SYS (Novel) Chapter 341

C341 - Debt, Debts, and More Debts (8)

The expressions on the faces of the elders, who had been looking at Jin as if they were about to chew him up and spit him out, became emotionless.

Although everyone seemed displeased, no one dared to oppose Rosa's decision.

Not even the Elder President, Jorden, could voice any objection.

In Runcandel, the patriarch's orders were absolute.

Even if it was an "acting" patriarch, it made no difference.

Throughout history, the patriarch had rarely forgiven those who opposed his judgment, whether it was a minor or major matter.

"Yes, Mother. I'll keep that in mind."

Jin looked calmly at Rosa.

From her serene expression as she sat in the conference room's main seat, it was difficult to read any emotion.

'Sometimes I feel like my mother is even harder to deal with than my father...'

Since his regression, Jin strangely found it not that difficult to deal with Cyron.

It was strange to think that his father, who was like a monstrous figure Jin didn't dare to even look in the eyes or utter a word to in his previous life, had become easier to handle.

In contrast, facing Rosa was always a challenge.

Jin didn't have many memories of Rosa or Cyron before his regression.

Both Rosa and Cyron. At some point, they treated Jin as if he didn't exist.

Not just words and looks filled with deep affection, but also scoldings, teasing, disdainful glances, harsh words, and violence disguised as discipline...

He had never experienced any of that.

At least not from the age where he begins to have "clear memories."

Only an infinitely indifferent and cold gaze, as if they were looking at a complete stranger passing by on the street.

That was all Jin received from his parents in his previous life.

Rosa did show some emotions, like cutting off communication and secluding herself for two days when "trash Jin Runcandel" was exiled.

Was it all a façade?

Or was it an act to ease her own guilt?

'Neither of those things really matters, but looking at her now, it's hard to imagine.'

What does Mother want?

'Information about my Master? Partial ownership of the business? Surely she wouldn't expect me to step aside from the patriarchal race at this point.'

Since Rosa had already revealed her cards about the five eastern regions, and Jin wasn't backing down, they were destined to fight until one side was destroyed.

As Jin contemplated, Rosa left the room without saying anything more.

She had provided the big picture, and the rest was up to Jin to decide.


Jorden let out a sigh.

"It seems like luck always follows you, Twelfth Flagbearer."

"Please take care of me from now on, Elder President. The Black Sword Association will have many tasks to undertake for my sake."

"I'll be watching to see how long your luck will protect you."

"Of course, I'll make sure you don't feel too resentful about helping. I hope you won't think ill of me."

Although Jin politely bowed his head, there was no one who truly thought he was sincere.

Jorden left the conference room without further argument with Jin, knowing he would only end up making a fool of himself.

Most of the siblings watching the scene had become tired of their younger brother once again.

What's going through the youngest's head? How can he confront the Elder President like that?

'It's not just once or twice; now he seems different from us.'

The Tona siblings looked at Jin with a mixture of fear and admiration, as always.

'What is Mother thinking? It seemed like she was trying to rein in Jin, but this seems more like she's protecting him.'

'She must have a plan. She probably discussed something with Joshua, the eldest brother.'

Myu and Anne felt anger and defeat once again.

The fact that they couldn't kill the youngest when they had the chance haunted them.

Jin clearly understood their feelings. The feelings of his sisters who regretted not being able to kill him when they could have, due to the taboo of harming family members.

'Since Joshua desires my contract, whatever you did, you couldn't have killed me. The same will happen in the future.'

Jin smiled at Myu and Anne.

Seeing they had nothing more to add to the meeting, the sisters soon left the conference room.

Luntia, as always, yawned with a seemingly bored expression, while Ran and Vigo appeared upset.

The two hoped that The Youngest wouldn't cause any more major disturbances in the clan.

"Well then, I bid farewell."

As determined, Jin opened his mouth as he looked around at the people in the conference room.

As he exited and walked through the courtyard of the Garden of Swords, Jin unexpectedly ran into Rosa, who had been receiving a report from the butler, Heinz.

Her expression looked serious, indicating that the report might be related to the Black Sea.


He was Cyron's man.

Jin had the intuition that the report he was giving to Rosa had something to do with the Black Knights and their news.

'News about Father, the Elder Sister, and the Black Knights.'

Jin was bothered by Rosa's somber expression.

She hadn't shown any emotion even when she helped Jin in the conference room.

As Jin casually approached (in the direction of his room), Heinz closed his mouth.

"What's going on? Is the meeting over?"

"I was just passing by here. Since Elder President Jorden left the room, I had nothing to say, so I left, Mother."

"I see."

"Is it news about the Black Sea?"

"You don't need to know."

"I'm an Abanderado too."

