SYS (Novel) Chapter 403

C403 - Emperor Sword Banquet (8)

Very few people knew what the gray mantle symbolized.

The Specter Corps was not like the Black Knights of Runcandel, a group of Warriors that openly revealed themselves to the world.

The gray-robed figures remained amidst the monsters, watching as the Emperor Sword Castle crumbled.

It seemed as if they were waiting for the central training field's walls to collapse.

Slowly, they approached the central training field.

Are they waiting near the Emperor Sword Castle and came to escort Beradin?

It was possible.

However, Jin couldn't help but feel a strange unease after seeing them.

Somehow, it seemed like they were in control of demonic creatures and living golems.

It was more than just a feeling of unease.

He quickly realized that the living golems were moving away from the direction they were walking.

Ron had an indifferent expression even as he saw this.

It didn't come from indifference but rather from the composure of a Warrior who had reached the peak.


Red-colored mana accumulated in the staff of the gray-robed figure.

Jin had personally experienced that magic in Beradin's village, near the end of his days as a Provisional Flagbearer.

-["Those who call themselves conquerors seem willing to unleash even the Red Abyss just to capture a simple brat; the old Specter Corps would roll in their ugly graves."]

At that time, Misha had told him that the name of that magic was the 'Red Abyss.'

Large red spots began to spread across the aura-saturated sky.

The "Red Abyss," a great chain magical spell that could be called the Final Movements of the Specter Corps, had also faced off against the Shadow Energy of the Black Dragons at that time.

That day had been one of the most dangerous moments in Jin's life.

That's why he remembered it all vividly.

The blood-red swords and chains raining down from the red-tinted sky, the feeling of his palms tearing as he deflected them.

And there was one thing Jin remembered clearly.

-'It's strange; each of them is supplementing the mana to complete the magical spell.'

Jin had felt it while reading the flow of the Red Abyss used by the fifteen members of the Specter Corps.

Based on this fact...

Jin had an intuition that the Red Abyss required a larger number of participants.

'But the mana flow of these guys is too clean.'

The gray-robed figures who had come to Emperor Sword Castle were only six.

Even fifteen struggled and clumsily cast the spell, but these six executed it perfectly.

According to Jin's knowledge of magic, this was undeniably impossible.

At first, Jin thought they had used the Red Abyss of the Specter Corps.

But upon closer examination, it seemed similar but clearly different.

It's not the Specter Corps.

These six are incredibly skilled at imitating the Specter Corps and their Magic Sight Spell.

Jin was the only one who saw it clearly.

First of all, there were very few Warriors who knew about the existence of the Specter Corps.

Moreover, none of them had firsthand experience with the Red Abyss.

There was a possibility that Zipple might attack Hairan, but using a combination of the Specter Corps and demonic creatures was out of place.

Especially after the incident in the Holy Kingdom, it would be madness to associate monsters and endanger their reputation.

'It's not Zipple. That leaves Kinzelo and Vermont. The former seems more likely to attack Hairan for various reasons. It's strange to think that the Emperor would orchestrate something like this just to undermine Ron-nim's authority.'


Jin felt irritated by what these people might be plotting this time.

There had to be a reason for them to stage such a clumsy act, pretending to be Zipple's secret mage unit.

The magical spell of the gray-robed figures resonated in the surroundings.

Red swords and chains made of mana rained from the red spots in the sky.

It may not have matched the Red Abyss of the genuine Specter Corps, but this spell, also a great chain spell in the hands of mages of equal caliber, contained terrifying destructive power.

Murakan and the Dragons couldn't stop it all.

They were preoccupied dealing with the continuous onslaught of gigantic monsters on the ground, so they couldn't halt it unless their role was to neutralize that only.

"It's uncomfortable to use my Authority in Vermont, but we have no choice."

In the end, Quikantel decided to transform into her true form and wield the authority of time.

[Enya, extend the fire shield. Don't get too far from me.]


Quikantel didn't take to the skies but directed her power towards the sky.

The silver waves emanating from her forehead continued to envelop the chain magic spell.

The situation on the ground seemed to improve significantly as the Authority of Time and the Fire Shield were deployed.

However, the increasing casualties could not be avoided.

Among the Warriors, some suffered mortal wounds or died instantly.


A woman cried out in pain as she was thrown to the ground.


Bishkel shouted with a bloodthirsty voice.

She was rolling on the ground with her wheelchair, which was crushed by the fragments of the chain magic spell.

Bishkel had been fiercely attacking anything that threatened her sister since before, whether it was the flesh and bones of the monsters, mana cannons, or the chain magic spell, showing no mercy to anyone who posed a threat.

Bishkel didn't harm everyone, but for those who indiscriminately attacked her sister to the point of being a threat, she showed no mercy.

Bouvard was already seriously injured and could barely stand behind Bishkel.

