SYS (Novel) Chapter 420

C420 - Treason (3)


"A reward, you say?"

Dante and Beradin asked at the same time.

"Yes, Young Patriarch."

"Hairan is also His Majesty's territory, so does he want to show gratitude to Jin for protecting it?"

"I see."

Dante's expression darkened.

It was due to the Emperor's abominable deal.

He was praising Jin in front and pressuring Hairan from behind.

Dante couldn't openly express his displeasure due to his temperament and naturally gentle speech, but he felt quite upset inside.

The knight delivering the news also seemed to be suppressing his devastated feelings.

"That bastard... Dante is such a good person, and he doesn't appreciate it."

Dante and the knight shuddered, and their eyes widened in surprise when Beradin spoke in such a manner out of the blue.

They had never heard anyone address the Emperor like that before.

Not even Ron, who was famous for not using honorifics with the Emperor, had ever uttered such disrespectful words.

"I think it's time to take a look at the palace the courtiers dare to call the Celestial Palace. How lucky."

Jin added these words.

Dante and the knight reflexively looked around.

They knew there were no attentive ears, but it was a reflex act.

Aside from this incident, Jin had never had favorable feelings towards the Emperor.

Jin had participated several times in the Special Forces and, not long ago, had even clashed with the Imperial Guard in the Wantaramo forest.

Moreover, the Emperor didn't respect the Tikan Free City, and the fact that he was secretly working on something called the "Demon Man." Therefore, the Emperor was up to no good.

"Ahem, hmm. Friends. He's still the supreme ruler of the Empire..."

"Neither Jin nor I are citizens of Vermont, so it's fine. No problem."

In the end, Dante smiled awkwardly. He felt relieved after hearing his friends' words.

"I'm glad you're here."

"Yes, I feel the same. Dante!"

Dante and Beradin looked at Jin simultaneously.

They seemed to want to say the same, with that expression on their faces.

Jin ignored their small wishes, but it was clear that his words had warmed their hearts.

"I wonder what kind of gift the emperor will give me. Can I go right now?"

"Yes, Jin-nim."

Jin stood up from his seat and stretched his body.

"It happens that other factions are also leaving the Sword Emperor's Castle today, so I think I'll visit the palace before heading home."

"So suddenly?"

Beradin widened his eyes and asked.

"It's not sudden. You've just arrived, but I've been here for about two weeks. We've sorted things out regarding our conversation, so it's time for me to go home. The Flagbearers of Runcandel are very busy, you know."

Dante also felt disappointed like Beradin, but he couldn't hold Jin back.

Jin could go home whenever he wanted from the beginning.

If there had been another Flagbearer at the site of the terrorist attack instead of Jin, Hairan wouldn't even have asked them to stay until the investigation was over.

Jin had spent his time solely helping Dante as a friend.

Now, it was time for him to go back and take care of his own responsibilities.

"But I've just arrived."

"Yes, now go back and make sure Zipple presses Hairan seriously. You're busy too."

"I'm sad..."

Jin turned to his friends once again, just before leaving the basement chamber with the knight.

Beradin looked dejected, and Dante was consoling him.

"No matter what the situation, everything will be fine as long as the three of us don't betray each other."

A small smile appeared on Jin's face as he saw his friends nodding vigorously.

If he had been born as the eldest in a normal family instead of Runcandel, perhaps he would have had younger siblings like them.

Suddenly, that thought crossed Jin's mind.

"Take care, Jin. We'll see each other soon. Then we'll grab a drink."

"Take care, my friend."

Jin left with the knight.

The bright sunlight stung his eyes as he exited.

The Sword Emperor's Castle, half-destroyed and blackened, created a eerie atmosphere under the clear sky without a single cloud.

"I must bid farewell to Ron-nim. Where is he?"

"I'll accompany you."

Ron was sitting alone in the almost destroyed training ground.

Strangely, the seat of the Sword Emperor in the training ground remained intact despite everything being in ruins.

To Jin, it seemed to symbolize Hairan's situation.

No matter how much they attacked him from inside and out, in the end, the great knight Ron Hairan would protect that seat.

"Did the Emperor summon you?"

Ron spoke upon sensing Jin's presence, and the knight stepped aside.


"Royalty has a talent for summoning busy people, don't they? You'll go there and probably hear the obvious."

Ron's attitude toward Jin had changed.

He no longer saw Jin as the 'demon' possessing his grandson.

Since the terrorist attack, Jin had shown not only his skills but also his loyalty and affection for Dante.

"How's your health?"

"Not very good."

It was true that Ron had suffered severe injuries facing Kinzelo, but they didn't endanger his life.

