IWDFLSB (Novel) Chapter 111




The maid continued speaking hesitantly.

"The chamberlain is outside now. He said we should quickly bring Her Majesty the Empress before His Majesty the Emperor."


The Empress fell silent and brought her palm to her forehead as if she had a headache.

"Your Majesty the Empress..."

"Understood. Tell him to wait a moment."

She responded to the maid who was hesitantly moving her feet and then looked at me.

Her eyes were still sharp, but a bit less venomous than before.

"I don't exactly know how things are going, but I received a great shock."

It was an unexpectedly calm tone of voice.

"Ethel Wallace, I underestimated you and the Second Prince."

"That's exaggerated."

"No, I actually had to underestimate you. That way, there will be hope for Mikhail and me."

"...Your Majesty?"

The Empress paused for a moment and then opened her mouth with difficulty.

"I will invite you later; would you like to visit the Empress's palace? I would like to formally apologize for the mistake I made."


"Of course, I know that just an apology won't make you feel better, as what I did was troublesome. But I want to apologize."

I was surprised. Regardless of whether the Empress was a good or bad person, it wasn't an easy decision for someone who had reached that level to bow.

And that too, to the person she had underestimated and been hostile to until a moment ago.

"Your Majesty, how could one face such a woman...?"

"Please stop talking."

Just looking at the maids who were surprised to see their mistress apologizing was enough to see how unusual this was.

"They are being noisy! What kind of rude language are you using with my guest!"

The Empress scolded the maids and then looked at me.

"Don't worry about that. They broke etiquette because they care a lot about me."

"It's okay. I don't mind."

"But they still have to apologize. Now, apologize. Right this instant!"

The Empress raised a stern voice towards the hesitant maids.


"Please forgive me."

I was a bit impressed when I saw the maids blush and bow their heads to me.

"The Empress is indeed the Empress. She has not been managing the empire in vain."

Now, receiving an apology doesn't make me feel more sympathetic to the person who tried to steal my mine, but I'll admit what I have to admit.

It was her great ability to quickly change her attitude and become discreet while enduring shame.

This was even truer considering that many high-ranking people were at a disadvantage because they couldn't bend when they should due to their pride.

Furthermore, it also meant that the Empress's situation was not so good as to have to bow to me.

I calmly analyzed the position the Empress was currently in.

"The uncontrollable son, the husband who is gradually losing trust in his son, the illegitimate son who stands out, the relationship between the parents whose relationship has become delicate due to the son favoring Cassius..."

Moreover, since Mikhail had been dethroned and Terence had connected the imperial family with a top-level magic stone mine, the Empress might have been impatient.

That impatience led her to the reckless decision to steal a mine.

I also had a vague idea of why the Empress had been pressuring me more than necessary a moment ago.

[—"Do you really think the Imperial Knights will protect your mine?

—Ah, are you believing in the contract you made with the second prince?]

Those words that seemed aimed at breaking my will were actually intended to convince the Empress herself.

Because she herself felt uncomfortable about this reckless plan.

The Empress observed me carefully.

"Why, don't you even want to accept my apologies?"

"Your Majesty, I would like to ask you just one question."

I paused for a moment and then opened my mouth.

"Accepting Your Majesty's apologies means providing the magic stones from my mine to Duke Birod? If that's the case, I won't accept this apology."

The Empress took a deep breath and closed her eyes.

"...Yes. Surely, you wouldn't."

As expected, the main reason the current Empress bowed to me was for her biological family, Duke Birod.

The Empress's father, Duke Birod, was once a strong ally of Mikhail, but since his grandson sided with Cassius, he has shown a lukewarm attitude.

He still supports Mikhail, but feels that he is a step away from him.

This time, sending rank-and-file soldiers to the mine would have been special support, but what was the result?

Seeing that the emperor even invited Duke Birod to the imperial palace, the glory enjoyed by the Birod family may have ended here.

"In such a situation, the opportunity for the family to take a leap forward again is the top-level magic stone mine, isn't it?"

Now that I think about it, magic stones were an essential element in the artifact business that Duke Birod had started to revive his stagnating family.

The higher the quality of the magic stone, the more powerful the artifact.

The Empress apologized to me obediently because she felt sorry for the family because of Mikhail.

I thought that the Empress, who was caught between her son and her parents, must also feel very complicated. Although it was none of my business.

"I don't have the kindness to give my magic stones to someone who tried to take away my property."

"...I understand."

"I have no desire to receive an apology with hidden motives."

"I know! I know!"

The Empress slammed the table.

"But please help our family just this once! I'll give you a higher price than anywhere else!"

"Your Majesty, please calm down."

"My family is in danger because of my wrong judgment, so how can I calm down...?"

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