LWTG (Novel) Chapter 371


"What's happening with the Clock Movement?"

Seeing the seconds hand start moving again, YuWon couldn't hide his confusion.

The Clock Movement was an item that had already exhausted its power. Chronos had been sacrificed, and the energy contained within it had been completely consumed, so it naturally became something like this.

He had it in his possession because he couldn't simply discard it, but it held no special meaning.

The fact that the hand was starting to move again meant that the power had returned.

YuWon decided to use the system to find out more.

[? of ? broken]

#This is a completely ? item. It was created by ? combining their powers with various companions.

#It serves to ?

Most of the information was represented by question marks, so he couldn't correctly confirm the details.

However, in any case, the fact that he could check its status through the system meant that the Clock Movement was an "item" recognized by the system.


-Do you ask why...?

YuWon looked up at the voice coming from above.

In the midst of a white glow, a tiny fairy the size of a fingernail fluttered its wings.

It was an Envoy.

-Why are you looking at me like that? After all, you called me.


YuWon was so bewildered by the situation that he had forgotten.

Until a little while ago, he had been searching for the Envoy. It had all been because of the Clock Movement, which he had momentarily forgotten.

He had thought that the last command had become a little blurry and had been canceled, but apparently, that wasn't the case.

YuWon looked again at the Clock Movement, which had started moving in his hand.

"I'll have to figure it out later."

According to the information in the system, it seemed that the Clock Movement had regained some amount of power.

However, he had no way of knowing why it had activated right at this moment.

Moreover, he had more urgent issues to deal with at that moment.


YuWon stored the Clock Movement back in his inventory.

He couldn't even afford temporary functioning right now. For now, he had to find his destination.

"I need a means of transportation."

Perhaps because YuWon's reputation was well known, the Envoy responded in a hurried voice, clasping its hands together and bowing.

-Yes, yes. You've come to the right place. Do you need a means of going up, a means of going down, a means of traveling, speed. What do you desire?

"Speed. The fastest one."

-Costs range from 100 points to 1,000 points and 10,000 points.

"The fastest one."

A repeated answer.

The Envoy hurriedly found a means of transportation.

Negotiating the price with an Envoy to obtain Adamantium had been a quite famous story among the Envoys.

Although they sometimes whispered behind his back about his great wealth and strong temper, when they were in front of him, there was no one as generous as him.

About a minute later.

Just when YuWon's patience was about to run out, the Envoy brought out an item.


-Here it is! A Celestial Horse that the 'Heaven' Guild released! It's hard to find one like this now... (Note: Similar to a Pegasus, so it could also be called that.)


[You have spent 10,000 points]

YuWon quickly paid the points and mounted the back of the Horse that appeared in front of him.

The Celestial Horse with its outstretched white wings was a highly prized breed in Asgard.

Among them, it was said that the 'Heaven' Guild's Celestial Horse surpassed even the winged Angels in speed.

Although it couldn't carry as many people as the replica version of the Sun Chariot or Asgard's ship, it far surpassed them in speed.

It was a means of transportation that YuWon urgently needed.

"Is this also part of your plan?"

Danpung had devoured the Foolish Chaos's Ego. Foolish Chaos's plan had gone awry, and he had plotted a new one.

Chronos was a part of it.

If that were the case...


Holding the reins, YuWon turned the direction of the Celestial Horse.

"I'll take the initiative here."



From the sky, a Golden Lightning Bolt descended.

Zeus grabbed Chronos by the neck and pushed him downward, toward the earth.


He tried to crush him.

[Time Pause]


It took them only an instant to stop their fall.

There was no braking distance at the speed they were falling.

Time Pause.

Chronos's power, which forced the stopping of time that could not be stopped, was a skill.

In that moment when time stopped...


Chronos reached out his hand toward Zeus.


Along with the golden stream, Zeus's form disappeared from the spot.

About twenty paces away, Zeus reappeared. He found Chronos frozen in the position he had been trying to reach.

"Do you intend to fight?" Zeus asked.

"Isn't it obvious?" was the reply.

Chronos didn't have the skill to have killed the Administrator. From some point, he had started avoiding direct combat with Zeus and focused on gradually stopping time.

It was as if he had completed everything he needed to do.


Chronos turned his head to the side.

The flow of energy he could sense from afar and the agonized cries of those dying.

Even though several Guilds had gathered, the battle didn't seem to be going easily.


Whether it was Zeus in front of him or the newcomer Odin, both were formidable.

Both were considerable opponents.

Even if there were several Grand Guilds, they weren't enough to face them. Moreover, due to Odin's order, there were fewer Guilds present than expected.

"They've handled the situation well."

Originally, there would have been many more Guilds present.

If that were the case, the spectacle unfolding before them would have been even more impressive.

Probably, things had come to this point because of Kim YuWon.

"Anyway, that guy, what's he doing?"

Actually, who is that guy?

