IWDFLSB (Novel) Chapter 95




Liena asked the duke without understanding.

"Dad, what do you mean by stopping doing business?"

Duke Cassius put down his utensils and looked at Liena.

"Exactly that. I think it would be better for you not to do business anymore."


"It's only been a few days since the corruption of the Iver Guild was revealed and disintegrated. Why do you want to start a business again?"

"I can do better this time! I wasn't so lucky back then."


"Elliot Rudd is currently in custody, and Cecil Ivert is deliberately staying away from me. I'm still not sure which of the two is the traitor, but either way, neither of them can interfere with me anymore."

That was a problem that had been bothering Liena for the past few days.

It was clear that Elliot or Cecil was the traitor, but it wasn't clear who.

Until Elliot took all the blame for Liena, she thought Cecil was the traitor. But after that, Elliot's attitude was strange.

"Elliot Rudd didn't say anything more. He just said it would be better for him and for you to stay away."

Mikhail, who used his power to meet Elliot, who currently couldn't see anyone, at Liena's request, said this.

He couldn't understand it. Why did Elliot, who followed Liena with so much passion, say that? Once she had doubts, her faith in Elliot wavered.

There was one more circumstance that made her suspicious.

"But in his prison, there was cornbread, something that wasn't seen as official food."

Mikhail, who suspected this, examined the situation in detail.

This was because Elliot was a major national criminal, so it was impossible to borrow money privately.

Moreover, as far as Liena knew, Elliot had no relatives or friends to take care of him.

"The prisoners say that Terence personally brought bread and ordered them to give it to Elliot. Why did he take Elliot's convenience into consideration?"

Although he didn't express it verbally, Mikhail seemed to think that Elliot was Terence's collaborator.

In that case, even though she thought there was no reason to sacrifice himself for her, Liena didn't fully trust Elliot.

Because she knew very well that Elliot was basically a selfish person.

So Liena decided to exclude Elliot and Cecil from her side.

Tara, whom Elliot had once suspected, was on hold for now. Although there were some doubts, losing her would be a painful loss.

Duke Cassius did not give up his decision despite Liena's coherent explanation.

"Still, there is no benefit in starting a business in the current situation. It's better to remain silent for the moment."

"Then you can appoint a representative! I'll take care of everything. Dad, please."

"Representatives also have limitations. You went too far in directing Iver. It would have been a big problem if a guy named Elliot hadn't shown up."

"... Is Dad blaming me?"

"It's not about blaming; it's about teaching. I can't say you have a strong law-abiding spirit, but you went too far."

"Dad, do you know you've changed a bit these days?"

Liena bit her lip and teared up.

"Is it because of Uncle Kayden? After you reconciled with him, you became cold to me."

The former butler of Cassius frequently visited this mansion. There were times when the duke went to visit him first.

"What did he tell Dad?"

"Kayden is not involved. I just decided that you have too much burden on your shoulders right now."

Duke Cassius spoke with a kind expression, as if to console Liena.

"Liena, you've worked hard to take care of this place and the property. In addition to that, it must have been a great burden since you operated up to the highest level. I think because it was so difficult, you made a judgment error and ended up doing the wrong thing."


"Now, leave the territory to Leandro and leave this place to me. It would be better not to do business and live a normal life like other noble ladies. I won't just cover it up and oppose it, so you can have a little romance with His Highness Mikhail."

Liena's eyes widened.

The duke, who was so dissatisfied with her relationship with Mikhail, urged her to date him first.

"Dad, you've definitely changed. Right, brother?"

Liena looked at Leheim, as if seeking consent, but he avoided his younger sister's gaze.

"No, what father said also makes sense... How worried were we about you when you were imprisoned in the palace prison?"


"I can hear everything even if you don't shout so loud. Honestly, I hope you don't do anything risky, especially in business."

A strong shock seized Liena. The two had changed.

In the past, they were people who believed in her no matter the situation and worked hard to make what she wanted happen.

"Since when? When did it start to change?"

Liena could remember it precisely.

It started from the day they discovered the time capsule left by the duchess.

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