IBAWWMB (Novel) Chapter 153



After exchanging permissions in a secret atmosphere, I felt the tension rise to the point where my toes were tense.

I was even aware of every breath.

My heart was beating so hard, and I was dizzy, so I don't know with what kind of spirit I bathed.

"I'm nervous."

It was me who provoked him.

After hesitating for a moment, I took a deep breath, held the large towel wrapped around my body, and slowly walked down the hallway.

When I turned the doorknob of the bedroom, where the light filtered through, a large hand slowly grabbed my wrist, and a muscular and masculine body came into view.

His body was as flawless and beautiful as if it were carefully sculpted by a sculptor, but at the same time authoritative, a slight sense of fear permeated me.

"I will never do anything that the princess doesn't like."

While I froze, Isidor brought his lips to my fingers and spoke softly.

His lips and hands trembled slightly, and his hard chest moved irregularly up and down. He was as nervous as I was.

He brought my palm to his lips and soon made me touch his cheek.

"... The only person who can touch me is the princess."

In a seductive whisper, he rekindled the fire.

The words "you're the only one" touched a sense of possessiveness that I didn't even know existed, and my heart raced with a sense of exhilaration.

I gently caressed his sharp jaw as if I were possessed.

"It feels good when you touch me...."

He let out a brief sigh as I brushed the long, fragrant nape of his neck.

"Please, do more."

Looking at him like an obedient and purring beast, I slowly traced the hollow collarbone and slid my hand over his waist.


Soon, their lips collided so strongly that their teeth clattered together.

They began to shower kisses, and soon the towel that had been securely wrapped around my body slipped down.

"I like you."

He whispered as he bit my earlobe.

"I like you so much that sometimes I feel like going crazy. You never leave my mind."

"You too.... I like you."

I took a deep breath and clung to his broad shoulders.

* * *

The light falling on my eyelids caused me to open my eyes.

The blue morning light poured in through the large window. In addition, a strong and muscular back came into view, causing the upper part of my body to jump in amazement.

"Ah, yesterday...."

The feast that mercilessly passed through my head made me blush, and I fanned myself with my hands.

There were no places where his lips hadn't touched me. There were even red marks on the inside of my arm.

"But I... when did I fall asleep?"

Whether he was worried that I hadn't completed the debutante yet, Isidor only tried to make me feel good and didn't go all the way, and the gentle warmth he gave me swept me away, and I had no choice but to melt without being able to do anything.

Although impulsive and unpredictable, the fact that Isidor was older came to me again.

Anyway, he's like a painting.

Did Psyche feel like this when she discovered Eros?

Long, golden lashes, a high nose, a slim face, and flawless, clean skin...

As I looked at Isidor sleeping like an angel, he suddenly turned around, and I jumped like a child caught stealing honey.

"Are you awake?"

Isidor asked with a drowsy expression that didn't seem fully awake.

He rubbed the corners of his sleepy eyes.

"Sleep more."

"I woke up because the princess is dazzling. Usually, I can't wake up early in the morning."

He lifted his body while mumbling with a hoarse voice, kissing the tip of my chin, and smiling gently.

"Why are you so pretty?"

He asked me a playful question, hugged me tightly, and got out of bed.

"Well, he's quite healthy. Well, yes, he's in his prime."

I rubbed my neck awkwardly, thinking like an old person.

When I was almost ready to leave, Isidor with a comb stood behind me.

"I'll brush your hair."

My hair was curly, so it tangled easily and was difficult to manage because it was very long.

"You're good. What can't you do?"

(Muttering: play the piano...)

I involuntarily muttered at his delicate touch, and I could feel Isidor swaying behind my back and smiling.

He immediately poured an essence into his hands and applied it to my hair. It was the scent that had emanated from his neck and hair yesterday.

The hand that gently stroked the tip of my hair fell, and something warm and soft touched the back of my neck.

After hearing a sound, I quickly realized it was his lips.

"This is the cost of labor."

"The duke is very stingy. Is there anything free in the duke Visconti's dictionary?"

"Do you want to see what it's really like to be stingy?"

"It tickles!"

"You, you're particularly weak here."

He growled and kissed my nape and between my ears.

Shrugging, I pushed him away with a sudden thought.

