IBAWWMB (Novel) Chapter 188



"It's not as good as Seymour, but the garden here is well-maintained.

Isidor, who was caressing my earlobe, took my hand again and spoke to me kindly. On the snow-covered garden path, as delicate as silk, our footprints were engraved side by side.

"But there are no trees in this area."

"Oh, I left the garden and the empty glass greenhouse to make a new one. When spring comes, I'll call in a plant expert and actively decorate it."

"Why a flower garden all of a sudden?"

"I heard that the princess likes to see flowers."

"You don't need a new one just because of my flower observation..."

"Well, you don't have to do it. You can look at yourself in the mirror every morning."


"They say the princess is a thousand times more dazzling than a flower."

"Hey, stop it!"

In the end, when I couldn't resist the embarrassment and squeezed his hand, he closed his mouth.

"Does it hurt?"

"No. I was so moved that I couldn't speak. It seems like you're getting stronger, so you'll live a longer and healthier life with me."

Isidor, who said something she didn't understand whether it was serious or a joke, naturally escorted her into the mansion.

"There are very few servants today."

"I wanted to spend the holidays with the minimum number of people. It's the end of the year... I don't want to be bothered because there are many fans..."

While taking off the soaked coat, he added something small.

"By the way, when do you rest?"

"I'm going to take a long vacation at the beginning of the year. Why don't we go out to play together after talking?"


While removing his leather gloves with a smile, Isidor's cheeks gradually reddened, and he tilted his head.


"The ring, I didn't know you were wearing it."

"I always wear it."

"...right. Always."

He was so clever before, but it's cute to see him rubbing his neck, not knowing what to do with just one ring.

"Hmm! Come this way."


He took the lead with a persistent blushing face.

As I passed through the hallway decorated with all kinds of treasures and reached the hall with a large sofa, something ran in front of me with a loud noise.

Quickly, I held Cookie, hanging from my skirt, in my arms and gently stroked its fur.

"Long time no see."

"Tch. That's my seat."

Isidor touched Cookie's pink nose and lightly tapped it.

"Princess, do you want tea or juice?"

"I would like some juice."

I sat on the comfortable sofa and looked around the room, while stroking Cookie.

It was winter, and the floor was covered with thick carpets, and the large fireplace was filled with firewood, giving it a year-end atmosphere. And meanwhile, there was something that stood out.

"Isidor, are you studying geography these days? Well, it might be useful for knight training."

I said, pointing to the map of the capital where a red line was marked. Isidor put down his tea cup and opened his mouth.

"I use it when I plan date courses."



He cut a piece of cake and brought it to my confused lips.

"Oh? This is really delicious."

"Come here often. I'll prepare you a lot of delicious food."


"How's the room temperature? Are you not cold?"

"It's fine."

Every time he took care of this and that, she felt embarrassed.

It's not the first time they're alone like this, but when he approached her and rested his head on her shoulder, she unconsciously inhaled.

"...Are you uncomfortable?"

"It's not that..."


"Actually, I'm a little nervous. Maybe because it's been a while since we saw each other like this."

Or maybe it's because Isidor's face feels new every time she sees it.

"Really? You look calm."

The advantage of this face is that it doesn't distinguish when I'm surprised or excited.

"Feel. My heart is beating very fast."

I pulled his hand to my heart.

"Did you feel it!?"


As soon as he moved his hand away from my chest, he ruffled his hair with a touch of nervousness.

"My hair, I think it's messy."

"Then let me fix it."

Cookie raised its head in surprise when I stroked its owner's head like a puppy and then lowered to the ground. Isidor, who occupied the empty space, hugged me tightly and smiled slightly.

"It feels good."


-It feels really good. So let's see each other often.

He said with a voice that came from the depths of his heart, and I laughed heartily without realizing it.

* * *

-I am not satisfied.


-It means that greed is still increasing.

Isidor squeezed his temples. Returning the princess to Seymour is becoming more and more difficult.

