LWTG (Novel) Chapter 357



The color of the sky slowly returned to its original state.

The blue hues once again blended into the purple sky. The golden sunset mixed into the twilight sky, and the three colors coexisted.

And so, the sky changed its color.


The sky, which had until recently been continuously pouring Outer Gods, began to slowly close.

"The sky...?"

"What's happening? Is it over already? How insignificant."

"Showing off bravery while their legs tremble in fear."

"What did you say, idiot?"

The faithful followers of the Heavenly Demon Cult rejoiced as they realized that no more enemies were appearing.

They no longer wished to fight.

The same was true for the Demons on the side of the Demon Kings.

"These guys are strange..."

"Where do these repugnant beings come from?"

"Does anyone know anything?"

The blood and aura emanating from the tentacles of the Outer Gods were strange and terrifying even for the Demons who used Demon Energy instead of Arcane Power.

In the case of lower-ranking Demons, there were even some who fainted because they couldn't withstand the pressure of the battlefield.

The presence of the Outer Gods was beyond their rational comprehension.

Chun Mujin wielded his sword relentlessly towards the remaining Outer Gods.

The Heavenly Demon Spirit accompanying him released a sword strike with several times greater force than before, consuming its last strength in the final moment.

Thus, in the midst of the final battle...

Chun Mujin looked at the dying Outer Gods before him.

'It's not just about being strong, is it?'

He recalled the astonishment he felt when he first arrived on this battlefield.

Beings he could never have imagined existed in this world.

The moment he encountered them, everything he had learned and understood so far faltered.

It was the same during the fight.

He wasn't battling against a multitude of enemies but against a gigantic 'one.'

Chun Mujin looked at the dying Outer Gods and paused for a moment to look around.

Did YuWon always fight against these types?

"Did you feel it too?"


Chun Mujin turned his head to the person approaching from the side.

He thought a giant was coming, but it wasn't so.

It was a demon of his own height and build.

Though he didn't emit any special energy, a dangerous aura could be sensed from him.

Though he had only heard rumors, it wasn't difficult to recognize who he was.


The corner of Diablo's mouth lifted as if he found something amusing.

"Saw you a while ago. You weren't half bad."

Diablo slapped Chun Mujin's shoulder.

It was a rude gesture.

But Chun Mujin didn't mind Diablo acting like that. He knew it wasn't because he was belittling or despising him.

It was because he knew Diablo's compliments were genuine, so he had no reason to feel bad.

"Come to think of it, isn't that guy the second-in-command of the Heavenly Demon Cult?"

"He's the pride of our cult."

"That source of pride might die soon."

Chun Mujin furrowed his brow for a moment, as if saying: What are you talking about?

"If he keeps fighting against these guys..."

Diablo's additional words made Chun Mujin adopt a more serious expression with another meaning.

These guys...

Even at this very moment, a strange feeling of unease twisted Chun Mujin's heart, making him unable to loosen his grip on the sword in his hand.

Since when has YuWon been fighting against these guys?

"Don't worry, he's capable of defeating them."

"You trust him a lot."

"The Heavenly Demon Cult is a religion, and he's someone our Cult has been waiting for a long time."

"You have a knack for expressing simple things in a complicated manner."

For someone who didn't know the doctrine or beliefs of the Heavenly Demon Cult, the words were hard to understand.

It was natural that they wouldn't comprehend.

Diablo stopped paying attention to Chun Mujin's words.



He looked at the sky that was more than halfway closed.

"They said the Great Heaven Demon War has finally ended..."

The Great Heaven Demon War.

A war that had been tormenting Demons and Angels for thousands of years.

He thought it had finally concluded, but it seemed that this was only the beginning of another war.

On the battlefield that was now winding down...

"Another problem has arrived like a thief in the night."

Diablo had a sense that an even bigger war was about to begin.


At the edge of the mountain range where the battle had taken place...


There was a figure cutting through the middle of the forest where all the wild beasts had fled.

It was Foolish Chaos, who chose to flee the battlefield.

'I have to delay the plan.'

Up until now, Foolish Chaos's plans were based on the amount of Points he had accumulated so far, in preparation for that day.

For some day in the future.

However, a large portion of those Points flew away due to the recent event.

'But first, how to deal with Kim YuWon...?'

While Foolish Chaos was reorganizing his thoughts in his mind, suddenly...


Foolish Chaos halted his advance at the light flying from a distance.


A Lightning Bolt crossed before his eyes.

That Lightning Bolt swept the ground where Foolish Chaos had been moments ago, causing the mountain to disappear without a trace.

Firing a Lightning Bolt that could obliterate an entire city from such a distance...

There was only one person in this Tower who was capable of such a feat.

"You missed your chance."

"If the Bolt had veered a bit to the side, it would've hit you."

"There's nothing more pathetic than someone making excuses for their failures."


YuWon and Zeus.

Both were chasing Foolish Chaos.

