IWDFLSB (Novel) Chapter 99




Terence and Vinetta listened to me. The essence of my operation was quite simple.

"I will be the bait. You two, please attack the Divine Beast while I keep its attention."

Both of them opposed unanimously.

"It's not possible!"

"It's dangerous!"

I raised my hand to calm them.

"First, listen to the details of the plan, and then decide."

The two, especially Terence, seemed dissatisfied, but for now, they listened to me in silence.

"The key to this operation is to use the characteristics of the divine beast. In reality, the Divine Beast..."

I explained the plan that had occurred to me in the calmest and briefest way possible.

They remained silent for a moment even after the explanation ended. It seemed like they were predicting the viability and probability of success of the operation.

"I can't agree either."

But Terence quickly shook his head.

"I admit it's a clever idea. But it's too dangerous. If even something doesn't go as expected, you..."

He couldn't continue speaking as if he didn't want to even imagine such a future, and finally managed to let it out.

"You'll die."

I'll die. What a heavy and eerie word.

But sometimes, you have to carry it with you and move forward.

"Terence, I hope we can defeat the Divine Beast and get everyone out of here safe and sound."

"That's right. Then, another plan maybe..."

"But I think if any of us has to die, it should be me."


"Anyway, I'm the one who dragged both of you here. Do you think I'll just watch from a safe place while you two engage in a dangerous battle?"


"I can't do that. If that happens, even if I somehow get out of here unharmed, I won't be able to forgive myself."

If I had nothing to do or if I was sure that Terence and Vinetta could easily defeat the Divine Beast, I would happily have stayed in the corner and cheered them on.

"There's something I can do too. I can help both of you with this."

Vinetta also stepped forward to offer me support.

"If Ethel-nim says so, I'm in."

She scratched her cheek, feeling a bit embarrassed.

"I'm sorry. I always thought of you as someone who needed protection, so I opposed the plan even before hearing it."

"Well. It's true that Vinetta always protected me."

"From now on, let's fight together."

When the situation reached this point, Terence silently bit his lip.

He has been with me for the past few months and has understood well who I am.

"No matter how much I try to stop you, it won't work."

After a time that was neither long nor short, he let out a sigh full of resignation.

I chuckled and said, "If Terence thought my plan was absurd, he would have opposed it to the end, right?"

In the end, he also decided that my strategy was the best course of action we could take in the current situation.

I really liked the way he respected my opinions no matter what.

"But, Ethel."

Terence took off the bracelet he was wearing on his wrist.

It was a magical barrier artifact that I gave to the two before entering the mine.

It has the effect of temporarily forming a protective shield when the user is attacked.

"If you face a crisis that I think you can't avoid."

He lightly squeezed my wrist and brought it closer to me. Then, he began putting the bracelet on me.

This may be the first time he's done something like this, and he did it cautiously and with somewhat clumsy hands.

"I'll run towards you. Even if it means abandoning the role assigned to me."

It was a polite but piercing look.

The hand that managed to put the bracelet on me slowly moved away from my wrist, as if regretful.

I toyed with my wrist, feeling the lingering warmth it left.

"I have one too. I brought two more identical bracelets as a spare. Terence should use this."

"This cloak is enough for me. It's more necessary for Ethel, who will be the bait, than for me."


"If you keep refusing, I'll keep opposing your plan."

The man threatened her with a sweet smile. It felt like dirty play, but I couldn't just stick to my opinion.

"I'll give you one too."

Vinetta even handed me her bracelet. With this, I became a person rich with five identical bracelets.

"Then let's go now."

It would be better not to delay any longer. But Vinetta, standing in front of the crossroads, asked,

"There are two paths. Which one should we take?"

I answered that question.

"It's the same no matter which path you take."


While walking through the tunnel, at some point, I found a relatively large area.

In the center of the place, there was a rock floating in the air that emitted a soft light in all directions.

"You're a foolish and miserable human."

It was a voice that seemed to come from very far away.

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