LWTG (Novel) Chapter 363


Kim YuWon quickly prepared himself to head to Asgard.

There wasn't much to prepare. Before departing, all he did was bid a brief farewell to Hades, the representative of Olympus, and that was all in terms of preparation.

"You're going to Asgard?"

Those were the words Hercules said to YuWon when he met him after meeting with Hades.

He didn't recall telling him where he was going.

YuWon noticed Hercules's gaze was directed towards Thor, who was waiting for him at the end of the hallway.

"You thought I wouldn't notice after all this time?"

"Since when?"

"I waited in that damp cave for so long. Even his scent reached me."

From the conversation Mimir and YuWon had, Hercules already knew about Mimir's illusion.

Well, perhaps he could have figured it out, although it would certainly be impossible for Hargan, but it would certainly be possible for Hercules.

Moreover, the time given to him was a whopping half-day.

"Who are you then?"

Of course.

Hercules had noticed the existence of the illusion, but he hadn't discovered Mimir's true identity transformed into Thor.

For some reason, throughout all the time he spent back at the Royal Castle, Hercules's gaze towards Mimir seemed strange.



After uttering that name, Hercules paused for a moment before asking.

"Odin's friend?"


"Why are you here?"

Mimir was Odin's friend, said to wake up once every hundred years.

Due to his extremely limited activity and his name being forgotten in the world, it took Hercules some time to remember who he was.

But regardless of the rank, his position in Asgard was by no means low.

Odin had instructed everyone in Asgard to treat Mimir with the same respect as himself.

"Do you want to know the reason?"

"It intrigues me."

"It's because of Chronos."


There was a brief pause.

Then, Hercules opened his mouth after tilting his head.

"I see. I understand. Have a safe journey."

At another time, perhaps he might have asked who Chronos was and why YuWon was going to Asgard because of that person. But this time, he simply brushed it off as if it weren't a big deal.

As expected.

'I had my suspicions anyway.'

He had also decided not to mention anything about it.

Anyway, no matter what YuWon said, Hercules wouldn't understand.

And not just Hercules, no one would understand.

'Anyway, we can't act together this time.'

YuWon halted his steps for a moment and looked at Hercules.

Although it might be a little early...

"That guy back then..."

"That guy?"


YuWon decided to hurry a bit.

"There's a way to beat him."

Hercules's pupils stirred.

After all, recently, Hercules had been replaying in his mind his fight with Atlas over and over.

That guy with a much tougher and stronger body than his.

Atlas's appearance, laughing as he tried to rip his arms off, was still etched in his eyes.

"... What do you mean?"



YuWon repeated to him exactly what he had told Zeus and Poseidon.

Hades had already heard the same story.

But he had given up because he couldn't leave Olympus empty for too long.

"The choice is yours. Whether you want to live as a simple carpenter without fighting or ascend higher."

When there was no war, Hercules introduced himself as a simple carpenter.

It had always been that way.

He preferred peace to battle and enjoyed quiet, boring days.

That's why YuWon didn't force Hercules to get involved in this fight.

Of course.

Anyway, he already knew which way the choice would lean.

"See you later."

YuWon left with Mimir towards the Sun Chariot, as he had originally planned.

But now, there was something more urgent.

'How do I find that guy?'

Other things were more urgent now.



The most prosperous and beautiful realm in this Tower.

The absolute realm ruled by the strongest of High-Rankers, Odin.

After the Ragnarok, Asgard began to experience a peace and prosperity it had never known before.

And at this moment...

"It's not good. It's not good..."

The King of Asgard muttered as he looked out the window.

"Ch... Chr... Chro...?"

A vague name that he could barely remember.

But the name itself wouldn't come to his mind.

It was strange.

"Chro... something."

Even though Mimir had given him the name, he had immediately forgotten it. He said it was a side effect of the Clock Movement, but no matter how many times he repeated the name, he quickly forgot it.


It wasn't just that he forgot it easily.

Odin was afraid that something was blocking him from remembering that name.

"It's almost halfway."

The time he remembered that name.

The image of him came to his mind.

At that moment, in Odin's field of vision, a figure appeared in the distance, outside the window.

A peaceful countryside landscape.

The people were oblivious.

What this country...

Or rather, what kind of hell is this Tower falling into...

"It's not good."


Leaving his cup of coffee to the side, Odin stood up from his seat.

It had been two weeks since Mimir left the realm.

Finally, he had returned.


In the midst of a bustling street.

People made way to the sides and cheered.

"Thor! Thor!"


The Prince walked down the street, receiving the crowd's enthusiasm.

A true Warrior of this era, with a fully muscular body.

'This is me.'

