SYS (Novel) Chapter 370

C370 - The Reason They Visit Temar's Tomb (2)

The blood spilled by Rick and his subordinates spread on the ground like a snake.

It didn't happen before he died.

Jin raised his head in surprise.

"Body transformation? Something like a biological golem?"

"Similar, but slightly different. Ancient Dark Magicians called it Demonification."

"You really seem to know everything."

Jin shrugged and replied.

'She never transmitted it to me, but my Master was undoubtedly capable of using significant levels of Dark Magic. I don't know if she can still use it.'

In his past life, Valeria had acquired Dark Magic at the successional temple of Histor.

However, due to its danger and the terrible catalysts required, she never used it herself and didn't share it even with her only disciple.

She believed that Dark Magic should disappear from the world.

"First, the biological golems of the Legends, and now this Demon Man. What a nuisance. I'm always getting involved with these kinds of things. Rick Helter. I thought he was a decent guy in his own way, but it seems he's capable of betraying us like this."

It was curious that Jin showed mercy so Rick could say his final words to his Emperor.

Jin thought, naturally, that he would possess the pride and self-esteem of a Warrior.

Anyone would.

It was the view of maintaining determination and loyalty even in the face of overwhelming opponents who couldn't be easily handled.

'It's an honor to be able to serve even after death... I knew it would end like this, Rick Helter.'

Looking back, the first time Jin encountered an opponent who transformed out of nowhere was during his cadet days.

Starting with the guards who turned into biological golems when he went on a mission to seize relics in Colon, Jin had often faced victims sacrificed in magical experiments.

"The Magic Circle isn't perfect."

Jin nodded at Valeria's words.

"I see it that way too. Activation is slow, and at first glance, it seems unnecessarily complex and messy."

"It's the complexity that usually shows when trying to force magic that shouldn't work to actually work."

As both of them spoke, the Magic Circle formed by the blood of the Imperial Guard was incomplete.

In other words, it was still in the experimental phase.

'Using the Imperial Guard as test subjects means the Imperial Family has a certain level of confidence in this Magic Circle.'

Setting aside ethical questions, the members of the Imperial Guard were undoubtedly the highest-level personnel within Vermont.

They wouldn't have used them merely as test subjects.

Jin judged that Vermont had reached the final stage of the magic called Demonification.

Moreover, unlike the transformed Humans or Warriors he had encountered before, Rick and his subordinates couldn't be considered victims.

They were simply repugnant Humans who participated in the experiment under the pretext of loyalty to the Imperial Family.

Amidst the raging fury, there was a part of him that found it somewhat satisfying.

'I've gained unexpected information. Kinzelo is also creating golems from the Cat Tribe, and Zipple continues experimenting with biological golems. So it's safe to assume that Vermont is also preparing something.'

Suddenly, a fact crossed his mind.

'Vermont is looking for Temar's body...'

The reason the Imperial Guard came to the Wantaramo Forest, searching for Temar's body...

Are they planning to do something with his body?

Do they intend to demonify it?

Use Temar's body to create a Demon Man?'


Jin's teeth ground together.

If that were true, it was a matter he, as a Runcandel, couldn't simply ignore.

Even if it meant destroying the Imperial Family.

Of course, it was a conjecture.

At least, Jin didn't know of any magic that used "the body of the deceased" as material.

However, ancient Dark Magic was still an unknown realm to Jin, so it might be something possible.

"Would my Family also know about Vermont's Demon Men?"

Well, it didn't matter.

Even if the Family had information about the Demon Men, they wouldn't have shared it with him.

It was evident that Rosa, Joshua, and their subordinates might have continued to disregard him, waiting for the moment when they could use him in the way that benefited them the most.

Therefore, whether the Family had information about the Demon Men or not wasn't important.

'I'll just use this information before my Family does.'

Jin had already calculated how to make use of the information about Vermont's Demon Men.

Whether they planned to complete the Demonification using Temar's body or for any other reason, from the moment they began secretly searching for the body, they were already committing a crime against Runcandel.

'I will make them pay for it.'


Jin struck the ground with his fist.

The vision of the earth mercilessly cracking beneath his anger-filled fist continued.

He attempted to break the Magic Circle.

"...Do you think you can break a Magic Circle with your fist?"

In reality, he didn't expect to destroy the Magic Circle by punching it.

He was just testing it, as it was the first time Jin and Valeria encountered such a Magic Circle.

"Well, it's an unstable Magic Circle in the first place, so I thought I'd give it a try just in case. As I thought, it doesn't work."

Although the ground was completely disturbed, the ominous magic circle continued to form.

They looked like writhing insects.

"We need to gather evidence, Aria Owlheart."

"Why is someone who just tried to break the Magic Circle now trying to collect evidence?"

"I thought I'd cut off the magic and collect the corpses. I thought any talented magician could easily discover the use of Dark Body Transformation Magic in the members of the Imperial Guard, but... well, this is unexpected."

Jin stopped talking as he turned his head.


It was because he heard the strange sound of the flesh and bones of the dead Imperial Guards writhing.

"It seems it will be difficult to deal with intact corpses."

Jin stepped forward to Valeria and spoke.

