SYS (Novel) Chapter 349

C349 - Kinzelo's Visit (1)


The residents watched with curious eyes as a group of people walked down the street.

Those who were watching consisted of ten Beastmen and two humans.

Among them were the White Wolf Warriors and Berakt, along with Bishkel and Margiella.

In Calon, it wasn't uncommon to see armored knights gathered in groups of five to hundreds, but seeing Beastmen walking was a spectacle worth beholding.

Among them, Berakt stood out.

Just by walking, he exuded an overwhelming presence, as if a fortress was on the move or a gigantic battleship was sailing.

In any other city, the inhabitants would have trembled with anxiety and fear upon seeing Berakt, even if they hadn't committed any wrongdoing against him.

But this was Calon.

The heart of Hufester and the stronghold of Runcandel.

The inhabitants of Calon did not fear outsiders. It was undoubtedly the safest city in the world.

Neither raiders, nor enemies, nor monsters could cause chaos within Calon. Drawing swords, fighting, and determining victory or defeat were only allowed for those who belonged to Runcandel.


As Berakt's group approached the entrance of the Garden of Swords, a Guardian Knight guarding the area spoke in a low voice.

From the perspective of the White Wolf Warriors, it was a truly disrespectful voice. How dared a mere human speak to the great warrior of the White Wolf Tribe with such arrogance?

So, the moment the White Wolf Warriors growled, Berakt emitted an aura of composure. It was an order to stay still.

"Why didn't you inform us in advance of your visit?"

"I didn't think it was necessary when I was meeting an old friend."

Berakt calmly responded to the Guardian Knight's question.

"We'll need to confirm if you're allowed to enter. Please wait."

The knight who maintained composure even under an overwhelming aura was of 7 stars.

By general standards, it was an impressive level, but at that level, he couldn't face anyone Berakt brought with him, let alone Berakt.

However, the confidence of the Guardian Knight stemmed from the pride of being in Runcandel.

The Guardian Knight believed that even if the opponent were a massive giant and killed him for disrespect, the opponent would never leave the city alive. This applied to Kelliark Zipple as well, not just Berakt.

A while later, the Knights returned with the answer and informed the Guardian Knight.

"You are allowed to enter."

The White Wolf Warriors wanted to tear him apart immediately, but Berakt seemed completely unruffled.

Instead, he secretly praised the Guardian Knight.

"I've been thinking for a while. Among the human race, it seems that those who are somewhat useful have gathered in Runcandel."

"The Knights of Runcandel have some spirit, Lord Berakt."

"Hmph! Of course, the best among them is our Vice-Leader."

But Berakt's humiliation didn't end there.

Even after entering the Garden of Swords, there was no one there to greet them. As a result, they had no choice but to awkwardly stand in the courtyard for a while.

"These guys are being too much. Great Warrior, even if we came here suddenly, do we have to stay still and endure this treatment?"

"What else can we do if we don't stay still?"

"Let's go back. We didn't come here to have a conversation with these humans in the first place."

At that moment, Berakt raised his head, and Bishkel spoke on his behalf.

"For us, this treatment might be unpleasant, but for Runcandel, the fact that we've shown up here without saying a word is unpleasant enough. Considering that, they're showing us considerable hospitality, so let's stay here."

Upon Bishkel's explanation, Berakt seemed satisfied and flashed a small smile of contentment.

"As expected, only our Vice-Leader is worthy among the humans."

After a while, 30 Execution Knights and Rosa Runcandel came out to the garden.

"'Old friend,' I didn't know we were on such terms, Berakt Sidricker."

"It's been a while, Rosa."

In their youth, Rosa and Berakt had many intense duels. The results were evenly matched, and every time they fought, both suffered significant wounds.

On all occasions, they refrained from taking each other's lives because they hoped to avoid unnecessary conflicts between the Beastmen and Runcandel.

"You haven't come here to duel over personal grudges, have you? What's this, you come without prior notice?"

"I have something to tell, something to receive, and an offer for your youngest son."

"My youngest son, you say?"


"Come in. Let's talk inside."

Rosa instructed someone to bring refreshments.

However, she didn't immediately ask Jin to come.

(When it becomes clear what Berakt wants to tell you, what he wants from you, and what he's offering you, and when it's concluded that your meeting with Berakt is beneficial to Runcandel, then come to the reception room - Rosa).

That was the content of the note brought by Rosa's servant.

Jin: 'Visiting me unexpectedly, with things to tell and ask, and making offers.'

What's going on?

"Furthermore, according to the servant's message, Bishkel and Margiella have also come."

Bishkel, who became the new patriarch of the Ivlianos Clan when Jin began his career as a Provisional Flagbearer.

Jin had always thought that Bishkel's executive position in Kinzelo was most likely for the resurgence of the Ivlianos Clan, given their martial heritage in Hufester.

"It wouldn't be necessary to act hostile toward Runcandel if that were the case. Coming to the Garden of Swords without even requesting a visit, accompanied by the giants of Kinzelo... Bishkel's intentions have exceeded my expectations."

Or he finished weighing between Runcandel and Kinzelo.

In any case, it was crucial to know Berakt's purpose for coming immediately.