Although he had a serious expression on his face, he was internally delighted with the cheers. With his chest puffed out, Thor shook hands with the citizens.

"If you ever have troubles, come talk to me."

"How's the farming going?"

"This bread is very tasty. Thanks, I'll enjoy it..."

Without formalities, Thor interacted with the people.

That was the ideal image of a king, according to Thor.

That's why, when he left the palace and mingled with the people, they naturally saw him and cheered.

"Thor! Thor!"

Not far away.

Voices of citizens chanting his name could be heard.

"Do they see me from there?"

How do they know it's me and are already cheering?

He thought he should hurry and see what was happening. Unconsciously, his steps quickened.



"Long live Prince Thor!"

The cheers were not for him.


A man who looked just like him.

The people seemed to have confused him with that person.


"...is it me?"

What the hell is going on?

As Thor stood perplexed.

"What's that guy doing?"

"I told you already. If you wanted to go in unnoticed, you picked the wrong person."

Since arriving in Asgard, YuWon and Mimir had been in this situation.

Citizens cheering and shaking hands.

For Mimir, who was trying to slip in quietly, this situation was awkward.

"There's nothing we can do about it. If he finds out I've left, they won't stay calm."

"Is that why you chose Thor?"

"It didn't seem like a bad choice. He won't get involved in unnecessary trouble, and you'll be treated appropriately wherever you go."

It was a target he chose without much thought.

But now.

Mimir really regretted his choice after a long time.

"Getting into trouble everywhere. Ugh."

It had been about 50 years since Thor started leaving the palace.

For Mimir, who had been asleep for so long, it was inconceivable that Thor received so much attention.

He didn't even need to use his eyes to figure out about Thor.


"The situation has gotten a bit complicated."

YuWon noticed in the crowd that a familiar face was making its way toward them.

"You scoundrels!"

A threatening tone.

"How dare you impostors pretend to be me, the Prince of Asgard?"

Thor stepped forward towards YuWon and Mimir. With an extremely angry expression, he held his head high without showing a hint of shame.

The gazes of the crowd centered on him.

Seeing that, Thor's shoulders seemed to have broadened a bit.

'That's his biggest flaw.'

It was Thor's worst weakness.

That excessive need for attention.

He loved his people as much as his realm, but he also craved their attention.

And because of that, despite his high position as Prince, he had always aligned with them, receiving their fervent support.

Ultimately, it was more beneficial than detrimental, so it was fine, but in the current situation, YuWon felt a bit unsatisfied.

"This... this insolent impostor!"

"What kind of disrespect is this toward the Prince?"

"He should apologize immediately!"

Thump, thump-.


"Eh, eh?"

Thor opened his eyes in surprise, bewildered by the commotion that had just occurred.

The citizens who were surrounding him a moment ago were furious and were throwing fruits and small objects at him.

An unexpected situation.

YuWon looked at Mimir curiously.

'Was it your fault?'

'There was no other choice.'

In the eyes of the people, Thor probably looked like a completely different person.

Mimir's Illusion not only changed Mimir's appearance, but probably in that moment, Mimir would look like Thor to their eyes, and Thor would look completely different.

"What's going on...?"

And at that moment...


When Thor's eyes met Mimir's again in front of him, Mimir's original appearance returned to his mind.

"Uh, uh, uh..."

"Stay calm."

A soft whisper.

While Mimir and Thor stared at each other, Thor swallowed and nodded.

Odin's only friend who woke up once every hundred years.


It was Mimir who changed Thor's diapers when he was little, the most important adult in Asgard.


Walking again, Mimir spoke up.

"Be careful when you return; you're most likely going to get scolded."


The response was much quieter than the one he gave before.

Thor and YuWon's eyes met. As Mimir's original appearance showed, YuWon's original appearance became evident as well.

Despite it being a reunion after so long, they exchanged no greetings. Instead, YuWon had to endure Thor's resentful gaze.

Hastily following Thor.

YuWon glanced at him and asked:

"How will we find Chronos?"

Anyway, it didn't matter who heard the story about Chronos; no one would know what they were talking about.

Amid an endless crowd.

Mimir answered YuWon's question.

"Finding Chronos isn't the problem."


"The problem is finding someone who can face him."


Outside the palace.

Amid people moving hastily, a presence stood out to Mimir.

If Thor's procession had been received with cheers, this time it was the opposite.

Those who had been cheering for Thor before were now avoiding his path as if they were asking what was going on.

Even the children who had been chatting loudly before were now silent.

"That fool Odin!"


When he stepped out, everyone fell silent and clasped their hands in silence.

"It's possible he's regained some of his memories."



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