SYS (Novel) Chapter 422

C422 - Emperor (2)

"...Look at that confidence."

A soft laugh escaped Jin's lips.

He expected some kind of alliance proposal as a pretext for a reward.

Everyone knew that the Empire had betrayed Hairan.

So it was obvious why the Emperor had separately summoned Jin to offer him a reward.

"The power to swallow Runcandel and oppose Zipple, right?"

"How do you see it? It's a very tempting offer, isn't it?"

Jin looked at the Emperor's bright eyes for a moment.

Still, he's the Emperor of the Empire; he has quite a strong gaze.

It wasn't easy to read what was behind those eyes.

"Do you know?"

"What are you talking about?"

"A few days ago, I showcased my skills in the Garden of Swords. That day, I declared that I would become the patriarch."

"It's impossible for him not to know. The majesty you showed that day was named 'The Return of the Family of Magic Swordsmen and the Declaration of Patriarchy.' Even the bards of Vermont sang your song for a while. I liked that song too, and I ordered the Imperial Orchestra to play it."

"I'm embarrassed that such a thing happened. Anyway, the reason I made that declaration in front of everyone is simple. I already have the power to become the patriarch."

The Emperor blinked softly at Jin's words.

"I've heard that most members of the Elder Council, as well as the Execution Knights and the Black Knights, have already fallen into the hands of the Second Flagbearer. Moreover, your forces seem quite weak."

Jin couldn't help but laugh again at that.

That's how outsiders see me.


There was a time when that was undoubtedly true.

A time when Jin was in Storm Castle, and his only ally was Gilly.

However, since he awakened Murakan from the secret underground library of Storm Castle...

Jin's power had never been considered weak in absolute terms.

Murakan had lost some of his strength, but he could ascend to the ranks of the strongest at any time if given the opportunity to recover.

In addition to Murakan, there were Luna, his comrades from Tikan Free City, Lafrarosa's Tribe of Legends, the Holy Kingdom, Misha, Solderet's arrangements, the small beastmen, Wantaramo Forest, Ron and Dante from Hairan.

Furthermore, within Runcandel itself, there were Yona, some Elders and knights who had shown favor to Jin after the declaration of patriarchy...

And Beradin in his usual state.

Apart from these, there were also considerable potential allies.

Currently, Jin's power was one of the most notable in the world, and his potential for expansion in the future was also significant.

However, he couldn't help but find it amusing to hear the word "weak."

"Your well-crafted public image serves you well. I know the power you hide is enormous."

"I don't need the Emperor's help to the extent you're suggesting."

"Well, even if you don't know the power of Runcandel's Second Flagbearer... I thought you knew the power of Zipple."

"Is there anyone in the world who doesn't know the power they have?"

"Their power is like an iceberg, and even a fraction of it can overwhelm the entire world. I ask you if you've ever glimpsed what lies beneath the surface of Zipple. If you have..."

The Emperor paused for a moment.

Then he shivered, recalling the "true power" of Zipple that he had briefly glimpsed.

It was hard to tell whether the tremor was excitement or fear.

"Regardless of whom you encounter, you can't say you don't need help."

"It seems the Emperor fears Zipple."

"Isn't it natural to fear them?"

"A moment ago, you said you might know me a little, but now you're talking nonsense."

"The first patriarch of Runcandel, Temar Runcandel."

The Emperor suddenly mentioned that name.

But Jin maintained a serene expression.

What other faction is looking for Temar's tomb?
Who do you think it is?
Right! But that's not all.
Even the Vermont Imperial Family is looking for the tomb of the first patriarch of Runcandel. Their movements have been exposed to them.
A recent conversation between Jin and Margiella when Berakt came to look for Rosa.

Jin then first learned that forces other than Runcandel and Zipple were looking for Temar's tomb.

Even more surprising was the fact that Vermont was interested in Temar's remains.

He didn't expect him to bring up the topic of Temar first.

Jin fixed his gaze on the Emperor and waited for his next words.

"According to records, that man had a power stronger than anyone in history. It is said that no one from his time could do anything against Temar Runcandel..."

"Where is this record?"

"But even he couldn't cross the wall called Zipple. Do you think you can face that great evil alone?"

"I asked, where is this record?"

"I'll show it to you if you become mine."

Jin released a powerful aura without warning and erupted like a volcano.

