SYS (Novel) Chapter 359

C359 - New Bradamente (1)

The bodies of unknown demonic creatures were scattered to the point where the ground was not visible. When the knights stepped, there was a dull sound as they trod on the blood-soaked ground, and their clothes and armor were stained with a dark and sickly hue.

However, there was only one person who remained untouched amidst it all: Cyron Runcandel.

Though he had single-handedly turned over more than 50% of the demon creatures into pulp, not a single drop of blood had marred his immaculate appearance. Despite the black blood reaching up to his ankles, his steps were light, as if treading fallen leaves, and his boots remained impeccably clean.

This was the depths of the Black Sea.

For decades, only Cyron and his knights had set foot in the depths of the Black Sea. Excluding them, no one else in the world had ventured into this infernal region.

Apart from the map they were creating as top-secret, there were no official maps of this place. No one knew what dangers lurked, and even killing dreadful demon creatures only yielded a few useless bone fragments as a reward.

For people in the world, there was no reason to venture into the depths of the Black Sea.

There were reckless warriors who embarked on solitary journeys to grow, and even the few good warriors among them didn't know what the depths of the Black Sea were like.

However, Cyron and the Runcandels explored the Black Sea because they believed the fate of the clan was at stake.


"Yes, Father."

"We will soon reach the territory of the Five Kings of the Black Sea."

"...I've been thinking it's time to meet one soon."

"Are you exhausted?"

Luna pushed back her blood-soaked hair.

She remembered the demon creatures they had fought on their way here. The relentless tide of demon creatures had prevented them, Cyron, and all the knights from closing their eyes for even a moment over the past ten days.

"No, I find it rather dull. Even when I fought by your side, Father, it felt like I was slashing through an endless sea of things comparable to dust."

For the first time, she realized that such a long battle could feel so secure.

Cyron turned his head.

"Haven't you learned anything from these battles?"


Only Cyron could pose such a question to Luna, a knight who had already reached a transcendental level.

Luna looked at Cyron for a moment and then glanced around. She saw the Black Knights checking their equipment and sharing water.

"I've learned to trust my back to others."

Cyron nodded in approval.

The eldest daughter, the first daughter of the man named Cyron Runcandel.

From the moment Luna was born, she had always impressed and raised expectations in Cyron. Until she decided to step down from the patriarchy, Luna had not disappointed Cyron a single time.

Even when she withdrew from the competition for the patriarchy and declared her intention to become a guardian sword of the clan, Cyron did not let go of the expectations he had placed on her, for a long time. With a human feeling that was somewhat unfamiliar to him.

He also hoped that his eldest daughter would live a full life as a Warrior and as a human being, regardless of her position as patriarch.

However, Luna, even after reaching a certain age, showed that she could not knock down some walls that confined her. To Cyron, that had always been a bit disappointing.

Not knowing how to fight as a team.

That was the biggest flaw Cyron had identified in Luna. She had been born with absolute talent and the fate of solitude.

"Now you're realizing that. It's something essential when facing the Kings of the Black Sea."

His tone was not admonishing. Rather, Cyron seemed pleased, wearing a faint and almost imperceptible smile.

It was a loaded statement, and Luna knew it. That's why she found it difficult to respond.

More distant than the stars in the universe, or a sun that was impossible to approach, Luna felt that kind of relationship between her and her father.

Not only she, but all the children had felt that way towards Cyron since they were very young.

"Compliment? No, it's not just that... I don't know what to say."

She awkwardly scratched her head.

Of course, Cyron didn't expect a concrete response. It was just that giving no response seemed impolite from Luna's perspective, but responding was quite a challenge when she couldn't think of anything.

In the midst of her awkwardness, someone was seen joining the ranks behind her.

It was Tuben.

"Sir Tuben, have you found anything unusual in the center of the Black Sea? Did you bring a human, no, it's a demon creature?"

Tuben was mapping the middle region of the Black Sea accompanied by Vanessa Olsen, standing far from Cyron's ranks.

Everyone's attention shifted to Tuben and, by his side, Ozdock, who politely bowed his head as he followed.

Ozdock, though still humanoid in form, was instantly recognizable to all.

"My lord. I've come to report an unusual discovery in the middle of the Black Sea."

"Tell me, Tuben."

"I've confirmed that the Seventh Flagbearer and the Twelfth Flagbearer entered the vicinity of the Black Sea entrance and found themselves in a battle with this demon creature."

Mentioning the Twelfth Flagbearer, Luna perked up her ears. Thanks to Tuben, not only had she smoothly overcome a difficult situation, but she had also received news of her younger brother.

Ozdock looked at Cyron and the Black Knights once more, his shoulders involuntarily tense.

'Ah, I can't even say how many demon creatures have been killed... but they all could have turned into core demon creatures if given time and opportunity. How many humans of Tuben's caliber are here? And on top of that, Lord Tuben...'

