LWTG (Novel) Chapter 391


"I won't ask about the situation for now."

Thud, thud...

The Bull Demon King passed by the Goblin King.

Although it seemed like he was about to grab his Mixed Iron Rod, as he had great momentum.

What caught the Bull Demon King's attention was the figure of YuWon, who was in the midst of the goblins' ritual.

"It seems we should resolve this first."

YuWon appeared vulnerable in the eyes of the Bull Demon King.

He was in a situation where he could become something similar to Mimir at any moment. Obtaining the Eyes of Foreknowledge was an equally dangerous and extreme process.

What they needed right now was the stabilization of the ritual.

"You said you had a debt, and it seems it was real."

"I know."

The Bull Demon King responded indifferently and reached out his hand toward YuWon.

At this response, the Guardian Goblin became furious.

"This insolent guy...!"

"Just let it be."

"But, My Lord!"

"The most important thing now is the business. Focus on that."

The Goblin King's words made the Guardian Goblin fall silent.

YuWon was certainly an influential figure. His points alone were worth over 150 million, making him the richest person ever to visit the Goblin Country.

Given these circumstances, success in this mission was absolutely crucial.

However, at this moment, the outcome of success was not in the hands of the goblins but in someone else's.

"Can we trust him?"

"Then I suppose you don't know."

It was truly ludicrous to say it.

To doubt the abilities of the Bull Demon King, of all people...

"When it comes to Sorcery, he's a bit better than me."


The Guardian Goblin was surprised.

As the oldest goblin, the Goblin King had created Sorcery.

But now he was faced with someone who was even better at it within this Tower.

The Guardian Goblin's gaze shifted to the Bull Demon King. Unbeknownst to him, the Bull Demon King was already performing a ritual on YuWon's head.

What would the Bull Demon King do with the ritual that not even twenty goblins, the Goblin King, and YuWon, the target of the ritual, could control?

"It's been a long time since I saw his skills in action."

The Goblin King's eyes, which were fixed on the Bull Demon King, softened.


Buzz, buzz...

YuWon felt like his head was about to explode.

The numerous scenarios unfolding before his eyes made his Golden Cinder Eyes tremble precariously. He wondered what would have happened if Ambrosia wasn't here right now.

'S-Should I give up here?'

He was afraid that if he made a mistake, he might end up like Mimir.

If things continued like this, he might be buried by the Sorcery injected into his head and spend most of his life in a state of slumber.


['Golden Cinder Eyes' controls 'Goblin's Time']

['Golden Cinder Eyes' reads 'Goblin's Time']

['Golden Cinder Eyes' projects 'What will happen someday']

[Ru forecast increases]

['Curse of Knowledge' strengthens]

['Curse of Knowledge'...]

The messages appearing before his eyes were becoming increasingly dangerous.

Amidst the vast expanse of time presented to YuWon, it was becoming increasingly difficult to distinguish what was real from what was not.

His mind was muddled.

He felt not only a headache but also a loss of consciousness.

'I can't go on like this...'

"Please, focus a bit more."

YuWon suddenly regained his senses upon hearing the voice in his head.

It was a voice he had heard before.

Given the sudden and confusing situation, he couldn't immediately remember to whom the voice belonged.

He looked around in confusion.

The voice spoke again in response to YuWon's reaction.

"For now, concentrate."

The dizziness gradually faded.

Thanks to that, YuWon regained his focus.

"Focus on what you see. Don't try to control the knowledge with your mind, just 'look' with your eyes."

It was a trustworthy voice.

Finally, he remembered to whom that voice belonged.

'Bull Demon King.'

It turned out that there were others in this Tower who were experts in Sorcery, besides the Goblin King.

He hadn't been able to see it because the Bull Demon King was executed in the Celestial Prison in the future, but...

"What really matters is distinguishing between truth and falsehood. That's the power of the Golden Cinder Eyes. You must focus on that," said the Bull Demon King.

The power of the ritual inscribed in YuWon's body was a way of injecting predictions and foreknowledge about the future in the form of knowledge. And the power of the Golden Cinder Eyes lay in the ability to discern what wouldn't happen, to detect the false. The Bull Demon King was precisely focused on that.


'If it's just what I see with my eyes...'

Buzz, buzz...

The crucial reason behind the overwhelming overload in his head.

It was not solely due to the scenes visualized through his eyes but the multitude of predictions being directly injected into his mind.

"Don't worry."


Countless scenes began to unfold before YuWon's eyes.

"From here on, I'll take care of it myself."

Countless scenes unfolded all at once. Amidst the avalanche of images, YuWon had no choice but to focus on the Golden Cinder Eyes just as the Bull Demon King had told him.

The headache, which seemed like a lie, completely disappeared.

Now he could fully concentrate on what he saw.

'Distinguishing between truth and falsehood.'

Buzz, buzz...

Golden Cinder Eyes burned intensely.

Everything in sight lit up, and the things that wouldn't happen burned and vanished one by one.

And as this process repeated again and again...

["Golden Cinder Eyes" projects "What will happen someday".]

[Having repeatedly predicted the future.]

[Your forecast increases.]

["Golden Cinder Eyes" repeatedly projects the future.]

["Golden Cinder Eyes" displays an effectless ability.]