"Not just you, but any other Abanderado. Being an Abanderado doesn't give you the right to know everything about clan matters."

Jin didn't expect Rosa to respond.

Anyway, he could learn all about Black Sea affairs later through Luna.

Jin and Rosa silently stared at each other for a few seconds.


"Yes, Mother."

"Do you have something to tell me?"

Jin nodded.

"What is it you want?"


"Since you just lifted my punishment and ordered to protect my business."

"What does that have to do with anything?"

"I think you gave that order because you want something from me."

In Jin's opinion.

Rosa could have used other means to protect the cosmetics business, excluding Jin's benefits. But she didn't.

Rosa's eyes widened.


Rosa laughed and shook her head. At that moment, Jin was left speechless.

"If there's something I want, would you be willing to grant it?"

"I've never neglected my debts."

"Debts... Those things are only allowed when the relationship is equal. I don't think it applies to you and me."

"You're right."

"I haven't made that judgment because I want something from you. So don't worry and go on your way."

"I understand."

When Jin bowed and was about to pass by, Rosa turned to him.

"The Youngest."


"What I want is Runcandel's survival and prosperity."

With composed yet sincere voice.

"That's what I want too."

Hearing that, Rosa smiled faintly.

"No, it might be slightly different."

Jin nodded again and continued walking.

Before heading to his room, Jin first went to the infirmary where Mary and Dyfus were.

According to the butler Petro's words, the two had suffered minor injuries...

'No, are they considered minor injuries?'

It seemed Petro had misheard or Mary and Dyfus were bragging.

Both were covered in bandages and had limbs wrapped.

"So, when the Elder Brother was here, would you have gone like this? Huh? And created an opening, and then quickly taken care of those bastards. Then it would have all been over in a jiffy, right?"

"I had bought enough time."

"Ah, you should have done better. I mean, I was invincible back then, right? I would have bought double. Every time I see you, Elder Brother, you seem strong but not so good at fighting. What's fighting? It's about using your head, using your head."

"Yeah, you're great. You're as stubborn as ever. That's why you could stand firm in front of them."

"Then, if it were me, I would have stood firm double... Oh, oh, has The Youngest arrived?"

They chatted merrily even while lying in hospital beds.

Seeing the state they were in, Jin felt a bit guilty for coming empty-handed. He thought he should have brought some fruit or something.

"Are you both okay?"

"As you can see, we're perfectly fine."

Mary smiled.

"It seems you've suffered quite a bit."

"It's just an act."

"Were the Specters really that strong? To the point where they'd injure both of you like this?"

It didn't make sense. If it were just the two of them, it might be understandable, but there were over fifty Guardian Knights at the level of Executioner Knights with them. Even if the Specters were formidable, they should have been overwhelmingly outnumbered and defeated.

"Well, we kind of overdid it, thinking the Guardian Knights might die for nothing while trying to catch those Magicians. Besides, after using my Final Move, my body goes berserk."

A variation of the Volcano move.

Jin recalled the image of Mary activating that technique and nodded.

As it was a self-destructive technique that explosively released Aura, it seemed to subject the body to considerable strain.

"Hehe, you know, Younger Brother, someday if you defeat me and make a wish. If you're good with words, I might teach you a thing or two."

"Alright, please recover quickly."

"Tsk, you're no fun at all. Don't worry about your sister and brother's bodies, think about how you're going to take care of your friends in the future."

The term "friends" referred to the small beastmen.

"For now, they're in the safehouse the Guardian Knights sent them to. The conclusion of the meeting was to protect their businesses, but it would still be better to handle them directly," Diphus said.

"That's what I had in mind."

Receiving support from the clan was good, but he couldn't hand over everything.

It was evident.

After all, he had to stay in control.

The tasks of the Black Sword Association or the Guardian Knights were only to prevent the company from being attacked, but they weren't the ones in control.

"Do you have a plan in mind?"


"I'll let them know the location of my safehouse. Take them there yourself."

Dyfus didn't ask Jin about the specific plan he had in mind. He decided not to interfere in that aspect either.

'...I'll probably end up relying on the Hidden Palace again.'

Jin planned to send the small beastmen to the Hidden Palace. Since the barrier of the Cat Tribe had disappeared, there was no safer place for them than the Hidden Palace.

"I should look for the Cat Tribe too."

For now, he could only hope that not all the small beastmen had been killed by the Specters.

Before leaving the infirmary, Jin turned to his siblings.


"Just... to say thank you."

As Jin left, Mary and Dyfus blinked at each other.

"Haha, something's up... He said goodbye to us properly. Didn't he, oraboni?"

Dyfus shrugged.

The two watched where The Youngest had gone for a while, then started talking about the fight with the Specters and whose fault it was... again...

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