Ozdock recalled a name that had been called the strongest a thousand years ago.

Temar Runcandel.

As he remembered his sword, Ozdock shivered as if a chill ran down his spine. Ozdock took the ancient Sarba Kingdom hostage to prevent Temar and Runcandel's attack.

["I am, I am Oz... Ozdock...! I'm sorry, I didn't mean to...!"]

Unintentionally, Ozdock let his name slip, even falling to his knees. He even prostrated himself, but Cyron didn't spare him a glance.

"How did it go?"

"The Seventh and Twelfth Flagbearers worked together, but they struggled a bit. I intervened afterward and resolved the situation."

"Did you think they were going to lose?"

"Truthfully, no. I just judged that if the Flagbearers used all their strength, there was a possibility the battle could be observed from the outside."


Tuben felt the compliment wasn't directed at him for resolving the situation but at the Flagbearers.

'This demon creature Ozdock is quite powerful. Could the younger one face it alone? I wonder how much stronger he has become in recent months.'

No one paid attention to the fact that Ozdock was a "demon creature using human language." They had occasionally seen such creatures in the depths of the Black Sea.

While Luna hesitated about asking that question, Tuben, who sensed her thoughts, spoke first.

"The Twelfth Flagbearer could have easily killed it on his own. However, he wouldn't have escaped serious injuries, and without allies like Murakan or the Seventh Flagbearer, he might have died from the injuries before leaving the Black Sea."

Cyron shared Luna's curiosity as well. Jin's growth was exceeding even his predictions.

"It's been a while since someone other than you reported about the younger one, Kahn."

Kahn closed the water bottle and silently bowed.

He, too, was mapping alongside the Black Knights. He played the dual role of reporting external news while traveling between the depths of the Black Sea and the outer continents.

"It's been quite some time since I received a special letter from Tikan these days, so I was curious as well."

"That person called Kashimir takes quite a long time to send a decent letter. Come to think of it, it's quite amusing."

Funny, Cyron said, and everyone was surprised by his remark.

Lately, they saw moments like this from his youth—when he used to joke occasionally and talk about trivial, everyday desires—before becoming the Genesis Knight. The deeper they ventured into the Black Sea, the more frequently he displayed this behavior.

Hence, the Knights concealed their deep sorrow in their hearts.

It was a sorrow rooted in the fact that not long ago, their lord was an ordinary human, and his time as a human was truly limited.

"Ozdock, the creature from the legends."

For the first time, Cyron directed his gaze towards Ozdock.


"From becoming a core demon creature to now using human language, it must have taken an excessively long time."

[That's right!]

Tuben lightly pressed Ozdock's shoulder as a warning, and Ozdock dared not groan.

"When the lord asks, give a more detailed answer."

[In the Black Sea, I, I lived for about... a thousand years...!]

And Ozdock responded.

A thousand years in the Black Sea.

And another thousand years, traveling between the outer and the Black Sea. The total time it took Ozdock to become a core demon creature was two thousand years.

"In that case, you must also be familiar with the geography of the Black Sea and its Kings."

At first glance, it might seem like an inconsequential statement.

Ozdock instantly understood it.

The moment he responded with "I don't know," his entire body would disintegrate, and he would perish without further ado.

'Oh, darn! I don't remember much before having the core...!'

Still, he had to answer that he knew. Technically, it wasn't an outright lie.

[That's right.]

"Guide us. Beyond the regions of the Five Kings of the Black Sea."

[Understood! Leave it to me!]

Ozdock replied with a forced smile.

And deep down, he could only think that he should have kept on sleeping.


Baldie, no... the legendary blacksmith and now God, Picon Minche, had shining eyes full of excitement as he received the core.


His heart raced as he realized he could now complete his masterpiece.

Furthermore, the core brought by Jin was even more massive than he had anticipated, to the point where he felt he could enhance the sword and still have some left for another use.

The fact that the core was more massive than expected also meant that Ozdock was less weakened than Picon had thought.

"Hey, Minche. Do you like it? Do you like it? Huh? You're always so happy when you pull off a scam, aren't you?"

Therefore, it was entirely reasonable for Murakan to tease Picon in this manner.

This time, Picon didn't protest against Murakan's taunts with as much awareness.

It might be because he was too excited to think about retaliation, but also partly because it was Murakan.

[F-Finally, I can complete my masterpiece...! Jin! Now, there's only one more thing I need... Ugh!]

Murakan grabbed Picon by the collar, making his eyes moisten.

"What? Need something else now? Seriously, do you want to die? Huh? Kid, don't stop me."

"Yes, I won't stop you. Go on with what you were doing."

[Hey, wait a minute! R-release my neck. Listen to what I have to say all the way!]

"I'll give you five seconds. Speak. If it's not convincing, I'll continue."

[The last thing you need is fire. It's not something you need to find separately. It's just a matter of Jin unleashing the power of the Shadow Blade's Secret Sword Technique.]

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