Spending time with her, both comfortable and warm, easily excited him.

When she shared her warm body temperature and gave him a gentle smile, he felt like his heart was melting.

Isidor, who had not been able to communicate sincerely with others, learned for the first time such sweet, painful, and charming sensations through Deborah.

At first, it was good to have mutual feelings, but he felt like he would lose his mind because he was happy that she accepted his heart.

After getting engaged, his desire to live together suddenly grew, and he became impatient.

-We must prepare the ceremonial hall...

Miguel's eyes widened at Isidor's comments.

-Have you reached an agreement with Duke Seymour?

-There is nothing wrong with preparing in advance. Of course, you'll have to move discreetly.

-If caught, what will you do?

... I'm joking. I'm joking.

-Don't joke like that, sir. You know the personality of the Seymour lineage from experience.

To be honest, Miguel still couldn't believe that Princess Deborah, with the blood of a cold snake, was the incarnation of the Holy. And there were times when the master, who had to deal with the formidable snakes behind the princess, was pitiable.

-My father's personality is like a sword.

(N/T: He used the word 아버님. It's a very formal word, usually used for other people's fathers. In this case, referring to his father-in-law.)

-Did you already decide to call him father?

Let's cancel the pitiable word.

If someone heard it, they would think he had been married for 10 years instead of being engaged.

-It's not a mutually agreed-upon title yet, but it will be soon.

-Oh, yes...

-I'll have to visit my father with a New Year's gift. I think it's because I'll be on vacation for a week from the 1st to the 7th.

That's why he's been awake all night like crazy.

-Yes, sir!

His boss's holidays are his own holidays. Even a whole week!

His favoritism towards the future hostess has increased once again.

"By the way, he will be in the duchy of Seymour on New Year's."

Miguel shook his head, feeling that not everyone could be by the Saint's side.


[How have you been so far, Duke Seymour? ... (omitted) When the New Year comes, I'll come and greet you.]

-Ummm. He says he'll come on the first day of the New Year...

Duke Seymour looked at Isidor's letter and scratched his chin several times.

Indeed, the first week of the New Year was a holiday period for the Astani Empire, to sit in front of the fireplace with their families and have fun.

However, the nobility, especially the direct line of Seymour, had no reason to sit in a private annex and spend New Year's Day. In particular, Duke Seymour was even busier at the beginning of the year, as he had to review the tower management plan and the family budget.

"I've spent so much time working with indifference..."

This period didn't mean much, but when Isidor sent a letter saying he would visit for New Year's, Duke Seymour felt complicated.


To be honest, he didn't feel bad.

He has to say that Isidor, who already cares about this place as if it were his family, is as unique as a bean. He won't hear good things if he comes here, but despite the inconvenience, it seems he's quite good at taking care of the adults during the New Year.

"In fact, apart from him, there is no other suitable alternative."

He seems quite decent, but he can't stand him standing next to his daughter.

"Besides, I owe him my life."

Maybe because they went through the commotion together, Duke Seymour was accepting Isidor like a garment dampened by drizzle, and on the other hand, he wasn't familiar with himself.

-... First, let's prepare dinner. We have to welcome the guests.

-Yes, Duke. How many meals do you want to prepare?

When asked how many portions to prepare, Duke Seymour paused.

-Ask the boys if they have time tomorrow night.

They're all busy anyway. On New Year's Day, the eldest son won't stay close to home because he's networking at various social gatherings.

The second son, who is an artifact developer, must be busy writing a plan to get the budget for the newly established tower. Still, the youngest member will have time because he has drastically reduced his tight tutoring schedule.

-It's winter, but it would be better to take out the strawberries in advance.

Said the Duke of Seymour, remembering Enrique, who had saved the strawberries from the cream cake until the end.

-And find out...

-Yes? What thing?

-In addition to strawberries, find out what Enrique wants to eat.

The blunt and clumsy father added with embarrassment.

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