LWTG (Novel) Chapter 374



Beee, bee...

The bleating of the goat resonated in the air.

A tall man with black hair, a slim body, and a high stature gazed at the goat. He wore a tunic so thin that it was see-through, showcasing his slender figure.

Thump, thump...

His heart pounded strongly in response to the goat's bleating. He didn't realize that the corner of his lips, which had been in an elevated position for so long, had lowered. Had he been so cheerful in the past?

His expression, wondering if it would change every hundred years, opened wider than it had ever been before.

Satan murmured as he looked at the goat.

"It has finally begun."

A moment ago...

He had found pupils that existed on a completely different plane on the collapsed side.

What kind of form did it exactly have?

Despite his efforts to see, he couldn't confirm it. In Satan's eyes, all he could see was that hundreds of goat gathered, dispersed, and reconnected again and again.

Was it an entity with many shapes or a form that seemed to have many?

Or perhaps it had simply become absorbed in something.

In reality, it didn't matter what the answer was.

All he wished for was the disappearance of this world.

And to achieve that...


Satan's gaze moved.

Not far from there.

Guild ships that had failed to react to the appearance of the goat were in sight.



Odin advanced toward the goat.

After sensing the existence that transcended his perception beyond the collapsed wall.

Odin could understand why Chronos had gathered so many Players and Rankers.

"Were they all just prey?"

Thud, thud...

He saw Rankers being caught by the goat and devoured alive.

Although the goat were not easy to suppress despite their deceptive appearance.

Rather, they were doing the exact opposite.

There was even a scene where a single goat completely engulfed a small-scale guild ship.

Hundreds of goat.

In comparison, the number of Rankers and Players gathered here easily exceeded tens of thousands.

Although about half of them lost consciousness the moment they saw the goat...

"This is quite miserable."

In the blink of an eye, the first-floor world had turned into chaos.

Under Poseidon's control, the land had been flooded by the sea, and unknown monsters had appeared at the ends of the world.

Although he didn't know what was outside...

As the King of Asgard, he couldn't allow such an easy defeat.


A goat rushed toward Odin.

Unlike its peaceful bleating, this creature opened its mouth wide and lunged at Odin in a single attack.


The goat's fangs sank into Odin's shoulder.

Normally, the shoulder would have been torn off as it had happened to other Rankers.



Odin's shoulder showed no damage at all.

His skin didn't even break when bitten. The goat, surprised at not being able to bite or tear, tilted its head in curiosity.

And at that moment...



Odin's fist struck the goat's head.


The goat's head shattered, and the broken fragments splattered into the air.


A strange moan came from the shattered head. Although the head had burst like a balloon, the goat still breathed with difficulty.


Odin's fist clenched tightly.

Something an ordinary creature could never have survived.

From the beginning, the goat that appeared in front of him seemed not to be their true form.

"It really feels like a slug."

In cases like this...

Odin knew how to fight.

The solution was simpler than he thought.


Odin's palm opened widely.

Under his palm, a blue magic circle appeared.

He advanced towards the contorted goat.

Woong, woong, woong...

Dozens of magic circles appeared around the goat.

"Let's see if you can survive even if everything that makes up your body disappears."


Dozens of magic circles began to brush against each other and expand. With each passing second, their power increased from tens to hundreds of times, tearing the goat's body into fragments.

A blue pillar enveloped the goat, shaken by the power of the magic circle, it rose into the sky.

Kwah, kwauuu...

The pillar of light instantly illuminated the area and drew attention.

For a moment, the movements of the goat stopped, and the gaze of the Players, who were fighting or fleeing, turned to Odin.


"It's Odin!"

The expressions of the Players who had ignored Odin until now lit up.

He was one of the strongest fighters among the current assets, an individual known for his great power. His presence alone was enough to boost everyone's spirits.


The blue pillar gradually began to lose its light. The form of the goat that had been trapped inside disappeared completely.

[You have defeated the 'Black Goat of the Woods Young']

A message appeared in Odin's mind.

Odin's eyes narrowed slightly at the message.

"'Black Goat of the Woods Young'..."

That was what he had seen beyond the wall.

It seemed that the name of that creature, which had planted its offspring and then quickly departed, was that.

'And those kinds of monsters will come here someday.'


Odin's fist clenched.

In a way, he thought that maybe today, in this moment, he was fortunate that the wall had collapsed. If it hadn't, he wouldn't have known what lay beyond.


Beee, beeee...

The goat bleated.

The death of one offspring made them all bleat. Although not all the goat had gathered, the hundreds that had were livelier than any monster Odin had encountered so far.

Beeeee, bee...