From Poseidon's memories, he wasn't someone with a High Rank in the rankings. Even Chronos, who had taken over his body, had no memories of Kim YuWon.

However, this guy kept interfering with Foolish Chaos's plans.

Who knows, maybe this time could also be one of those cases.

"Well, thanks to him, the board is smaller than I expected, but that's not so bad either."

"It seems like you're really plotting something."

"Don't you already know?"

"Are you talking about the insects outside?"


A Lightning Bolt erupted from Zeus's hand.

The talk reached its end here.

"Come whenever you want."

The sky changed to purple.

That day, the sky opened up, and the outer presences entered.

Zeus finally stopped them with his own power.

"I will sweep you all away."


The Lightning Bolt that emerged from his hand engulfed Chronos.

The energy extending from Chronos's fingers halted Zeus's Lightning Bolt dead in its tracks. For a moment, the Lightning Bolt, frozen like in an image, changed direction due to Chronos's energy.

"I'll return it to you."


That same Lightning Bolt began to wrap around Zeus's body.

But there was no great impact.

Zeus, having regained his power, was unscathed.

Of course, Chronos hadn't expected Zeus to be injured in this manner from the beginning.

"You know nothing about them."

Chronos closed his eyes for a moment.

Even now, upon closing his eyes, he could still hear the voice clearly.

"I remember you."

Before opening his eyes for the first time...

When he heard that relentless voice, he felt fear and shock simultaneously.

"You're my son."

He couldn't see his face.

Even upon opening his eyes, it was the same. The robe he never took off was all Chronos could see.

Foolish Chaos. From outside the Tower, he appeared an unreachable presence, a being that Chronos's mind couldn't even begin to comprehend.


Even in this moment.

He felt like if he reached out, he could touch him.

"Work for me."


A sharp pain in his head.

Though it felt like a long time had passed, the world around him was frozen. Realizing that, Chronos left behind the words he had been uttering just a moment ago.

"Of course... that applies to me too, I suppose."

I only know a little more than the people in this world.

Chronos looked at his descendant full of enmity toward himself.

A bit of strength returned to his once-empty eyes.

Was it just a whim?

Or perhaps it was because he was thinking that if he continued like this, he would be under Zeus's control for too long.

"Would you like to follow me?"

Chronos asked Zeus, who stood before him, blocking his way.

"To see what you're fighting against."


The Final Edge of Floor 1.

The impossibly high, ceilingless black wall represented the Tower's limit, the end.

Something that Players might consider visiting out of curiosity at least once, but in general, it was a place rarely ventured to.

However, something unusual in history, the final edge of that world was witnessing an endless crowd.

"Many have gathered."

"Is it because of the message?"

"How could we avoid gathering upon seeing something like this?"

"I guess so."

There was a reason why everyone had gathered here.

Players scattered throughout the Tower and Rankers had simultaneously received a message.

[You can obtain the Administrator's Power at the final edge of the world on Floor 1.]

The final edge of the world.

There was probably no player who didn't know what this wall signified.

They all descended to Floor 1 and headed to the final edge of the world, avoiding the city where the battle was raging.

They spent the points they had been saving to pay the costly usage fee and took transport vehicles like Sun Chariots, hoping to obtain the so-called "Administrator's Power."

But upon arriving at the location, they encountered other players who had the same thoughts.

"If I obtain the Administrator's Power, my life will change."

"How high will my position in the Rankings rise?"

"Don't talk. I fell recently. And it was a big fall."

"You're always drinking and wandering around, how could you not fall?"

"This bastard."

These were conversations among Rankers who knew each other.

Even Rankers who were practically as high as one could reach and were considered the pinnacle also looked at the Administrators as if they were the embodiment of their dreams.

If they could obtain the Administrator's Power, it was clear that their ranking would increase by two digits.

"So, where is the Administrator's Power?"

"Yeah, that's right. It's a message from the Administration Department, so it shouldn't be a lie..."

There was no way the Administration Department's message was false. It was a promise that had remained unchanged for hundreds of years for players who had resided in the Tower until now.

Therefore, they trusted it.

They believed that here they had the opportunity to change their lives.

"If we wait a bit, there will surely be something."

"Something like an event test."

Greed could blind people.

Perhaps that's why...?


Although thousands of Players and Rankers had gathered, none of them knew...

Or rather, they weren't even interested...

Crack, crunch.

That a thin crack had begun to form in that wall that spanned the final edge of the world that no one in this Tower could break.

Except for one person.


Gathering his lips, he let out a soft whistle as he looked at the crack forming in the wall.

It was YuWon, with a hat pressed deeply on his head to avoid being recognized and causing trouble.

Between the place where Zeus and Odin were and this place, YuWon chose the final edge of the world.

A place with at least a little more possibilities. And if his predictions were correct, a place where something much bigger would happen.

And now, he was watching with both eyes.

Although for now, it was just a small opening.

"It has begun."

Now, finally, 'that moment' was approaching.


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