LWTG (Novel) Chapter 351


Step, step...

YuWon and Foolish Chaos left the city.

The place they arrived after running and flying for a long time was in the mountains, far enough for the city to appear as a dot.

"How did you know where I am?"

The steps slowed down, and Foolish Chaos, who was running ahead, turned around again.

He seemed quite curious.

"Is this also the power of the Golden Cinder Eyes?"

Foolish Chaos boasted about knowing everything in the world.

The same was true for the Golden Cinder Eyes.

Foolish Chaos had been keeping an eye on Son OhGong for a long time. His immortal power, Ru Yi Bang, Flying Nimbus, and also the Golden Cinder Eyes.

All of them were threats even to beings from outside the Tower.

However, until now, in no place Foolish Chaos had investigated, such power existed in the Golden Cinder Eyes.

Although the Golden Cinder Eyes could penetrate everything in the world, beings from outside the Tower were beyond the category of the "world" from the start.

It was impossible to track Foolish Chaos solely with the Golden Cinder Eyes.


Of course, YuWon had no intention of directly answering his question.


A vague response.

In that brief moment, the cloak Foolish Chaos was wearing fluttered.



The end of the cloak he was wearing got cut off. A red line sliced through the spot where Foolish Chaos had been a moment ago and pursued him.

The gaze inside the cloak turned to the owner of the sword.


He curved his mouth as he chased after Foolish Chaos.

-It's been a long time.


Susanoo, who was right in front, disappeared.

Like a ghost, Susanoo, who had vanished in the blink of an eye, appeared again behind Foolish Chaos.

-I've been waiting for this, for a long time.


The corner of the mountain behind Foolish Chaos broke. A part of the cut mountain tilted and fell gently downward.


A vibration shook the earth.

In the midst of the thick dust rising, Susanoo, wielding his sword, turned towards Foolish Chaos.

And once more...


Susanoo persistently chased after Foolish Chaos and swung his sword.

'That's right. We were opposing spheres.'

Ssh, saaah...

As if traversing through the threads of a spiderweb, Foolish Chaos dodged Susanoo, moving here and there.

Does he even have the Golden Cinder Eyes?

The edge of Susanoo's sword, which didn't reach Foolish Chaos, was filled with irritation.

-Do you dare play with me?

"You're not the only one."

Chas, chas!

Susanoo, wielding the sword, was grabbed by the neck.

In an instant, the distance closed.

Susanoo, who was swinging his sword, momentarily stopped, bewildered.

And during that time...

"Everyone in this Tower..."


With all his strength, Foolish Chaos lifted Susanoo and threw him to the ground.

"They are in the palm of my hand."


Susanoo, flying toward a cliff, fell beneath the collapsed rocks. And in that brief moment, a black line flew from somewhere.


Crack, crack, crack!

The outstretched palm halted the Lightning Bolt. A tingling sensation was transmitted through the hand.

Then, Foolish Chaos's gaze rose to the mountaintop, which was quite far away.

"...Except for one individual."

The figure of YuWon holding another spear could be seen from a distance.

YuWon was definitely annoying.

It wasn't a matter of being strong or weak.

There were many Rankers stronger than YuWon. Hades, with whom he had just fought, was a Ranker similar to YuWon.

Moreover, Hercules, Zeus, Son OhGong, Odin. Compared to these High-Rankers, YuWon was still at the level of a child.

However, Foolish Chaos was more wary of YuWon than anyone else.

The reason was one and only.

'I can't read him.'

He couldn't read YuWon's actions or thoughts.

The same was happening now.

In the end, he was the one who lost in the fight. He tried to use Hera to revive the Gigantomachy, but in the end, he failed.

He even wanted to destroy Olympus, but that also failed when Hercules caught Hera.

"I suppose that's how it is."

Foolish Chaos's head lifted.


"Maybe this is for the best."

The sky began to turn violet.

Under that sky, YuWon threw another spear.



Crack. Crack-le-.

The Lightning Bolt emitted by Uranus roared in YuWon's hands.

There were no apparent damages. YuWon clenched his fist repeatedly in frustration.

"It's not enough."

Unless it was a Lightning Bolt at Zeus's level, it was difficult to land a proper hit on that creature.

No matter how many times he tried to use Uranus, he still couldn't reverse the fundamental power difference. Besides, he still lacked the speed proficiency to create Lightning Bolts.

The image of a huge Lightning Bolt striking Camelot appeared in YuWon's mind.

"A Lightning Bolt as big as at that time..."

Crack, crackle...

The Lightning Bolt created in his hand rose upwards. It was a spear much faster and larger than before.

But at that moment...


The wind stopped, and the flow of air changed.

It was a phenomenon that hadn't occurred in a long time.

With some hope, he raised his head to look up, but as expected...


The color of the sky was turning violet.

"It's begun."

Foolish Chaos began to use his power in earnest. The scattered mana flow in the air distorted, and an entirely different energy flowed.


A pleasant voice.

