IWDFLSB (Novel) Chapter 112




Liena is using the blessing.

The moment I learned that fact, my body moved without my knowledge.

"Your Majesty, it would be better if you went to the Emperor now."

I gently took the gift package from Liena that the Empress was about to receive and handed it to the Empress's maid standing beside her.


Liena, who had focused only on the Empress until now, finally noticed me behind her, and her rabbit-like eyes turned.

"Oh... yes."

It was somewhat audacious to dare to intervene and stop the Empress's actions, but the Empress showed no signs of reprimanding me.

"You're right."

The Empress seemed a bit dazed, shook her head a couple of times, and spoke to Duchess Luciano.

"See you later."

The Empress left, and I was about to leave too.

"Sister-in-law, wait a moment."

However, Liena didn't let me go easily either.

"I divorced young Duke Cassius, didn't I? Why am I still your sister-in-law?"

"...It hurts my heart when you act so coldly."

While watching each other's dark sides in the mining city, Liena seemed determined to continue the family fun.

"Should I even care about the feelings of the person who tried to steal my mine?"

"Someday, my sister-in-law will understand that I had no choice but to do that."

It was so absurd that I almost burst out laughing.

"Do I need to understand what His Highness the First Prince did for you this time?"

"What? Mikha-, or rather, His Highness, what did he do?"

Just by looking at her, Liena seemed unaware of what Mikhail and the Empress had done by mobilizing Birod's rank-and-file soldiers. Although she could simply be pretending not to know.

When I didn't respond, Liena tilted her head and then smiled brightly.

"Rather, would you like to have tea with us from now on? I was planning a tea party at Mikhail's palace with Duchess Luciano."

Then, she charmingly asked the duchess.

"Is it alright for my sister-in-law to join us?"

Duchess Luciano, who looked at me disapprovingly, nodded slowly.

"Well, if Miss Liena wishes."

Duchess Luciano. A person who has a high probability of being affected by Liena's blessing.

Indeed, to further ensure the effectiveness of my blessing, I wanted to use it on someone other than Roland.

"But with Liena in the same place, it's difficult in many ways."

It's unclear whether my blessing will work correctly, and if Liena senses something and becomes suspicious of me, things will become more troublesome.

"I refuse. I don't think we should have tea together."

While saying that, I walked past Liena.

"Hah! Who does this woman think she is?"

The voice of Duchess Luciano sounded from behind, expressing her anger.

"Miss Liena invited her to the tea party with a very kind heart!"

"Alright. We can drink together."

"Well, isn't she someone with nothing to boast about except the mine? I have to tell my husband never to buy magic stones from that woman!"

Do as you please. I don't know about Duke Luciano, but I have nothing to lose.

* * *

The Emperor was concerned that the reputation of the imperial family would be tarnished, so he kept this incident secret, but he couldn't stop bold rumors.

A few days later, people whispered that the empress, Mikhail, and Duke Birod had joined forces to seize my mine.

Imperial investigators raided Duke Birod's house, and courtiers with ties to Birod were taken one after another, but it was even stranger that there were no rumors about it.

Duke Birod left the capital after handing over the title to his son, the empress remained quiet except for brief appearances at official events, and Mikhail confined himself to his palace.

From what I heard, the Birod family relinquished the rights they had enjoyed as a political family of the emperor, and Mikhail also withdrew from much of the imperial business he had been involved in.

To dispel these negative rumors about the imperial family, the emperor announced on a large scale the news of the discovery of a first-rate magic stone mine.

Although everyone already knew it, the fact that it was officially recognized made the empire vibrate with excitement.

This was because the temple had been controlling the supply of high-quality magic stones and engaging in various tyrannies.

While each person imagined the changes that the increased supply of high-quality magic stones would bring to society, I was also experiencing a rather significant change.

In the throne room of the emperor's palace, I knelt in front of the throne.

The emperor, holding a precious sword inherited from the imperial family, took turns touching my shoulders.

"From today, I grant you the name and title of Lucibiu. Viscountess Ethel Lucibiu."

When I stood up from my seat after bowing, I heard applause.

Terence, who was watching this, smiled and applauded.

Clap, clap, clap, the Empress, who was quite far from him, also raised her hand and congratulated me.

"Congratulations, Viscountess Lucibiu."

The emperor said.

"Thank you."

Today was the day I received my title from the emperor.

"I guess you must not like the title bestowal ceremony because it's too simple, right?"

"It's fine. In fact, I like it because it's quiet."

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