SYS (Novel) Chapter 330

C330 - Temar's Third Tomb (2)

Jin widened his eyes.

"My enemies, who would do such a thing? And how are they going to do it?"

Neru remained silent and shook their head.

"We don't know the details. We only sense an imminent danger, as if the cave is about to collapse soon. The reason our species has survived without extinction until now is that intuition."

The intuition of the Cat Tribe.

Relying solely on that didn't instill much confidence in the Cat Tribe's ability to survive so far.

However, based on the experience of crossing from the cave to the island alone, they seemed to have some sort of mystical power, so Jin decided to believe in it.

"Are you concluding that these attackers who destroyed this place and massacred the little beastmen are my enemies based solely on intuition?"

"No, it's just a logical deduction. Considering various causal relationships, the only reason our territory would be attacked during this period is because of your dealings with the Golden Snow Tribe. The reason we can't pinpoint the exact enemy is that you have many enemies."

Even without the unique intuition of the Cat Tribe, it was well known that Jin had many enemies. It was evident in Zipple and could be deduced from the conflicts within Runcandel.

During the incident in the Holy Kingdom, he was involved with Kinzelo, so even to a stranger who knew nothing, it was clear that Jin was up against three massive forces in the world.

So, who could it be?

Was it someone from his clan trying to hinder his business or warn him by attacking the little beastmen?

Was Zipple planning an ambush after seeing Jin's bold announcement? Or could it be that Kinzelo had some hidden motive and was meddling in the lands of the little beastmen?

All three possibilities were valid, and it was impossible to make a hasty judgment.

"If what you say, Lord Neru, is true, and the cave is attacked because of me, then I will take responsibility."

"We will spread the message to the little beastmen, so you won't have to be held accountable. Escape routes are already prepared."

"That's fortunate. However, what if there's a 'what if' scenario? It would be better to go back and warn them to escape immediately."

Jin didn't want to experience the horrific event of the little beastmen being massacred.

"If we inform them in advance, the problem could worsen due to the displacement of the Golden Snow Tribe and the Water Tails Tribe. Also, according to our intuition, if that happens, we won't be able to fulfill our promise to Solderet."

"It sounds like you're willing to hold the lives of the little beastmen hostage in order to keep your promise to Solderet."

"That's right."

"Why would you go to such lengths? What if the little beastmen are annihilated? Once they're dead, no one can take responsibility."

Instantly, anger welled up inside Jin.

Of course, it was all based on the "intuition" of the Cats. The fact that Jin's enemies were attacking, the possibility of the little beastmen being massacred, and the possibility of the problem worsening if they warned everyone of the danger in advance.

However, Jin couldn't shake that ominous feeling.

"Jin Runcandel."

Neru lowered their gaze, appearing bitter.

"As we have always done, we want to protect the little beastmen. You asked what would happen if the little beastmen die, but we are more concerned about not keeping our promise to Solderet. It's a promise we've waited a thousand years for."

Jin remained silent, maintaining eye contact with Neru.

"For the promise with Solderet, how many sacrifices do you think have been made so far? Your ancestors, my comrades, and countless humans and Dragons. Five hundred years ago, there were even times when my comrades were hunted down and killed by Zipple."

Jin let out a sigh.

As a Contractor of Solderet, fulfilling their mission.

The first time he made a contract with Solderet, in his past life, he never had these thoughts.

He simply embraced Solderet's words, becoming an unparalleled Magic Swordsman, ruling the world, and seeking a small revenge against his family, who abandoned him.

However, after the regression, Jin gradually came to understand that Solderet's power was not an unconditional gift.

Given the circumstances, Regression seemed to have been caused by Solderet, and everything prepared for him bore elements that could topple the world, so he didn't think the price was excessive.

It just seemed cruel.

For Jin himself and for those who sacrificed for Solderet's preparations.

Swish, swish...

Neru was drawing something in the sand.

The pattern they were drawing with a branch was of a strange type, one that Jin had never seen before.

"It may be hard to believe, but we, more than anyone else, want to protect the little beastmen."

"What was the connection between the Cat Tribe and Solderet?"

"Friends. The Cat God and Solderet were very good friends. And he has saved us, including the little beastmen, from being exterminated by Javier several times. The little beastmen, all of them, owe their lives to Solderet."


Suddenly, the pattern that Neru drew began to glow purple.

Unlike the dark magic used by Rontelgius recently, it emitted a holy aura, something mystical.

It was the phenomenon that occurred when the seal of the third tomb was released, a power that the Cat Tribe used when creating special hiding places.

"If your enemies had reached this place before you, you would never have been able to enter the Third Tomb of Temar."

"Your choice isn't entirely convincing, but still..."

Jin paused for a moment as he looked at the seal.