In the midst of the chaos of slashing monsters, Jin happened to see that scene.

Strangely, seeing Margiella in such a precarious state turned his doubts into certainties.

But it seemed that Margiella didn't care if she got caught; in fact, she was confident that Jin had already identified the culprit.

When their gazes met...

Margiella said through lip-reading,

"You'll benefit a lot from this, Jin-nim."

Jin could read it clearly.

Margiella's confident look indicated that Kinzelo had already achieved his goal.

"...I see. Kinzelo doesn't care if we discover that those who imitate the Specter Corps are not Zipple's people."

Jin looked around as he thought about this.

Discomfort sent shivers down Jin's spine, but he couldn't confront the situation right there.

The number of colossal monsters emerging from the underground showed no signs of decreasing.


With a roar, the ominous sound of the ground collapsing resonated all around, creating pits in all directions.

People fell into these newly formed pits, leaving behind long screams.

However, the brave efforts of the knights of the Emperor Sword Castle and the Warriors had not been in vain.

More than half of those who had been in the central training field had managed to escape.

Nevertheless, as long as the demonic creatures from the outside continued to attack the outer wall, their safety could not be guaranteed until the enemy was completely defeated.

Who would have thought that this attack was orchestrated by Kinzelo?

The means to prove it were limited, and even if they captured Bishkel's group and tried to interrogate them, they might not confess.

Although Hairan, supported by a pillar named Ron, would confront the enemy directly.

The other small and medium-sized clans affected by this attack had different circumstances.

Among the victims, rumors would circulate that Hairan was using Kinzelo to conceal the fact that it was attacked by Zipple.

Even if Ron would probably silence it, Hairan's reputation would never be the same as before.

Of course, Zipple would extend a helping hand to the troubled Hairan.

Or, if the Emperor Sword Castle demanded explanations, Zipple could accuse Hairan, saying:

"Hairan is using them after being attacked by other forces."

In any case, Hairan was suffering significant losses.

'Ron-nim would probably reject any deal offered by Zipple even if they're not behind this, and this incident would end with Hairan looking like a fool.'

That was Jin's assessment.

So, what did Kinzelo intend to gain from this?

'Hostile relationship of Hairan with Zipple. Kinzelo probably hoped that other major clans would more actively restrict Zipple.'

It might be a wild assumption.

However, Jin concluded that he would be perfectly safe if he didn't let the "final piece" of this event slip by.

'I have to report this to Ron-nim!'

The gray-robed figures were retracting their chain spell.

It seemed like they were preparing for a new attack rather than planning to launch it again.

Then, a beam of light was fired at the gray-robed figures.

The beam pierced through four gigantic monsters, crushed hundreds of living golems, and tore through layer after layer of protective shields until it finally pierced the chest of one of the gray-robed figures.

The gray-robed figures, now reduced to five, dispersed and began to reestablish their protective shields.

"Do you think you could deceive me by wearing those gray robes? I've heard that those guys are Octavia Zipple's subordinates."

Despite having already killed more than a hundred gigantic monsters and thousands of living golems, Ron's energy continued to grow.

To Ron, the number of demonic creatures and living golems made no sense, like grains of sand in a storm.

However, there was a reason he couldn't just end the situation.

The guests who had arrived at the Emperor Sword Castle were being held hostage.

Ron felt his insides boiling for the first time in a long while.

The anger surging within him was even more intense than when he recognized his defeat in the competition against Cyron.

"Ron Hairan, you're mistaken. Deceiving you was never part of our plan from the beginning."

"Whatever your plan is, I'll make you spit it out bit by bit as I crush your mouth. So, have you shown everything you can?"

The gray-robed figures remained silent as they prepared to shatter the last piece of the puzzle in Jin's mind.


Ron turned his gaze towards Jin.

"There's something more important than killing them. We have to find Beradin."


"If Beradin returns to his clan injured, it will be difficult to handle Kinzelo's plot. Surely Hairan will openly become hostile to Zipple."

Ron's eyes widened at Jin's words.

In an instant, all the scenarios Jin had considered passed through Ron's mind.

Jin was right.

If Beradin didn't return unharmed, regardless of how the situation developed afterward...

Hairan and Zipple would inevitably become enemies.

Even if Kinzelo continued to feign ignorance, even if the victims suspected Hairan, even if Zipple used it to pressure Hairan. As long as Beradin returned to his clan without a scratch, they would be able to handle all these situations properly.

Though their faces were hidden by the robes, Jin could sense their expressions of bewilderment.

He could also see from behind the distorted faces of Bishkel's group, pretending to be injured.

"There are likely more mages of their level, and they might be pursuing Beradin!"

Ron opened his eyes.

"Can I entrust this to you, Jin Runcandel?"

Ron had a duty to save the members of his clan and the guests who were dying in front of him.

"Of course, Ron-nim. I will accept it as an honor."

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