The corpses of the Imperial Guards were swelling and shrinking at a rapid pace.

The gruesome scene could make even someone with a strong stomach nauseous.

Moreover, the decapitated bodies picked up their own heads and reattached them.

Even the severed heads were grotesquely swollen, to the point where Jin and Valeria felt disgusted.

There was no need to continue watching that spectacle.


Jin lunged forward like an arrow and severed the neck of a corpse that was reattaching its head.

The corpse lost its head and hands again and slumped forward.

Now that the opponent was no longer human, he proceeded to ensure death.

With a swift motion, as the body was about to fall to the ground again, Bradamante traced a path and scattered the remains, sweeping away the corpse.

The reddened flesh and bones were thrown off with a dull thud.

Not even a first-level Demon Creature with super-speed regeneration would be able to breathe again once cut into pieces.

However, Jin didn't seem to have the intention of finishing it off, as he used his mana to set fire to the shattered remains.

The charred remains began to burn fiercely.

In no time, the three corpses were reduced to ashes.

Valeria also unleashed her Magic, helping Jin eliminate the remnants.

In an instant, they ordered the three bodies that had tried to revive themselves.

However, the other three were already nearing the end of their transformations.

Moreover, the first of them to complete the transformation was already raising his sword to strike at Jin.


Jin spun his body and deflected the sword aimed at him.

The impact transmitted through his wrist was quite powerful.

It was noticeably stronger than the Imperial Guard he had just faced.

It was a natural progression that they would become stronger now that their transformations were complete.

Although the force transmitted through a single blow had increased, Jin didn't consider it necessary to tense up.

It was likely that they hadn't controlled their strength with rationality.

Among the transformed corpses, Vermont's distinctive curved swords immediately caught Jin's attention.

He immediately recognized the sword belonging to Rick Helter, and upon confirming the face...

He couldn't help but feel perplexed.

'Doesn't it have a face? Moreover, this appearance...'

When he saw the bodies forming and shrinking repeatedly within the completed Magic Circle, Jin had naturally expected the Imperial Guard to transform into grotesque forms, just like the biological golems and the golems inspired by the Cat Tribe.

However, it was not the case.

The transformed bodies appeared like human figures carved in marble.

However, they had completely smooth and peculiar faces, devoid of hair and facial features.

They looked like dolls with skeletons covered in cotton.

"It seems you don't even have consciousness."

The transformed Rick, now a Demon Man, didn't reply.

As he had no mouth or any kind of organ, he couldn't produce sound either.

Although he also lacked eyes, whether he moved through senses or there existed some unique method, it seemed he had some form of vision.

Rick distanced himself calmly.

Meanwhile, the other two also completed their transformations and began to position themselves near Rick.

'Even though they lack consciousness, they don't seem like simple beasts.'

The Imperial Guard displayed calm behavior in battle, even more so than before their transformation.

It was a completely different sight from the victims of other experiments that Jin had witnessed until now.

In other words, these were ready-to-use combat units.

Despite being unfinished, Vermont's Demon Men were not inferior to Zipple's biological golems or the Legend Tribe golems from Kinzelo.


The Shadow Energy imbued in Bradamante became even denser.



"The three Demon Men you just killed turned into ashes too quickly when you set them on fire. They might have been designed to burn rapidly and erase any information after suffering a certain level of damage."

"Are you saying one should be captured alive?"

"Only if possible. As you said, it would be wise to gather evidence. If capturing them alive is not possible, give me a signal before killing them. I can preserve parts of their bodies using Magic to prevent oxidation."

Jin nodded.

If it was Valeria's Magic, it was possible.

The Demon Men launched an attack, charging at Jin.

The 'forest must not be harmed' seemed to be a deeply ingrained principle in their minds.

They only used focused sword techniques without causing harm to the forest.


In a single strike, the waist of the Demon Man who had charged first was cut in two.

The Demon Man had clearly blocked Jin's Bradamante's strike accurately.

The physical abilities of the Demon Men were not so lacking that they couldn't deflect Jin's direct sword strikes.

However, the reason why the Demon Man's waist was severed and fell mercilessly to the ground was unknown to the Demon Men.

When facing the Imperial Guard, who were now Demon Men, Jin had not used the Shadow Blade at all.

What had cut their waist and continued was the Second Movement of the Shadow Blade, Scissors.

The moment the Demon Man blocked Bradamante, the blade of the Shadow Blade extended from behind the Demon Man like an afterimage, cutting his waist.

And just as Jin was about to attack the next Demon Man...


Unexpectedly, several rays of light shot out from the other side of the forest, aiming at Jin, Valeria, and the Demon Men.

While Jin dodged both his own and Valeria's rays and even counterattacked with his sword technique, the Demon Men barely managed to roll on the ground to avoid the rays.

"Zipple, it seems the second unwanted guests have arrived."

Once again, it was a moment when he couldn't help but think that maybe everything had turned out fine after all, as before entering the tomb, he had planned to eliminate all pursuers.

"You might have to consider fighting to protect the Demon Men. If Zipple kills them without warning and they oxidize, we might lose the opportunity to preserve the evidence."

"I saved your strength for that. Now, Aria, it's time for you to showcase your skills as well."

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