IWDFLSB (Novel) Chapter 102




Liena said she had nowhere to stay at the moment.

I could see from her expression and behavior how difficult her life had been, so I didn't ask for details.

"Come in! Consider it your home and stay as long as you want."

"Thank you, thank you so much..."

I took Liena's hand as she hesitated at the door and led her inside the house.

Just as I was about to serve hot tea to Liena and clean the empty room.

Ding dong, another visitor arrived.

"Who is it?"

Liena asked a question as she watched me read the letter given by the messenger.

"Someone I know invited me to a family dinner. It's tomorrow night."

"You must be close to them to be invited to such a family event, right?"

"Yes, more or less."

"I think I know who it is."

What kind of expression did Liena have when she said that? Strangely, only that part was blurry.

"Is it Duke Cassius's family?"

* * *

My eyes opened. While I was half-asleep, I remembered the scene I saw a moment ago.

"What? Was it a dream?

Rather, where was that place? It doesn't seem to be Ambassador Leok's mansion.

I had random thoughts, but as my consciousness gradually cleared, what happened just before I fell asleep came back to me clearly.

Terence! He was on the brink of death due to the consequences of using too much magical power while dealing with the divine beast.

I infused him with divine power, and he showed signs of improvement, but then he collapsed, so I don't know exactly what happened to him.


I got up and tried to say his name.


I don't know why, but my body was very stiff. My voice didn't come out well.

When I barely raised the upper part of my body, black hair came into view. It was Terence.

He was asleep in an uncomfortable position, sitting on a chair next to the bed where I lay.

I lifted his loose bangs. Only the sound of regular breathing filled the quiet room.

He's safe. Although he looked tired and had some dark circles under his eyes, Terence looked fine.

I finally felt completely relieved.

If he hadn't fully recovered, I would have regretted my choice to possess the magical stone mine for the rest of my life.

"Mistress, did you wake up?"

At that moment, a furry lump jumped onto my lap.

"Divine beast?"

A loud noise was heard, and Terence opened his eyes.


He also looked at me and shouted like the divine beast. It was a somewhat violent reaction.

"How do you feel?"


This time, I couldn't speak properly.


Terence seemed to have realized something and headed to the nearby bedside table. There was a teapot and cups.

"Drink slowly."

He handed me a glass of water. Now that I think about it, I felt conflicted.


When I tried to take the cup, Terence avoided my hand and brought the cup to my mouth.

I could have taken it and drunk it myself, but his attitude was firm, so I reluctantly took the water from the cup and drank it.

In a concerned tone, he said.

"You've been unconscious for three days."

What? Three days?!

"The doctor who came said there was nothing wrong, so it was a blessing in disguise, but I was very worried because you wouldn't open your eyes."

The divine beast intervened.

"I told him several times that you would wake up when the time was right, but he didn't listen. He's a very stubborn person."

Terence looked at the divine beast for a moment and then continued.

"It's embarrassing. I wanted to take you to accommodation with more comfortable facilities, but they said there was no such place around here."

I shook my head. After clearing my throat, speaking became easier.

"It's okay. Here is good too."

This was the tourist accommodation where we stayed for a night after arriving in this village.

To be honest, I couldn't say that the facilities were good, but it wasn't a place that couldn't be used since occasional travelers set foot in this mountainous area.

"And where is Vinetta?"

She should have appeared after someone who had been sleeping for three days had awakened, but Vinetta was nowhere to be seen.

"She received my orders and headed to the capital."


"Yes, since I stayed with Ethel..."

Terence let out a sigh of relief, still occupying my lap.

"It's not that I trust her much, but as that thing is here, I decided it would be fine for Vinetta to act separately."

"What? That thing? How insolent!"

The divine beast rolled its eyes, but it wasn't that important to me.

"Did Vinetta go to the imperial palace?"

"That's right. I also sent her a magical stone I found in the mine."

Even while lying down, our plan was steadily being implemented.

"So, until Vinetta returns with the others from the imperial palace, we..."

A growl prevented me from saying that we should wait here. It was the loudest growl I had ever heard in my stomach.

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