[Partial conditions of the Hidden Piece have been fulfilled.]

[You have obtained the 'Eyes of Foreknowledge']


Buzz, buzz...

All the inscriptions on YuWon's body gathered before his eyes.

It was an astonishing phenomenon.

As soon as the Bull Demon King placed his hand on him, the inscriptions seemed to come to life.

The Bull Demon King had moved only the inscriptions created by the Goblin King and twenty goblins.

"... Impressive."

The Guardian Goblin had no choice but to acknowledge the Bull Demon King's skill.

What kind of trick had he performed? Even when twenty goblins worked together for a single purpose, it was a difficult task. But the Bull Demon King's ritual had overwhelmingly surpassed all the other goblin rituals.

The Guardian Goblin understood why the Goblin King had recognized the Bull Demon King's ability.

He couldn't deny it.


Thus, the power of all the rituals led by the Bull Demon King was inscribed in YuWon's eyes.

Dozens of Guardian Goblins.

The Goblin King.

And also the Bull Demon King.

Their rituals were all engraved in a single pair of eyes, in a very stable form.

"Even though he's the Bull Demon King, that human is truly impressive."

The power of the ritual was not limited to physical strength; without the mental strength to accept it, it would be unbearable.

Once all the rituals had finished...


The pressure on YuWon's knees, who had been standing amidst the goblins, finally relaxed.


The Bull Demon King grabbed YuWon's arm. YuWon, who had been on the verge of falling to the ground, raised his head to look at the Bull Demon King.


"How did you get here?"

"After dying and coming back to life, is that the first thing you wonder about?"

"I didn't come back to life."


Feeling a pain in his eyes, YuWon raised his hand and covered his eyes for a moment.

Then, with his legs released, YuWon stood up and looked at the Bull Demon King with a furrowed brow. Due to the Bull Demon King's height, which exceeded two meters, YuWon had to tilt his head up to look him in the eye.

"Is it something that entered my eyes or something?"

"It's similar."

"My eyes?"


Patterns inscribed in red, along with crimson color, were revealed over YuWon's eyes.

The pupils had inscriptions filled with characters.

The moment he saw those eyes, the Bull Demon King could be sure.

"We did it."



YuWon nodded in response to the pain in his eyes and the scenes unfolding before him, as well as the voices.

"For now..."

Golden Cinder Eyes had not yet disappeared.

Instead, one of YuWon's eyes had acquired a new power.

[Eyes of Foreknowledge]

Rank: SS+
Ability: 0.00%
Foreknowledge Eyes in an immature state. So far, it leans more towards potential prediction than actual foreknowledge.
As more skill is acquired, more precise and extensive predictions can be made.
Looking only at the ability description, he couldn't understand how significant the ability was.

It was natural.

'It's probably a matter of competence.'

No matter what the ability was, it was difficult to expect great effects right away after obtaining it.

Since the effect varied depending on the domain, he couldn't immediately be sure if what he saw through the Eyes of Foreknowledge was a surefire future or not.

Of course.

'For now, I can handle some issues with Golden Cinder Eyes.'

Eyes of Foreknowledge was an ability that allowed you to see the future with the highest likelihood among countless uncertain futures. And Golden Cinder Eyes had the power to discern the truth among those many futures.

Both abilities shared similar concepts, so Golden Cinder Eyes could compensate for the shortcomings of Eyes of Foreknowledge in terms of skill.

"It's just a halfway vision."

The Bull Demon King recognized the Eyes of Foreknowledge that YuWon had obtained.

How? Just as doubts arose, YuWon remembered that the Bull Demon King's ritual had had a significant impact on his acquisition of the Eyes of Foreknowledge.

"Yes, for now."

For now, YuWon believed that someday these eyes would become eyes that could truly see the future. This was only the beginning, and at some point, it would be possible to see the future accurately.

"Don't use it excessively. It's a dangerous power."

YuWon nodded at the Bull Demon King's warning.

He had already experienced the overwhelming burden of the Eyes of Foreknowledge. He knew for sure that the more he tried to see into the future, the more harm it would do to him.

That's why it was still only half-powered.

"But aside from the lecturing, how did you get here?"

The Bull Demon King had undoubtedly arrived here before Son OhGong.

The final Trial to obtain Divinity was held on Floor 100, and the Bull Demon King had remained hidden for quite some time after challenging that Trial. YuWon had even thought he had died in the attempt, but his rank remained intact.

But he suddenly appeared in a place like this.

"I came because I have business to attend to here."

"But how did you know I was here..."

"I didn't come for you."


YuWon followed the Bull Demon King's gaze.

Around him, the goblins looked at him hostilely. Unusually, they exuded an intimidating air. The Bull Demon King held the Mixed Iron Rod in his hand.

And at the end of his gaze was the Goblin King.

He had an idea of what the Bull Demon King meant by "business to attend to here."


With a bang, the Bull Demon King raised the Mixed Iron Rod.

The power known as the Great King of Power manifested in the hand holding the Mixed Iron Rod.

"How about we start now?"

"It seems you've grown a lot."

Tsu, tsu, tsu...

Over the Goblin King's face.

The human mask faded away, revealing the appearance of an evil goblin with two horns.

"Let's see how much you've improved."


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