IWDFLSB (Novel) Chapter 101




Those were strange words.

"...How can I leave someone so sick?"

Although the man was biting his lip due to a high fever and severe headache, he said it was nothing.

"It's okay. If I rest for a moment, I'll get better. So, go first."

Terence's face and neck were covered in cold sweat.

Perhaps due to the high fever, his eyes were a bit unfocused, and I didn't feel much strength in his grip holding my hand.

Even I, who couldn't sense magical power, knew it for sure. If we leave him like this, he will die.

"Lie. It's not okay."

I murmured as if crying.

"It's not a lie."

"Don't be boastful."

"I'm not being boastful."

"Stop talking. Because your energy is decreasing. Please, be silent for a moment, please."

When I begged, he closed his mouth.

"What do I do? What should I do?"

I shook my head desperately. Terence had to be saved at all costs.

"Should we get out of the mine as quickly as possible and go see a doctor?"

No. A common doctor had no way of treating him.

"Then, should I have faith in the goddess from now on?"

If it were me now, I would feel that I could faithfully believe in God or the devil to save him.

"Great and merciful goddess..."

I tried praying to the goddess with clasped hands. No, I was trying to recite a prayer.

But I couldn't remember the prayer at all.

Even though I tried to pray as I wanted, the truth was that I knew it better than anyone. I don't believe in God.

It's been two years since I transmigrated here, but I wonder if I haven't memorized a single prayer during that time.

If God appeared here and asked me to throw myself at His feet and beg for mercy, I could easily do it.

However, it was impossible to suddenly have faith born from the heart.

Before fighting the divine beast, I judged that there was a high possibility that the three of us would die. I was prepared.

However, seeing Terence die in front of me gave me a sense of fear different from what I had imagined.

I'm scared. I'm afraid that he will really leave me like this in vain. I'm afraid he'll die because he entered the mine at my suggestion.

In the end, all of this was my fault. If I hadn't been greedy for the magic stone mine that Liena could obtain, Terence would have...


At that moment, he called me softly.

"Don't think foolish things. Because it's not your fault."

How did he see through my thoughts?

"And... You really don't have to worry. Am I someone who can die in a place like this?"

He pulled up the corners of his mouth and tried to smile. Although it was difficult, it didn't come out well.

"I've experienced this kind of pain several times. If I rest, I'll feel better soon."

My heart felt tight. He tried to console and reassure me even in this situation.

That sight was very pitiful, but at the same time, it made me angry. Who cares who?

"You told me a moment ago to take care of my body, didn't you?"


"I'll literally take that back. You're the one who should cherish your body, not me."

It was really strange. Obviously, I was getting angry, but ironically, my eyes began to moisten.

"I'll never leave you behind. I'll definitely get you out, so keep that in mind."

I turned my attention to the divine beast. Anyway, for now, the only thing we can hope for is the divine beast.

"Is there really no way?"


"Don't answer so bluntly, think about it!"

"If I think about it, will a way that doesn't exist appear?"

"You're a messenger of God, so you're probably brimming with divine power, right? If I don't have divine power, try doing something with your divine power!"

"No, it's too much to say that."

The divine beast seemed embarrassed, but I didn't have time to worry about that.

"My power is fundamentally different from human divine power. It may be destruction, but it's not suitable for healing or calming."

"Then give me your power! I can use it after converting it into my divine power."

"This is ridiculous and unreasonable..."

The divine beast widened its eyes.

"Wait a moment, isn't this too exaggerated?"

"Can you give me power?!"

"Maybe if it were someone else, but you're the one who made me submit and performed the master-servant ceremony."

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