"The Marquesa asked us to have tea together today.

"My aunt usually enjoys afternoon tea, so we can play longer at the villa.

"Still, she might look for me early...

"... Visconti's inheritance should have been linked to Ferdin. There is no need to occupy my aunt's property.

Leaving behind Isidor, who was making absurd noises, I stood up and opened my mouth with a thought that came to mind.

"Now that I think about it, can wet clothes be dried with wind magic, right?

He opened his eyes a bit late, as if he had made a mistake.

"Yes, but maybe... it could be difficult to control the wind.

"Wind magic is weak.

"... it's a big problem because I'm not very aware of it.

I slowly walked through the pristine white beach at dawn, having an extravagant conversation with him.

The second day on the Baslein estate went smoothly. It was because the Marquis of Baslein was busy with his military training program.

In the afternoon, I had a tea party with the marchioness and Arabelle, and in the evening, I wandered around the estate again to check the atmosphere.

And today was Friday, the day when the dinner for the castle guests, which the marchioness had hinted at, would take place.

"What are they talking about?"

After dressing in formal attire to attend a dinner, I descended to the first floor of the annex and found Isidor, who was having a friendly conversation with the merchant couple I had witnessed on the first day.

After a while, he finished talking and approached me.

"What did you talk about with those people?"

"I secretly asked what purpose they had in staying here. I also managed to get information about the coffee.

As an informant, Isidor naturally gathered information from the people around him.

Unlike me, other people seemed to like his smile and rhetoric, easily breaking their boundaries.

"It seems they earned quite a bit of money cultivating spices. They are looking for a new place to invest that money. But...


"I was hesitant because of the recent civil war in the Principality of Ferdin, and they turned to the Empire. It is also regrettable that cracks have tarnished fishing and trade.

"Are cracks common in the South?

"Compared to other regions, it is relatively rare, but it happened in the sea and caused a lot of damage near the County of Busez. Unlike on land, when an accident happens at sea, everyone dies.

"True, if a monster attacks a ship, there will be no countermeasures.

"However, fishermen and traders cannot give up their livelihoods, so it only increases anxiety.

"Marquis Baslein wants to sell the surplus copper from here to the couple, but it may not be easy to negotiate.

Accursed cracks were occurring all over Azutea, constantly stimulating people's fears.

And usually, the main character appears during the crisis and confusion.

"In the novel, Mia was the main character."

For me, who wants to grow and eat quietly while spending a lot of money, it was like that.

"Eh? Wait..."

Suddenly, a thought crossed my mind.

"... Could this work?"

"I like it more when the princess has those eyes."

Isidor suddenly said.

"What kind of eyes?"

"I can't explain it in detail... Only when they shine like a ruby."

Encouraged by his words, I entered the dining room, playing with the lucky coin he had given me.

Inside, the atmosphere was moderately free. Round tables were scattered everywhere, and people stood and greeted each other with champagne.

When Isidor and I entered together, all the eyes of the banquet people turned toward us.

"Come here."

The marquis led me and Isidor to the center.

At the same time, the merchant couple he was pointing at was sitting nearby and talking to each other.

"This is Kev Blankan. It is an honor to meet the great Princess of Seymour. I am negotiating between the Empire and Ferdin.

"Speak comfortably. I am also here for business."

As I spoke with a business smile, Kev shook my hand with a surprised look.

Kev's wife, Parima, spoke through her husband, seeming not to know the imperial language very well.

Shortly after, Marquis Baslein appeared with a large barrel of wine, and the atmosphere became livelier.

The dinner with fresh seafood was a delight.

"It's delicious."

Marquis Baslein brimmed with joy as it emptied without leaving even the fermented seafood, which might be somewhat controversial.

"Princess Deborah is very different from the rumors. She is ambitious and very brave. By the way, I heard you have a request for me."

"Before that, I would like to make another suggestion."

"What thing?"

"I heard that people from the sea are restless these days because of the cracks, and trade is decreasing."

"I'm afraid the princess is right. And the pirates are taking advantage of that even more."

Marquis Baslein nodded as he stroked his beard with a furrowed brow.

"The more anxious people are, the more profitable the business."

I loudly threw the bait so that even a couple of merchants beside me could hear it.

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