LWTG (Novel) Chapter 367


A massive ship.

At the bow of the ship heading towards the lower part of the Tower, countless Players had gathered.

"We're about to arrive."

"I'm nervous."

"Zeus and Poseidon are really fighting, right?"

"Yes, can we trust that guy?"

"Hey, he killed the Administrator."

"Can we really trust him? No one has actually seen him..."

"Too many doubts. Haven't you seen that guy's ranking?"



An impact shook the ship and made the Players stagger for a moment.

Thump, thump, thump.

A gigantic man walked towards the bow through the ship's lower deck.

Standing at roughly three meters tall, he had a face that resembled a mix of a bull and a human.

A High Ranker from the Zodiac Guild, Minota, occupying the position of the Taurus Zodiac Star.

"Don't doubt and get ready. There will be a big battle soon."



Resounding responses.

Even within the Zodiac Guild, opinions were divided on this matter.

Some doubted Poseidon's abilities, and others delayed the decision, saying it was too risky a gamble.

However, it was a decision that more than half of the 12 Zodiac Stars agreed upon.

A total of nine out of the twelve votes agreed. Changing the decision would be impossible unless the Zodiac Guild was falling apart.


Leaning on the spear's haft, Minota squinted as he looked forward.

This fight held significant meaning for the Zodiac Guild.


Monsters that hindered their expansion throughout the Tower.

Simply driving away those who controlled this world with an ambiguous claim of maintaining order and becoming the owners of this world.

That was the aspiration the Zodiac Guild had.

"The time has come to fulfill our dream."

A deep voice.

When Minota spoke, the Players gathered on the deck paid attention to his voice.

"To achieve our desires and become the best in this Tower..."

"It reminds me of when I was in school in the past."

The corner of Minota's mouth twisted.

He looked among the Zodiac Guild Players with open eyes.

He wanted to see the guy who had interrupted his speech.

"You were just like the director back then."

Despite the teasing tone, his expression was serious.

He was a handsome young man with a sharp jaw. He didn't have any particularly standout features.

However, for some reason, his face seemed familiar.

"Kim YuWon?"

Someone recognized YuWon's face, and the other Players, including Minota, repeated the name like an epidemic.

"Kim YuWon?"


"Kim YuWon is here?"

Hundreds of Players on the bow of the ship began to make noise. Upon hearing the commotion, the other Players and Rankers of the Zodiac Guild who were inside the ship also came outside.

"Are they all just muscle heads? No one reacts interestingly."

"What is Kim YuWon doing here?"

Thump, thump.

Minota advanced, causing the surroundings to tremble as he approached.

And not just him, but also the five high-level Rankers of the Zodiac Guild who appeared following the commotion.

'The bull, the ram, the crab, the scorpion, and the archer, most of them are here...'

With his Golden Cinder Eyes, YuWon examined the numbers and the Ranker Bosses on board.

The Zodiac Guild was a Great Guild composed of 12 High Rankers in total.

And among the High Rankers on board the ship, the highest in the hierarchy was Minota, who stood before him.

"Don't you have anything to say?"


Minota stepped closer until he was right in front of YuWon.

In YuWon's memory, Minota was ranked in the top 100. But this place was close to the Zodiac Guild's headquarters, so YuWon could understand Minota's arrogant reaction.

"I've come to warn you."

"Warn me?"

Minota's eyebrows furrowed at YuWon's response.

His bovine features wrinkled, and he exuded an air of intimidation. The word 'warning' seemed to bother him.

"You're going to help Poseidon, right?"

"If so?"

"Turn back where you came from."


Minota's eyes widened, and his pupils turned red. He quickly approached YuWon, exuding an imposing force like a bull preparing to charge.


For a moment, the ground trembled beneath their feet.

Unless he was a fool, Minota could tell that YuWon's comment was not advice but rather a threat. It was only natural for his anger to ignite.

"Do you dare to tell me to do...?"

"If you don't leave, I will sink you."

"Do you think you can do it alone?"

YuWon raised his head upon hearing a voice coming from above.

It was a woman with long arms and legs hanging from a mast. She was another High Ranker from the Zodiac Guild.

All the High Rankers of the Zodiac Guild were ranked between the Top 200 and 300. While only the highest-ranking High Ranker occupied the position of Guild Leader, the guild's overall skill level was comparable to the Celestial Realm or the Demon Kings.

In comparison, YuWon's position was in the Top 50.

Although YuWon held a fairly high position, he was alone.

There were five High Rankers here, including Minota, and dozens of Rankers.

First of all, there was nothing to fear in a fight against YuWon, as they moved with a fight against the Administrators in mind.


"Is it a refusal?"

First of all, it was assumed that YuWon was alone.

"Look behind you."


"What's behind...?"

Minota turned his head and realized that a small boat had come close enough to be in his field of vision.

A ship designed to travel between the Tower's Floors.

Since they rode the same type of ship, even if they were of different sizes, he could recognize it.

