

And if YuWon wasn't by his side.

In nine out of ten cases, Hercules would have failed in the challenge of the Labors, or at worst, he might have died in the process.

The Hydra, the Amazons, and Ladon, the Dragon guarding the Golden Apples, would have undoubtedly been formidable opponents for Hercules until a few years ago.

"Even though she used numbers to ensure your death..."

Anyway, Hercules' Labors were of an entirely different type from a simple bet.

"You, who have completed the Labors, and you, who haven't, will be clearly different."


He asked the question, but there was no answer.

Once again, YuWon remained silent.

This kind of situation was not uncommon, and Hercules sighed as if familiar with it.


He no longer thought of pressing further.

Hercules knew YuWon was someone with many secrets. But he never lied.

That was exactly what Hercules thought of YuWon's image.

Hercules soon stopped talking and focused on tending to his wounds. He took medicine from his inventory and started applying it to his wounds.

"No one knows these Labors better than Hera."

And YuWon thought as he looked at Hercules.

"Fighting against Hercules after completing the Labors?"

Hercules, who had gone through the twelve Labors.

Only after obtaining the Yggdrasil Club and completing the twelve Labors, did he finally approach the image that YuWon knew.

"She'll understand too. How foolish it was to do this."

The bet of the twelve Labors was not simply a commitment to "surrender."

The idea that fighting against Hercules, who had completed the Labors, was "impossible" was surely Hera's thinking.


After a while, Hercules wrapped his wound with bandages after applying medicine.

He swung his injured arm several times in the air. Although he felt pain, he could still move it, it wasn't completely immobilized.

"Certainly, it will be difficult to do anything at this moment with these arms."

Hercules' expression became serious as he looked at his wounds.

"The Giants also have Gigäntes..."

"You don't have to worry too much about that."

Even in an urgent situation, YuWon seemed too calm.

Even after Hades' death, he had seemed that way, and it seemed he had a sufficient reason this time too.


"Because I've already sent a problem solver."

"To a problem solver?"

"You may not be very interested in it, but..."

After the question about who the Solver was, YuWon explained about him.

Who he was.

And how he hired him.

When the brief story ended, Hercules showed a strange expression.

It was an expression that seemed uncomfortable in a certain sense.

On the one hand, he seemed worried.

"What... aren't you satisfied yet?"

"It's not that."

"Then what?"

Hercules took a moment to respond, as if he were thinking about it.

Finally, Hercules let out a sigh heavier than the Heavenly Mountain.

"As much as it is... I'm not sure if it'll be okay."

That seemed to be the reason.

It was a much simpler problem than he thought.

"You'll be able to trust him. Besides, it'll be different from everything we've seen so far."

YuWon said as he got up from his seat.

Fortunately, the persuasion had ended smoothly. As he moved, he had something else to do.

Thus, when YuWon got up from his seat...

"What's that?"

Hercules pointed to the small root YuWon had been holding in his hand for a while.

It was the root he had brought from the Garden of Hesperides after Atlas fell.


As if it were a precious treasure, YuWon cautiously raised the root and answered.

"It's Ambrosia."


Under the clouds of Olympus.

A land covered in thick clouds where the sunlight barely reached.

There, lived the giants banished from the heavens.


A man dressed in golden armor advanced.

"It's been a long time since I came down here."


The brilliant golden armor was worn and broken in several places.

Among the cracks of the armor, some scars could be seen.


In the distance, the sound of familiar footsteps could be heard.

It was not a pleasant sound.

"Running on your own, huh?"

Normally, he wouldn't have had to do anything by himself.

But this time was different.

By his nature, he detested accumulating debts.


The man, who had been lost in thought for a moment, began to move again.

"Even your fate is at stake."


The man who advanced under a tall cliff ran his hand through his disheveled hair.

"Now, I find myself in the position of having to stop that."



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