The goat bleated in unison.

In Odin's eyes, they blended together and seemed to form a single giant entity.

"They're furious."


Odin stepped on the ground.


A large magic circle unfolded in the sky. He walked towards the large multi-headed goat.

However, at that moment...


A crunching sound echoed in Odin's ears.

"What is that?"

Fangs even larger than the goat's were devouring them.

It was the moment when a Predator larger than the predator had appeared.


[The 'Predator' devours the 'Black Goat of the Woods Young']

[Your Arcane Power has slightly increased]

'With this, it's already three.'


The Predator that had devoured one goat now moved in search of another prey.

Danpung's summoned Predator hunted the goat as if they were meat in water.

Each of them had a presence that rivaled that of many Rankers.

The goat that had already filled their bellies in the previously prepared feast were enough to satiate the Predator's hunger.

This was how it consumed the fourth goat.

[Your Arcane Power has increased by 1]

YuWon gained an additional increase in his stats.

'Not bad... the results are not bad.'

Although the size of each goat was small, their presence was significant.

They were the Black Goat of the Woods Young. They had taken so long to digest, and naturally, their digested power was also great.

However, the problem was that he had not yet reached the remaining 0.01 percent.

"Well, it doesn't matter."

For now, it was not bad to devour them and increase his stats. YuWon freed himself from impatience.

"In fact, this is favorable."


YuWon looked towards the collapsed wall.

The passage through which the Black Goat of the Woods Young had arrived.

He couldn't afford to ignore that forever.

"Now I need more Arcane Power, even if it's just a little."

"Baat, baat!"

YuWon glanced at Danpung beneath his feet.

Not only the Predator was excited, but Danpung was also.

"Can I leave them alone?"

YuWon's gaze turned towards the Predator devouring the goat.



The goat writhed in agony and screamed as other goat ran toward the Predator.

It was more like one-way hunting than a battle.


"It seems everything is fine."

YuWon looked towards Odin, who was amidst the goat.

As long as Odin was there, there wouldn't be any problems for a while. After all, after obtaining his Divinity, Odin had enough power to not only survive against the goat but even against his mother, the Mother of Goat.




"Keep eating more."

YuWon stroked Danpung's head.

Although it looked fragile compared to his power, it was a real concern because its appearance didn't match its actual strength.

But for now, he needed to step away a bit.

What mattered now was not just the Black Goat of the Woods Young.


Danpung thumped his chest as if to say, "leave it to me."

His adorable gestures were quite reliable. Feeling that there was no need to worry further, YuWon stood up from his spot.

Odin and Danpung.

He could trust those two.

"Let's leave the goat aside."


YuWon's eyes were tinged with two colors.

Toward the direction he had just turned his head.

"Should I go consult?"


A Golden Lightning Bolt struck from the sky.



Chronos caught the descending Lightning Bolt.

He felt as if his hand were being burned. Even if he stopped time, he couldn't catch all the Lightning Bolts.

It was a natural task.

Crack, crackle...

Zeus's Lightning Bolts were not just one.

"What have you summoned?"

Dozens of Lightning Bolts were aimed at Chronos.

Zeus asked as if he were investigating a secret.

"The question is, where did they come from."

"Even if I tell you, you wouldn't understand."

That voice again.

In the past, he wouldn't have believed such a claim, but now he couldn't do otherwise.

"It's related to S####."

YuWon's response sounded muffled, as if it were filtered.

He couldn't think that those words had come out of his mouth. As if the world rejected those words, they didn't reach Zeus's ears and dissipated into the air.

It was probably the same for what was outside that place.

'After all, can't we know anything?'

It was frustrating, but he couldn't do anything about it.

Although he wasn't the type to give up easily, it seemed that he didn't have to choose the difficult path when an easier one was available.

Finally, Zeus descended back to the earth.

And at that moment...

Zap, zap...

The Lightning Bolts that were in the sky disappeared.

"Can you hear it?"


Just as those words finished, someone walked between Zeus and Chronos.

"Of course."

It was YuWon.

With his Golden Cinder Eyes burning, YuWon looked down at Zeus and then at Chronos.

He had been worried that Zeus wouldn't yield.

Fortunately, it seemed that Zeus no longer had much attachment to Chronos.


Zeus: "Then, I'll go over there."


Zeus headed towards where the goat and the collapsed wall were.

Chronos looked bewildered.

YuWon came to find him.

He was sure he would be fighting the goat.

"Do you have any business with me?"

Only Chronos and YuWon were left.

"Aren't you curious?"

YuWon directly threw his question at Chronos from the beginning.

"Why were you banished from this world?"



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