'Was that Zeus's spear?'

It was a moment when the air around Foolish Chaos noticeably cooled.

If he had taken the Bolt head-on a moment ago...

Perhaps his unstable fusion form would've been annihilated in the blink of an eye.

"I can track where you're going."


Danpung sat on YuWon's head and nodded.

"Here's an excellent radar."

As long as he had Danpung, who could track Foolish Chaos, YuWon had no intention of letting him go.

Furthermore, Foolish Chaos was determined not to gain any more points like he did a while ago.

In this situation, he had no reason to fear Foolish Chaos.

"A radar..."

Foolish Chaos understood the meaning of YuWon's words and looked at Danpung, who was sitting with an expression full of pride.

"Do you know what that is and do you have it with you?"

"I don't know."

"You don't know?"

"If you know, then explain it to me."


Perhaps Danpung knew they were talking about him? He nodded along during the conversation between YuWon and Foolish Chaos.


Sometimes, YuWon also thought that Danpung might not know who he was.

Despite having power no less than that of the Outer Gods, his behavior and way of speaking were childlike.

"I need to confirm it too."

"So, what are you trying to confirm?"

"I don't understand it in-depth. I can't even put it into words."


Foolish Chaos extended his hand forward.

"So for now..."

At that moment...


Once again, Zeus's Lightning Bolt swept across Foolish Chaos's body.

Crack, crack-.

The Bolt left a deep hole in the ground.

Zeus, who had thrown the Bolt while unable to hear the conversation, opened his mouth.

"You talk too much. Both of you."


YuWon considered saying something as he waited for a moment.

Anyway, it didn't seem that Foolish Chaos would obediently respond to their questions. If Danpung really had a significant secret related to the Outer Gods, he wouldn't casually reveal it.

Probably Zeus also realized that and acted first.

'If we remain greedy here and lose Foolish Chaos, it will be a much greater loss.'

Greed can be like poison that, at times, can be a good remedy, but in most cases, harms the body.

The same was true now.

YuWon had already gained a lot from this encounter. If he became more greedy, he might lose the chance to obtain the most crucial thing at the last moment.

He could gradually uncover clues about Danpung. After all, he had many future opportunities to confront the Outer Gods.

Crack, crack-.

At the place where the Bolt had swept.

YuWon looked at Foolish Chaos who was still standing.

Of course, he didn't collapse from that single blow. Although it couldn't be denied that he didn't come out unscathed.

It was Zeus's spear, which had gained Divine Power.

Foolish Chaos's body was riddled with holes caused by the impact of the Bolt.

Literally, he was dying en masse.

"What is this?"

Zeus showed a puzzled expression that lacked something, as if he didn't expect the Bolt to be so effective.

He had thought that it would take several attempts to hit a Bolt like this.

'It seems he's decided to surrender the fight.'

Foolish Chaos had already chosen to flee.

It seemed he considered it more worthwhile to abandon the fight than to keep facing his opponent. Besides, this implied he had used a significant amount of Points, which could impact his plan.

'For me, it's good, but...'


["Predator" bares its fangs at "Foolish Chaos"]

Predator's sharp teeth came into view around Foolish Chaos.

"It would have been great if he fought a little longer."

Predator's appearance caught Zeus's attention.

The golden eyes were directed at Danpung, who was seated on YuWon's head. At this moment, not only Foolish Chaos showed interest in Danpung.

'Were there two instead of one?'

There was another worthy adversary to consider.


Danpung turned its head and met Zeus's eyes. Although Danpung wasn't a Player, Zeus had found another interesting opponent besides YuWon in this battle.

A more powerful rival for a grander fight.

YuWon and Zeus, each in their own way, began to prepare for their next move in the battle.


Foolish Chaos faced the approaching sharp fangs.

Foolish Chaos's body, already half melted and charred, couldn't withstand Predator's teeth.

Anyway, resisting further would be futile.

Although it would take time to create another fusion body, he would save many more Points by avoiding a fresh fight at this moment.

Foolish Chaos lifted his head.

The sky had shrunk so much he could barely move.

The passage connecting the interior to the outside was nearly closed. The reason was the lack of power keeping it open.

'Even so, he's fortunate.'

Foolish Chaos let out a faint laugh as he entered the mouth of Predator hidden under his robe.

'There'll be one who comes.'

Chaos and confusion must continue endlessly.

And just before the passage closed, Foolish Chaos had already prepared another measure for it.

'The fact that Zeus gained Divinity is-.'

Foolish Chaos looked at Zeus.

It was an idea that had come to his mind since Zeus appeared on the battlefield.

'It means that Poseidon also has a high chance of it.'

Until the next fusion body arrived.

For a while, he would take care of it.

Foolish Chaos rid himself of the remnants remaining in his current body. He leaned forward, lifted his head with pride, and walked toward the mouth that had been waiting for him.

Thus, in the next moment...


The Predator devoured Foolish Chaos.



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