SYS (Novel) Chapter 397

C397 - Emperor Sword Banquet (2)

The group's gaze once again turned to the backs of Murka and Zephyrin at Quikantel's words.

Murka had been scolding Zephyrin all the way back to the Black King's Mercenaries' table.

"Eh? Quikantel-nim, what are you talking about?"

"Quikantel. Are you saying you see them as so insignificant that you don't even consider them human? This girl didn't seem that way to me."

While Jet and Murakan expressed their doubts, Quikantel sighed.

"Murakan, are you so naive that you didn't notice the lack of scent from that girl? Oh, right, you're naturally insensitive, aren't you?"

"I don't need to hear that from you."

"You didn't notice any smell coming from that girl?"

"I don't get it. I only smelled a strange perfume. These newcomers to banquets always seem to spray their perfume so heavily. Maybe they don't usually bathe..."

Upon Murakan's words, Enya and Jet wrinkled their noses and sniffed their own clothes at the same time.

They were newcomers to the banquet too, so they had used a lot of perfume.

"Well, that kind of people doesn't necessarily not bathe regularly, you know?"

"Well, you're right. Haha, I accidentally spilled a bit of perfume on myself while handling it this morning."

Of course, the scent Quikantel referred to wasn't the smell of perfume.

"It was the smell of our people, Murakan."

Everyone looked at Quikantel in surprise.


"It was covered by the perfume, but I'm sure of it. The scent I sensed from that human was the blood of our people, and not just one type of blood, but several mixed together."

Hiding the scent of blood from seasoned mercenaries who had been on countless battlefields was impossible.

The pungent scent of blood was as strong and intense as meat sizzling on a grill.

But dragon blood was entirely different from that of humans.

Dragons had a unique and mysterious scent that was difficult to discern with human sensory organs, and it varied from species to species.

"The Terror of the Ant Mountains. The scent was even stronger than what I sensed from that human."

"Hmm, that's something. So, Quikantel, are you saying Zephyrin might be a Dragon Slayer?"

"A Dragon Slayer? There's nothing like that in the world, you bastard. Vanessa Olsen was probably the closest thing. Well, if it's the scent of our relatives... then was the perfume used deliberately to mask that scent?"

"There's a possibility."

"If what you say is true, then that person is probably a Demon or a Demon Dragon. But as far as I know, there's no Demon who can transform perfectly into a human, so there's a high possibility she's a Demon Dragon."

Demon Dragon. It referred to dragons that served gods or demon kings, either by choice or coercion.

They were called the same whether they were created by Demon Gods from the beginning or were dragons who served other Gods and moved to the Demon World.

"The last time a Demon Dragon appeared in the human world was during the Holy Kingdom's Protection War. Before that, it was about 1,200 years ago when Heluram summoned the Demon God."

"Before the Demon God appeared, they were occasionally seen, but nothing more. So should I go and ask? Are you a Demon Dragon?"

"And what will you do if she says yes?"

"We'll have to confront her."

"Hmm, maybe it's better for you to stay silent, Murakan."

When Jin tried to stop him, Murakan shrugged.


"If she denies it, there's no way to prove it. It might not be true. Besides, if you suddenly make a scene claiming you've discovered her true identity, there's no solution. This is Ron-nim's banquet hall, after all."

If Murakan's actions disturbed the banquet...

The responsibility would fall directly on Jin.

"Jin is right, Murakan. Why are you so stubborn? Plus, there's a slight possibility that the smell of our people is coming from the sword. It's unlikely, but if that's the case, then she could be an ordinary human, and the weapon might have belonged to a Demon Dragon or someone like Vanessa."

As if she had heard something, Zephyrin turned her head as she scratched her neck.

While doing so, she made eye contact with Jin and waved with a goofy smile.

"Hey, if you're as strong as I am, you don't need to use your head so much. What do you guys know? Heh. Oh, by the way, that Zephyrin or whatever, from here, she looks like a complete idiot."

"But, Quikantel-nim. If she's really a Demon Dragon, there must be a reason she came to me. In my opinion... it's probably the Grimoire of Rontelgius."

The Grimoire of Rontelgius.

The object that had come to their minds was the one they had obtained a few months ago when they attacked Joshua's secret villa.

If a Demon Dragon had something to discuss with him, that would be the only reason.

"I agree with that, Jin. Once the banquet is over, we should investigate Zephyrin. I think we need to find out more about her."

"Anyway, we also have business with the Black King's Mercenaries. After the banquet, we should go to the headquarters of the Black King's Mercenaries. It might be a good opportunity to meet the leader of the Black King's Mercenaries in the banquet hall."

The Black King's Mercenaries, the most renowned mercenary group in the world, were the most crucial of the neutral factions that Jin needed to recruit.

It was a mercenary group that not even Runcandel could afford to ignore.

"Moreover, if Zephyrin's connection to Rontelgius is revealed, we can also investigate Joshua's relationship with them," added Jin.

"But, Jin-nim," Enya chimed in, "how did Zephyrin know that we had the Grimoire?"