"It can't be... can it?"

The flying ship was Asgard's symbol and its main product for sale.

Many Guilds used Asgard's ships.

The chances that the people on board that ship were Asgard Rankers were slim.


For some reason, Minota felt an intense anxiety like never before.

"I'll ask again."

It was then that YuWon's words continued.

"Is it a refusal?"

A repeated proposal.

For some reason, this time it sounded much more intimidating. That was why Minota's firm response, when he was alone, was delayed for a second.

But in the end...

Minota's answer didn't change.

"Even if it's Odin on that ship, our Zodiac Guild won't surrender."


The corner of YuWon's mouth curved upward.

The first change in his expression.

"I hope that's true."


YuWon turned around.

"Where do you think you're going after causing this commotion-?"


YuWon disappeared into the shadow of the ground.

Minota and the accompanying Rankers were left bewildered for a moment as they lost their target.

What happened?

Bam, bam!

It was at that moment that a huge surge of Arcane Power erupted from Asgard's ship.


Something had gone wrong.

When that thought occurred, it was already too late.

In Minota's view, he could see Odin standing at the ship's bow, holding a giant spear in his hand and assuming a throwing stance.

And at that moment...


The Gungnir flew from his hand.


Crack, crack-.

Odin, who had thrown the Gungnir, looked down.

The ship was breaking into pieces as it fell. The Gungnir had precisely shattered the heart of the ship, including the core.

It was a light throw. However, from the beginning, he couldn't help but worry about the fight that would come if he threw the Gungnir.

Still, from that height, unless they were Rankers, survival would be difficult.

Moreover, YuWon didn't want to waste any more time in this place.

-"Go ahead."

With those words, YuWon disappeared instantly.

There were no more words. YuWon pursued the ship he had brought down himself, not giving others a chance to follow.

He seemed to be trying to deal with those who were left behind by himself.

Odin watched the Zodiac Guild Rankers getting further away and turning into dots.

"The opponent is the Zodiac Guild."

The Zodiac Guild was a Grand Guild.

Although it might not have been the guild's full strength, Odin doubted whether YuWon could handle it alone.

And then, suddenly...

"Maybe I'm worrying too much."

Odin felt annoyed with himself for worrying about someone.

This was the one who had gone through Ragnarok and emerged victorious. He had defeated much larger foes like Olympus, the Three Precious Children, and Muspelheim.

There was nothing as trivial as worrying about someone like YuWon, who had come out victorious from those battles.

"It shouldn't take him too long."

With a snap, the Gungnir was retrieved into Odin's hand.

Without a trace, Odin's ship began to descend to the first floor.


Kwang, kwah, kwang-!

Kung, kurrur-!

The shattered ship crashed to the ground. Minota landed on both feet, and the other Rankers also survived using their respective skills and powers.

Of course, not everyone was in that situation.



"My legs...!"

"Help! We're up here..."

Players who were left battered and with broken bones from the impact of the fall lay among the ship's wreckage.

Minota looked at the Zodiac Guild Players with a bewildered expression.


"Really... it was Odin..."

The ship they were on had burst into flames after being struck by that guy's spear, and more than half of the forces on board died or were injured.

A sudden attack.

Rage surged through Minota's head, his eyes turning completely red.

And in that instant...

The face Minota had been chasing appeared before him.


It was YuWon, walking amidst the ship's wreckage.

"I see that we're somewhere on Floor 4. There's still a long way to go."

YuWon casually looked at the twilight sky and the long river stretching far away as if nothing had happened.

A world he had already crossed once.

It wasn't too hard for him to guess which floor they were on.

"This bastard..."

YuWon's calm and confident attitude further infuriated Minota.

"Are you one of them too?"

Certainly, YuWon and Odin seemed to be cooperating.

He didn't know why they were blocking their path or what their purpose was, but those things didn't matter too much.

Right now, what mattered to Minota was that YuWon dared to harm his Zodiac Guild.

"How dare you...!"

Kung-, kung-, kung-.

Minota's legs swelled, and his strength transmitted through the floor towards YuWon.

If Olympus had Hercules, the Zodiac Guild had Minota.

Minota had as impressive a reputation as the famous Hercules of Olympus.


YuWon reached out his hand.

He didn't have a weapon in his hand. Once he got closer, the fight would be unarmed, with only their own hands.

And that's what Minota desired.

"Are you challenging me with your strength?"

In reality, he didn't have the confidence to face the Ranker right in front of him in a one-on-one fight.

But now things had changed.


"If in Olympus there's Hercules..."



A firm grip.

Minota's eyes widened.

The small hand, like that of a child, grabbed and squeezed Minota's hand.

"In the Zodiac Guild, there's Minota."

Kkuudeuk, kkudeuk-.

His right arm swelled.

The corners of YuWon's mouth lifted slightly.

"Who's the arrogant one now?"

[The strength of a Giant is rooted in your arm] ([The strength of a Giant takes root in your arm])



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