SYS (Novel) Chapter 366

C366 - Trail (6)

"I don't have plans. I only have a purpose."

The purpose Sheila was talking about was to help Jin, Solderet's Thousand-Year Contractor, safely reach the Fourth Tomb of Temar.

"It seems that Myla, along with other children, didn't like the idea of fulfilling the promise with Solderet. They think that all the descendants of the Fairy Tribe are making unnecessary sacrifices. Or they think I harbor senseless hopes."

"So, are they practically dethroning you and allowing Myla to take control of the forest?"

"Yes. Waiting for you was too uncertain, and the rewards were unclear. However, there were those willing to provide everything we wanted with just a little information. In a way, betrayal was a natural course of action."

"What do the descendants of the Fairy Tribe want?"

"To regain our original forms."

Sheila continued with a melancholic voice.

"...We will talk more about this later when there is an opportunity. For now, it's essential to overcome this situation and guide you to the Fourth Tomb of Temar."


Glistening particles spread from Sheila's wings. The view became brighter, revealing the surface of tangled trees.

The dim interior of the cave looked like the inside of a colossal beast.

"Lulu, Miru."


"The Fourth Tomb of Temar doesn't exist in this cave."

Sheila had anticipated Myla and the other fairies' betrayal for a long time.

That's why she hadn't revealed the true location of the fourth tomb to anyone.

All the descendants of the Fairy Tribe, except Sheila, believed that Temar's tomb existed at the end of this cave.

"So, where...?"

"The Red Lake. It is the water source in the Wantaramo Forest."

The Red Lake is the largest water source in the Wantaramo Forest, connecting to the outer Yulpi River. All life in the forest, including the descendants of the Fairy Tribe, relies on the Red Lake to survive.

"We have to get there as soon as possible. The Contractor must reach the Tomb of Temar before the trackers arrive. Summon the Ruby Cat, Jin Runcandel."

Sheila had learned that Jin was Shuri's Contractor from the Cat Tribe.



After being summoned, Shuri carried the group on her back and began to run.

They had to reach the end of the cave first to avoid being detected and then head to the Red Lake.

The cave was much deeper than Jin and Valeria had imagined.

They had been riding Shuri at maximum speed for over 30 minutes.

When they reached the end, they could see a massive magic-made door.

"It's similar to the door to the secret library under the Storm Castle."

Like that door, this one required activation words to open, but this door would be destroyed without fairy language.

It was even more potent than the door of the Secret Library under the Storm Castle.

When Sheila spoke the activation words in the language of the fairies, the door opened, revealing the interior.

"Myla believes that beyond this door lies my crown, the Fourth Tomb of Temar, and the incredible legacy left by our ancestors..."

However, beyond the door was simply an empty space.

Bare rocks replaced the walls, and only a faint breeze whispered from an unknown source, welcoming the group.

"There's nothing here. Someday, when Myla became an adult, I thought of showing her this empty landscape. I hoped she would come to understand why we became such an empty race."


The door closed.

"Oh, I got lost in my thoughts for a moment. Keep moving forward. From here on, Lulu and Miru, your dimensional abilities might be needed."

Sheila was referring to the unique dimensional abilities of the Cat Tribe.

"We need to create a passage leading to the Red Lake, right?"

"Yes. If time allows, it would be great to create a way to confuse the pursuers."

"How much time do we have left?"

Upon hearing those words, Jin and Valeria thought the same thing.

"Where is the nearest Magic Tower to Kyken?"

"Where was Zipple's nearest Magic Tower?"

Third Magic Tower.

They arrived at the same conclusion. The 3rd Magic Tower was on Rachan Island, located between the Lutero Magical Federation and the Vermont Sea Territory. If Zipple received the signal and deployed their forces, it undoubtedly came from there.

"About three hours."

"Probably about three hours. Assuming Myla can inform Zipple in one hour."

Jin and Valeria responded simultaneously, looking at each other.

"Both of you are quicker at calculating than I am. It's been a long time since I left Kyken, so I got confused."

"We can definitely create a labyrinth in three hours."

As Lulu and Miru said this confidently, Sheila shook her head.

"But there's one thing both of you overlooked. Do you know about Zipple's Master Magic Tower Staff?"

The Master Magic Tower Staffs had special runic symbols inscribed on them.

The troublesome runic symbol that Valeria had experienced so much in her previous life and her current one.

"Did Zipple inscribe runic symbols to summon Magic Tower Magicians in the Wantaramo Forest?"