Danpung emerged from YuWon's arms and jumped onto his shoulders. He didn't bother to stop Danpung. Danpung's presence was one of the key elements of this fight.

"That guy should also be arriving late."

Crackle, crackle...

YuWon didn't stop his work of creating spears.

The Lightning Bolt in his hand kept growing. Although he should know that, Foolish Chaos stood there without moving and observed YuWon.

"From now on, it begins."


Foolish Chaos pulled back the cloak he was wearing.

And at that moment...


The Lightning Bolt that was in YuWon's hand flew.



The Lightning Bolt hit precisely.

For a moment, it seemed like the Lightning Bolt that left YuWon's hand pierced through Foolish Chaos's body.



A violet glow surrounded YuWon.

[The 'Garment Of The Four Great Elements' resists '?']

[The target cannot be determined]

[The 'Garment Of The Four Great Elements' fails to resist '?']

Garment Of The Four Great Elements.

An item with mysterious power that can resist any attribute.

However, this violet glow wasn't any kind of attribute.

YuWon quickly released his mana to push away the violet glow.

Tsu, tsu, tsu...


[The 'Uranus Heart' resists '?']

[The 'Blessing Of The Sea' resists '?']

[The 'Holy Fire' resists '?']

[The resistance is partially successful]

He had a partial success, though only a bit.

This was his chance.


YuWon drew his sword and enveloped the blade with Holy Fire. Among the different abilities, Holy Fire showed the greatest effect.


Raising his sword with all his might, the violet glow that surrounded the surroundings faded away. At the same time, YuWon lunged in that direction, leaving his place.

And at that moment...


Danpung, swaying on YuWon's shoulders as if satisfied, stood up and shook himself, patting his full belly and burping.

[Growth rate has increased by 0.004%]

Though minimal, Danpung's growth rate had increased. It seemed like he had absorbed the violet glow YuWon had dispersed.

"Does it taste good?"

While his master was fighting with effort, he was just filling his stomach.


YuWon used Hermes's Steps to tread on the sky. After landing on another mountain peak, he looked up and saw a completely violet sky.


The sky split.

And at that moment, Danpung, who had been happily patting his stomach on YuWon's shoulders, stood up.


His eyes glowed.

They were pupils that seemed to have found a fun toy.

And, as expected...


Violet waves emerged from the cracks in the split sky.

"Are those Outer Gods?"

They had no names, they were presences beyond the Tower.

Those individuals who had arrived through the cracks in the outer sky.

And among them...

'Some of the big ones too.'

Even among the Outer Gods, there seemed to be a great mix of types with attached names.


YuWon knew from the beginning that it wouldn't be easy.

But he never imagined it would be this difficult.

YuWon's rank was similar to that of Hades. Well, strictly speaking, he was a bit below Hades.

However, Foolish Chaos was exerting a force enough to contend with several Hades and still had power remaining.

That implied that he was going to waste many points.

'It seems he's aware of my existence.'

If he couldn't avoid the fight, then he would definitely kill YuWon in this place.

It was a wise choice.

Even if it was an excessive investment, if he managed to kill YuWon here, he would eliminate any variables in his future plans.

"Well, thanks to that..."

YuWon glanced at Danpung.

"Now, there's plenty to eat, right?"

"B-ba, baat..."

Danpung nodded vigorously.

To Danpung, the waves of Outer Gods appearing in front of him were like an irresistible feast.

YuWon would use that feast to entice Danpung.

"This time, don't just have fun, you have to help too."

"Ba-ba-aat, baat!"

Hearing that, Danpung pouted as if he was annoyed.

He probably remembered how tired he got after the fight with Atlas some time ago.


"If you don't want to, it's fine. We can run away if you want..."

"Ba-ba-aat, baat!"

This time, YuWon wouldn't just let Danpung have fun on his own.

Until now, merely adding a spoon to the feast he had prepared was enough. But in a different fight, Danpung's power was absolute in battling the Outer Gods.

And it was also a gamble against Foolish Chaos.

At the same time...

'If everything goes well, this might be the chance to fill the growth rate completely.'

Danpung's growth rate, which had not been progressing, could reach 100% in this opportunity.


YuWon headed towards the numerous Outer Gods spread across the sky.

This situation was not unfamiliar to him.

"It reminds me of old times."

The sky turned violet.

The presences outside the Tower shaking the sky, and Foolish Chaos commanding them, and even his own figure walking towards them.

Before returning using the Clock Movement, it was a situation similar to the time when he fought against the Outer Gods.

Of course, at that time, there were Hercules, Son OhGong, Odin, Asura.

They were all together.

'Well, anyway...'

He glanced briefly.

'It seems like I'm completely alone this time.'

There was no proper team, but somehow he had the most reliable ally.

YuWon looked at Danpung on his shoulder.

"I trust you."


As if telling him to just trust him, Danpung placed his little hand on his waist and responded confidently.

YuWon smiled slightly at Danpung's reaction and looked back up at the sky.

It was the moment when the first confrontation with the Outer Gods began.



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