The ground cracked beneath him, and the air instantly became heavy and fell downward.

Although it was the Emperor's palace, there was no reason for Jin to restrain his anger after hearing such words.

Temar is an ancestor of Runcandel, and no one can dare to mention a record that not even Runcandel himself knows.

The Imperial Guard began to move...

But the Emperor raised his hand to stop them.

Jin didn't release any more of his aura.

"The Emperor has halted his swords, so I'll consider this your apology for what you just said."

Jin spoke calmly.

He remembered the "Demon Man" from Vermont he had encountered in the Wantaramo Forest.

Vermont was trying to complete Demon Men using Temar's remains.

Jin had harbored such suspicions since their encounter in the Wantaramo Forest.

Now, those suspicions were approaching certainty after his encounter with the Emperor.

If he became sure, he wouldn't hesitate to annihilate the imperial family.

"And I'll give you a warning, Emperor. If, by chance, you get hold of the first patriarch's body and create a miserable puppet or something similar... all of Vermont's history spanning thousands of years will be in vain."

"Jojojo, talking to you feels like walking on a tightrope."

"As long as you find clues about the tomb of Runcandel's first patriarch, you must report to Runcandel, no matter what."

The Emperor showed no anger or discomfort no matter how much Jin spoke.

"I'll think about it after you become the king of master swordsmen."

He seemed to say it casually, but his intention was clear.

You probably can't become the Guardian without my help, the Emperor was hinting.

"Well, it seems we can't become allies now. But let's leave it at that; I've already decided to reward you..."

The Emperor paused and clapped his hands as if remembering something.

"Hairan. How about you take charge of that entire clan? I called you to reward you for saving Hairan in the first place."

"You talk as if you can handle Hairan at your will."

"Of course, there's nothing in Vermont that the Emperor can't handle."

"Loyalty must come first to take control of a clan. Even if the Emperor grants me his governance, can I expect Ron-nim and Dante to swear loyalty to me? It would be laughable," Jin said.

"Don't complicate simple things too much. Do you really think there's no way?"

"Having Dante as a hostage to pressure Ron-nim?"

"Not a bad idea, but there are some other options."

"I did my best to minimize the damage to Hairan during the terrorist attack. Do you think I would stab Hairan in the back like the Imperial Family?"


It was the first time the Emperor showed such intense emotions during their conversation.

He seemed puzzled.

He didn't understand why Jin would protect Hairan.

"I was very curious when I heard that you were active in the Emperor Sword's Castle. This terrorist attack could benefit Runcandel a lot, so I couldn't understand why you were protecting Hairan. What is the reason?"

"I don't need a big reason to help a friend."

"...What did you say, a friend?"

The Emperor abruptly rose from his seat and shouted as if he couldn't believe it.

"Are you saying you will give up such benefits just for that?"

The Emperor vividly expressed his disappointment...

But Jin shrugged off the Emperor's strong reaction.

"Is that a problem?"

The Emperor, who had just sat down, sighed.

"The feeling of excitement and emotion I felt during our conversation seems to have cooled now. I didn't expect you to utter such weak words..."

"Is it disappointing?"

"Yes, and because of that, you will find it difficult to survive in future battles."

"I have always survived being like this."

Now, the Emperor's eyes showed confusion, but he quickly regained composure and shook his head.


"Yes, Your Majesty."

"Hand over the gold crown to Jin Runcandel."

Upon hearing this, Jin bowed briefly and turned to leave.

"Jin-nim," the Emperor called out as he was starting to leave the throne room, and said:

"From today, it is safe to say that the possibility of you and I becoming allies has faded. Make sure to understand it, and the next time we meet... behave with more decorum."

Based on their conversation, the Emperor had come to the conclusion that he must choose a side instead of walking the middle path as he had been doing.

He concluded that there was no need to join forces with Runcandel.

He would never consider it unless he saw new potential in someone else in Runcandel.

So the Emperor was telling him that after this, there would be no deal like the one he had received today.

"By the way, I almost forgot. Ron-nim asked me to convey a message to the Emperor. He said it would be wise to make your decisions carefully in many aspects."

The Emperor did not respond, and Jin concluded his farewell words.

"In other words, it means you should choose your side wisely. So that you won't regret it."

Jin left the throne room...

And the Emperor remained for a while staring at the place where Jin had been.

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