IWDFLSB (Novel) Chapter 92




It was an incredible situation for me, but Elliot apologized to me.

"The speculation that Tara and you were in contact has not changed now. However, after experiencing it myself over the last few days, I have come to the conclusion that you are not as villainous as I thought. Although there are moments when you can anger someone."

It's an apology... isn't it?

"Anyway, I'm sorry. At that moment, I deliberately tried to be more aggressive to unsettle you."

I felt dizzy.

"You made my blood boil by making Liena cry..."

"Well, I thought about it again later, and just because Lady Liena shed tears doesn't necessarily mean you're a bad person. Isn't a human relationship something where you can get hurt due to misunderstandings, even if someone doesn't make a big mistake in the first place?"

It's surprising. I can't believe Elliot can think so normally and rationally even when it comes to things related to Liena. It was hard to imagine him as he was before.

"Ah, yes."

Now that I had received the apology, it was my turn to give a response.

"I was very angry at that moment and felt a lot of pressure because of you, but that's already passed, so I'll accept your apologies. But there is a condition."

"A condition?"

"It's not that difficult."

"I'm not someone who just talks. As long as it's not an unreasonable request, I'll accept it."

A moment later, I passed my hand through the iron bars and hit him on the head with a fan. It was exactly like what Elliot did to me last time.

"Are you satisfied with this?"

"Yes! I really wanted to return the favor."

"Well, touching someone else's body is quite insulting. I went too far."

After completing my revenge, I extended my fan. Colorful geometric patterns were embroidered on the blue fabric.

Originally, it was one of Elliot's possessions that were confiscated when he was transported here, but they were retrieved from the storage room some time ago.

"It's a pretty fan."

"It's a gift. You can use it."

"Really? Isn't it an expensive item?"

"Not exactly. Besides, I'll either be dead or rotting in prison for the rest of my life, so why bother with something like this?"

"Oh... Yes, thank you."

The atmosphere was extremely uncomfortable as Elliot continued to do things he had never done before. Fortunately, Elliot changed the topic to something else.

"So please..."

"Yes, please! As long as it's not an unreasonable request, I'll consider it positively."

"It seems like the second prince might do it more than you. But I find him very annoying."

"What is it?"

"If I am sentenced to prison in the trial, I want to be imprisoned in the El Sinza prison."

"If it's the El Sinza prison..."

"As the name suggests, it's located in the El Sinza region, bordering the western frontier."

"Wait a moment, then it's not near Count Miloam's county?"

"It's close."


"What's that smile for?"

"When did you become so close to the Count?"

Elliot hit the desk.

"Don't get it wrong! I just don't want to let go of something I've already done!"

"What did you do?"

"This is the development plan for Count Miloam's county that I wrote for him. The more we talked, the more I realized that his knowledge of regional development was at its lowest level."

Elliot sighed and shook his head.

"If things continue like this, all the plans I've elaborated so generously will end up in vain. If I get closer, I can give advice to the count if he comes to ask for guidance, and that's not a bad thing."

"The west is a relatively underdeveloped region within the empire, so the prison facilities will be lacking. Is that okay?"

"That's nothing to me. It would be gratifying to develop it."

Well, that's what the person who hasn't eaten the food here while complaining that it's not good says. And there was one more point that needed to be clearly pointed out.

"What about Liena? If you go west, it will be difficult for Liena to visit you frequently."


Elliot seemed a little sad.

"I know. However, Lady Liena won't come to see me often. From an external perspective, I'm the one who was blinded by greed and ruined the Iver guild. If she visits me frequently, others will inevitably suspect."

That was my thought too. Liena wouldn't be the type of person who would visit Elliot, which would raise suspicions that he might secretly escape from prison and turn him into her subordinate again.

"And to be honest."

Elliot hesitated and then opened his mouth.

"I really don't want to see her."

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