"Thank you. I don't know what else to say."

"Don't worry too much. As I said before, since we sense danger in advance, once you return from the tomb, we will evacuate the little beastmen to a place where they won't be discovered."


From the purple pattern, the power of shadow began to emanate, forming an elliptical door.

"Finally, we can fulfill the thousand-year-old promise. Enter, Jin Runcandel."

"I will be back as soon as possible. So that no one gets hurt."

"Yes. And I have a request."

"Please, go ahead."

"Please convey this message to the friend inside. I, Neru, on behalf of the Cat Tribe, express my gratitude for a thousand years of solitude and hard work. Try as I might, I can no longer remember who they were..."

Neru spoke with a sorrowful voice.

-Olmango, do you know who the guardian inside the Second Tomb is?

-I cannot answer that.

-Why not?

-All memories of him are gone. No matter how hard I try to think about it, I can only recall a very faint image.

Just like when Jin met Olmango and found the Second Tomb, Neru seemed to have forgotten who their "friend" was, the one who had guarded the tomb for a thousand years.

It was the result of Zipple erasing them from history.


Jin entered the Shadow Energy Gate.


The Third Tomb, unlike the first and second, showed no signs of destruction or traces of battle.

The entire space wasn't made of dark shadow energy alone. It resembled the central hall of a castle.

There was also a familiar feeling to it, and Jin soon understood the reason.

'It's exactly like the interior of the Storm Castle I saw in the first tomb, the central vestibule.'

There was no reason to be surprised.

Jin had already witnessed a person's clone through the power of the shadows with Misha and had encountered guardians that perfectly replicated their appearance from a thousand years ago.

So there was no reason why the space itself couldn't replicate.

Although he felt the desire to closely examine the appearance of the Storm Castle from a thousand years ago, he moved forward quickly.

He had a sense of urgency, fearing it might be too late for the little beastmen.

It was the first time Jin had gone alone to Temar's tomb.

The first time was with Murakan, and the second time with his companions.

So far, every time he found a tomb, there were formidable guardians. Silderay Runcandel, Sarah Runcandel. Both were guardians too strong for Jin.

But this time, the tomb was different.

'Lord Olmango said there wouldn't be guardians like that in this tomb, so there shouldn't be a need to fight.'

Olmango also didn't know exactly who was inside the Third Tomb, just like Neru.

However, Olmango had a bit more memory than Neru.

-Inside the Third Tomb, I've heard that the former chief steward of the Runcandel Family is present.

The chief steward.

The person who handled various matters for the Runcandels, a clan of Magic Swordsmen, during that time.

'Even now, the clan's chief steward has more information than most members. Especially the steward, Heinz, who is my father's confidant. He might know more about the clan's secrets than Joshua.'

That was also true for the Runcandels of a thousand years ago.

In any faction, there had to be someone directly responsible for the clan's affairs, big or small.

'But the chief steward here might also have an incomplete mental state or memories. Lady Sarah also suffered severe mental fatigue to endure a thousand years...'

Step, step.

When Jin reached the end of the central hall, a person bowed their head to him.

[I have been waiting, Sir Jin Runcandel. It is an honor to meet you.]

"You know my name. Are you the former chief steward of the Runcandels?"

[Yes. Solderet has mentioned the name of the Thousand-Year Contractor several times. I am Lueth Damiro Yul, the chief steward of Runcandel.]

Lueth Damiro Yul.

The chief steward who introduced themselves had the same vibrant red hair as Valeria.

Lueth looked like a young human, but she wasn't human.

Anyone could tell at first glance that she wasn't human.

Just looking at her bright eyes that seemed like galaxies in motion and her pointed, upright ears, as well as the round gem embedded in her forehead.

She was a "Fairy."

A Fairy as the chief steward of the ancient Runcandels...

Jin knew that Fairies had gone extinct a thousand years ago, and today only their descendants, who made "Royal Melodic Drinks" for special people on special days and hours, lived in the world.

They were elusive beings, not easy to come across.

There were few records left about Fairies, and their lifespan was similar to that of Dragons.

Perhaps that's why, despite enduring a thousand years alone, Lueth showed no signs of losing her sanity or crumbling.

"Lueth Damiro Yul. Neru, the representative of the Cat Tribe, asked me to convey his gratitude for your efforts. I feel the same."

Upon hearing that, Lueth smiled sadly.

[I don't remember who Neru was... But I have a strange feeling of nostalgia.]

"...I see."

[Sir Jin Runcandel, once you leave this space, you will forget my name. You won't remember my appearance or the conversations we had.]


Lueth took a small box from her embrace and opened it.

Inside was a Shadow Energy Pearl.

[However, you will remember what you see on this recording device.]

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