Things to tell and ask, and an offer. It wasn't very difficult to deduce two of the three.

What they will receive from me must be a compass or a debt from the previous Specter Corps attack. There's nothing else Kinzelo can demand from me. And what they want to offer me is..."

An alliance.

Jin concluded that Kinzelo would propose an alliance.

"During the incident in the Holy Kingdom and the recent rescue of the little Beastmen, Kinzelo has shown me consistent favor. They haven't taken a single hostile action against me."

There are no free favors. There must be a clear reason why Kinzelo kept showing goodwill toward Jin.

It was because their alliance with Zipple had broken.

The one who had contributed the most to breaking the alliance had been Jin. Destroying the Demon God Orb and stealing the Compass shattered trust between the two factions.

Although the alliance was bound to break someday, Jin significantly accelerated the process.

During this process, while Zipple suffered unilateral losses, Kinzelo gained some benefits.

Furthermore, with the sudden appearance of Bamel, Jin Runcandel continued to provoke Zipple, leading Kinzelo to naturally consider proposing an alliance.

If Kinzelo formed a partial alliance with Jin, an individual, and later Jin ascended to the throne of his clan, then Kinzelo could proceed to form a full alliance with the powerful force known as Runcandel.

They had concluded that their great cause would be easily achieved.

"What he wants to tell me... What could it be? Information about Zipple?"

A thought immediately came to mind, but there was no way to guess what kind of information it might be.

"When the purpose of Kinzelo becomes clear, and when it is concluded that your meeting with Berakt is beneficial to Runcandel... come to the reception room..."

Jin reviewed the contents of the note again.

It didn't take him long to figure it all out.



"Let's go to the reception room."

"Eh? Me too?"

While Jin was lost in thought about Rosa's note, Murakan had been chatting with Gilly without much concern.

"Yes, I think Kinzelo might propose an alliance, so it's better if you accompany me."

"Why? Are you afraid Berakt will cause trouble?"

"I don't think that will happen. It's just that I need to let my mother know that the Twelfth Flagbearer of Runcandel and the Contractor of Solderet are different entities."

"In that case, I'll pretend to be a cat. I don't want to bother talking to those people more than necessary if I'm in my human form. It's too much trouble."

"Sure, go ahead."

Puff, nyaa! Transformed into a cat, Murakan climbed onto Jin's shoulder.

"He's the Twelfth Flagbearer."

"Go ahead."

Upon entering the reception room, they saw Rosa, the Knights, and Berakt's group.

Rosa and Berakt seemed calm, but there was a tense atmosphere between the Knights and the Beastmen. Their energy was so intense that Jin felt like his face was going to go numb.

In that tense atmosphere, Margiella, with a cheerful smile, stood out the most.

"I heard you've come looking for me. Sir Berakt Sidricker, the Great Warrior of the White Wolf Tribe."

"That's right. We've met before, haven't we?"

"This is the first time I'm seeing you," Jin replied indifferently, and Berakt let out a small chuckle.

" I'd like to talk to you alone, but my old friend doesn't seem to allow it, so let's be frank."

"Yes. You mentioned there's something to tell me, something to receive, and something to offer."

"Let's start with the offer. Join Kinzelo."

Shiing, shiing!

The Execution Knights unsheathed their swords threateningly as soon as Berakt finished speaking.

The White Wolf Warriors couldn't draw their weapons in response. Their blood was boiling, but they knew that openly challenging Runcandel's Knights would lead to immediate annihilation.


If Rosa uttered that single word, Berakt and Kinzelo's Warriors would be wiped out on the spot.

In the silence that followed, Jin shrugged.


Upon Jin's words, the eyebrows of the Execution Knights furrowed, and Jin continued immediately.

"If you offer me the position of leader, I will join Kinzelo."


Berakt burst into laughter, and a strong vibration filled the reception room.

"The son of a Black Panther is a Black Panther, indeed. It's a sure thing you were born from Rosa Runcandel's womb."

"I'll take that as a compliment."

"But why did you answer that way? Were you really considering giving up your position as the Twelfth Flagbearer of Runcandel and joining Kinzelo?"

"Personally, it's not the most satisfying choice, but for the sake of my clan, it doesn't seem like a bad option. If Kinzelo has become a powerful force instead of a third-rate terrorist organization, then teaming up with Runcandel might be enough to wipe out Zipple."

Of course, it was a lie.

Jin had no intention of joining Kinzelo, regardless of any proposal they made.

"It's a pity. I can offer you the Vice-Leader position, so if you change your mind, feel free to contact me anytime you want."

Jin could read a clear intent in Berakt's words.

"It's a warning to my mother. If Runcandel tries to restrain me too much, it means Kinzelo is willing to extract me with a drastic condition."

For Jin, it was like buying insurance without intending to use it. But Rosa would have to think about how to treat Jin a bit more carefully.

"What do you have to tell me?"

At that moment, Jin could see Margiella using lip language, just like during the Holy Kingdom incident, saying something with gestures.

"That's something I'll tell you, Sir Jin."

With Rosa and dozens of Execution Knights watching, Margiella was probably the only one who could express her thoughts through gestures.

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