"Probably because she sensed the unique mana of Demons or Demon Dragons. We've been carrying that sinister thing with us for the past few months, so she probably could feel it in our presence," Quikantel responded on behalf of Jin.

"Oh, so Demon Dragons have extraordinary senses," Enya commented.

Since they found the Grimoire, Tikan had been gathering information about Rontelgius.

However, they had made no progress so far, and the appearance of Zephyrin might provide a potential lead.

Moreover, it was not likely that the presence of a Demon Dragon would have a positive impact on the human world.

It was important to quickly discover Zephyrin's true identity and purpose.

Of course, if she turned out to be an ordinary human, the situation would change.

While the group discussed Zephyrin, another figure approached their table.

Unlike Zephyrin, this newcomer had an unmistakable air of hostility and malice around him.

He didn't even bother to hide his murderous intent, causing other diners to fix their gaze on him.

"What is this now? It's been a while since I've seen such unfriendly eyes," Murakan said, visibly irritated by the newcomer's attitude.

However, his companions did not react.

"Jin Runcandel."

Jin lifted his head to meet the eyes of the newcomer.

Immediately, Jin could tell who he was.

Lata Proch.

He was Fey Proch's brother, whom Jin had captured as a prisoner not long ago.

He was also the young leader of the Ghost Legion.

"Kid, pass on a message from this fearless little punk to him. Tell him that if he doesn't start showing some respect with those pretty eyes of his, he won't be able to see anything ever again," Murakan said.

"As you heard, Lata-nim. What business does the Proch Demon have with me?" Jin replied casually, unfazed by Lata's attitude.

Murakan's comment and Jin's calm attitude did nothing to change Lata's expression.

However, it seemed that he hadn't regained his composure but had arrived already boiling with anger from head to toe.

"Did you kill her?"

He was referring to Fey.

"I spared her."

"I won't ask you twice. Tell me what you want."

The atmosphere was tense.

This was because the nature of this place was clearly different from Runcandel's banquet and the one-legged group's event.

It wasn't an event where they could freely fight just because they held grudges against each other.

However, despite that, everyone was curious.

The Twelfth Flagbearer of Runcandel, who had single-handedly turned the Garden of Swords upside down, and the leader of the Ghost Legion, acclaimed as the reincarnation of Smarion, were quite a spectacle.

Furthermore, such a spectacle was rarely seen elsewhere.

"Will Runcandel's Twelfth Flagbearer cause another sensation in the world?"

"Lata Proch is a monster among monsters. If the Twelfth Flagbearer defeats him, Runcandel's Flagbearers will surely feel threatened once again."

Those who watched were full of expectations, but Jin didn't want to fight Lata.

The Ghost Legion, like the Black King's Mercenaries, was an important neutral force that needed to be recruited as an ally.

The Ghost Legion's headquarters was located in Vermont, and if convinced, they could provide significant aid in curbing the Empire's power.

Of course, despite the efforts of major clans like Runcandel, Zipple, and Vermont to recruit them as allies, there was a good reason why neutral forces like the Black King's Mercenaries and the Ghost Legion had remained neutral for so long.

Naturally, if they made the wrong decision, their very existence as a group would be in danger.

That's why important neutral forces sometimes offered their loyalty to Runcandel, sometimes to Zipple, sometimes to Vermont, and sometimes refused to deal with any of them, maintaining their existence.

But now, all neutral forces had to unite.

"Beyond ascending the throne of Runcandel, I must overthrow Zipple. It's an absolute necessity."

Once Zipple completed the Demon God Orb and started achieving what he desired. At that moment, not only Runcandel but also those in the gray zone would come to an end.

In a manipulated world, even existing as oneself would be impossible.

I must let everyone know that only I have the means to prevent that.

While Jin briefly lost himself in these thoughts...

Lata was becoming increasingly hostile.

"In some way, it seems it will be difficult to turn this guy into an ally. Maybe if I had told him that I killed Fey, he wouldn't have hesitated and would have plunged his sword without a second thought."

Before him was undoubtedly the infamous leader of the Ghost Legion.

However, to Jin, he seemed more like a rebellious brat who needed to be disciplined and guided onto the right path.

Someone who needed to be properly educated and appeased.

"I haven't come up with anything yet."

"Then think of something right now."

"And what if I don't want to?"

"I said I wouldn't ask you twice. There will be no negotiation, and you'll be my enemy forever."

"It sounds like you're treating all of Runcandel as your enemy."

"I heard you're not the type to blindly follow your Family. Well, if you want to interpret it that way, be my guest. By the way, Beradin Zipple is here too. I'm willing to have a conversation with him as well."

Despite openly showing his hostility, Lata was undoubtedly the leader of the Ghost Legion, capable of understanding what would effectively press Jin.

Even when he was boiling with anger from head to toe.

While Jin contemplated his response, Beradin, who was behind Lata, cleared his throat.

He smiled at Jin and said, "Well, Lata-nim, I'm not exactly prepared to talk to you. But you two seem to get along quite well. When did the Ghost Legion and Runcandel form an alliance?"

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