"Most likely. In the past, when Kelliark came to request the Royal Melodic Drink, he gave Myla a staff. I suspected that the staff would have runic symbols similar to those of the Master Magic Tower Masters."

Myla's betrayal had already occurred decades ago. Naturally, they must have had a means of immediate summons.

"Two hours. That's how much time we have left. Lulu, Miru, do you think you can do it?"

"We'll try."

Lulu and Miru took an object that looked like a claw from their pockets.

"Jin Runcandel, you must be very good to us from now on."

Lulu grinned mischievously.

However, Jin could read the sorrow hidden behind that smile.

"...A Divine Artifact."

As Jin said that, it was a long time ago when the God of the Cat Tribe gave them their Divine Claws.

"Yes. I used this Divine Artifact to protect you and the little beastmen even inside the cave. Fortunately, two of them are still left."

One was with Neru, and the other was with Lulu and Miru.

Divine Artifacts were the only means through which the Cat Tribe could communicate with their previous Gods.

The Cat Tribe mostly used them for Jin and the little beastmen.

"Sheila-nim, is it impossible to force our way through?"

Jin spoke with frustration.

The cave was mostly formed by trees. It seemed impossible for him not to be able to break through with his strength.

"If we rush to open the cave, we will lose our way due to the rampaging trees. Since Myla has control over the Wantaramo Forest, if the trees inside the cave start going wild, even I might lose my sense of direction. I'm sorry."

I'm sorry.

Every time situations like this occurred, Jin hated hearing those words.

He didn't understand why people who had sacrificed themselves for a thousand years apologized to him.

However, he knew that venting his anger or showing unnecessary anger would only distress the people who had made such great sacrifices for him.

So he suppressed what bothered him in his heart and adopted a calm attitude.

His intention was to show them results worthy of their sacrifices without making them feel pity.

Valeria looked at Jin and thought, "In our first encounter, he disappointed me quite a bit, but the more I see him, the more he seems like a human with a somewhat profound side. When facing me, he doesn't seem to have intentions of just using me."

Valeria moved alongside Lulu and Miru.

"I will help too."

"Eh? In creating a subspace and forming a dimensional portal?"


"Although I appreciate it, it's a task too complex for humans."

"Even though the spatial abilities of the Cat Tribe border on omnipotence, parts of it still contain mana, right? I'll just read the mana flow and assist wherever magic is needed."

"Well, I guess it's better to wait in silence. But how did you know our abilities involve mana?"

"Because I can sense the scent of mana from you. People who don't use mana often can't have it so strong."

"Mana has a scent?"

"Just let me know if I become a hindrance. I'll withdraw quietly. Or are you worried I might uncover the secret of the Cat Tribe's abilities?"

"No, it's not that..."

Valeria sat down, and as soon as she did, Lulu and Miru looked at her alternately and then shrugged.

It was clear that she could become a hindrance... That was the look they had.

It was as if they were sending Jin a look that said, "Stop her."

However, as Jin was not in a position to order anything, he simply shook his head helplessly.

"I guess it can't be helped. Okay, but if we say you're being a hindrance, you have to leave immediately. We don't have time to waste."


Lulu and Miru cautiously touched the Divine Claw of the Cat God and muttered in an unknown language.

Then, just like when Neru had opened the Third Tomb, a mystical purple energy began to spread in all directions.

It was clear that, as Valeria had said, there was mixed mana.

"Could she have instantly recognized that the Cat Tribe also uses mana, something I had no idea about?"

Indeed, Valeria was a person who could be called a "Master."

Furthermore, does she say she can help by observing the flow of mana that she has never seen before?

This time, not even Jin could avoid doubting Valeria.

It was something that seemed totally impossible even for him, a genius among geniuses.

However, Valeria seemed to dismiss those doubts with a laugh and was effortlessly reading the mana flow that the Cat Tribe was deploying.

Inside, she was already infusing her own mana, speeding up the formation of the dimensional portal and subspace.

"Is this possible?"

"Who the heck are you?"

Lulu and Miru looked at Valeria in astonishment.

"I told you it would be possible," Valeria replied calmly but was sweating as if it were raining.

She was giving her all to read the mana flow. Valeria's robe was quickly soaking wet, and the heat radiating from her body was so intense that it was melting the dye from her hair.

Finally, Valeria's red hair became visible.

Sheila couldn't take her eyes off Valeria's hair and had a thoughtful expression on her face.

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