However, Ron's injuries were not improving but worsening over time, to the point of casting a shadow over the rigid body of a 10-star knight.

"It's a big problem."

Dante was unaware of Ron's physical condition.

Only Jin and a handful of Ron's closest aides knew the truth.

"It is indeed a big problem. This Ron Hairan has to rely on you to protect his grandson; it's quite a situation."

It was a carefree tone.

It wasn't arrogance but rather confidence stemming from the belief that there wouldn't be significant issues even with such injuries.

But if it turned out Ron's injuries were much more severe than known, it would naturally cause significant problems in Hairan's current situation.

"I don't know if it was that aura of the crimson sword or some other factor. I thought if the day came when I suffered internal injuries I couldn't control, it would definitely be the day I clashed swords with your father... It's shocking that I've suffered so much at the hands of the leader of a group that until recently was known as a third-rate terrorist organization."

"His identity hasn't been revealed, but he must be a formidable demon."

"That's right. He couldn't use his full power due to his current state, but he must be at the same level as your father when he fully recovers."

Jin didn't see Ron's assessment as an insult to his father.

He thought the same.


Ron let out a deep sigh.

It wasn't because of his injuries.

It was because he felt a choking sensation in his chest thinking about how his grandson would have to fight such a being in the future.

He hoped the second generation of the major factions would fiercely compete with each other, and Dante would eventually emerge victorious...

But it seems it's not time for such flattering fantasies.

To face a demon like that, it wouldn't be enough for the second generation to compete with each other; they would have to fight hard.

This applied not only to demons but also to Zipple.

"What do you think of Beradin Zipple?"

-Grandpa. If magic could manipulate a human's mind and memories at will, would you believe it?

The words his grandson had spoken at the banquet.

Since then, Ron hadn't stopped worrying about mental manipulation.

"On the surface, he seems fine. We have no way of confirming whether his mind has been manipulated or not for the moment."

"Hidden demons, mental manipulation... It's a dirty and difficult era if you only think about these things. When I was young, I could conquer the world with just one sword."

"It was simple and romantic."

"Your father was the one who realized that romanticism, not me."

Ron shrugged and looked at the clear sky as if he wanted to pierce through it.

There seemed to be a hint of bitterness in the deep wrinkles surrounding his eyes.

"After we distinguish between friends and enemies, and once this side is resolved, I'll help you take the Runcandel throne more easily."

Ron didn't say he would make the impossible happen.

Ron knew Jin would take the Runcandel throne, so he would help him take it more comfortably.

Ron no longer had any doubts that Jin would become the Patriarch of Runcandel.

He couldn't imagine how the other Flagbearer of Runcandel would handle this steel behemoth.

"Thanks just for your kind words, Ron-nim."

"You can go now."


"Oh, and..."

When Jin turned around, Ron smiled wickedly, and there was a hint of malevolence in his smile.

"Tell it to the Emperor."

"What should I tell him?"

"In many ways, it's good to make wise decisions."

"I'll let him know."


In the capital of Vermont, you could turn your head to see the majestic view of the Imperial Palace no matter where you were.

The gigantic bright yellow spires rose as if touching the clouds, the expanding palaces beneath them, the four rivers surrounding the palace, and the extensive white-paved roads weaving through it all.

Citizens took pride in the grandeur of their greatest architectural masterpiece and often referred to it as the 'Celestial Palace' instead of the Imperial Palace.

Compared to the Vermont Imperial Palace, any other palace in the world would seem like a miserable pile of stones.

The palace looks completely different up close than it did from afar before my regression.

He had heard it was luxurious and grand, but...

Jin had no idea it would be on such a majestic scale.


He couldn't see a speck of dirt on the wide roads that seemed to stretch hundreds of steps and left him wondering how many caretakers were responsible for their maintenance.

Clack, clack...

The royal carriage carrying Jin stopped smoothly, and the guards lined up in a row raised their swords.

Jin accepted the sword ceremony with naturalness, and the Emperor had been watching the scene with his eunuchs from the upper floors of the spire.

"What do you think, will Jin Runcandel accept the Emperor's offer?"

The eunuchs didn't respond to the Emperor's question and simply nodded.

"Well, I guess it couldn't be predicted in advance. I asked you a meaningless question."

Again, the eunuchs nodded.

In reality, the eunuchs brought to the spire by the Emperor had long lost their voices, so they couldn't respond even if they wanted to.

"Instead, I can get a glimpse of Jin Runcandel's basic disposition through you."


Suddenly, the Emperor threw open the window and grabbed the eunuch nearest to him by the neck.

He lifted the eunuch, then threw him out the window without hesitation.

The eunuch couldn't scream, but Jin didn't miss the sight of the eunuch plummeting to the ground.

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