IWDFLSB (Novel) Chapter 115




"That was a few days before the Cassius family adopted Liena."

Angela moistened her dry lips with her tongue and began to speak.

"The director suddenly said that he would introduce Liena, not you, to the Cassius family."

"Wait a moment, why did you want to introduce me to the Cassius family?"

"Oh, right, you don't have any memories."

"Please, explain it from there."

"Cassius informed me before his visit that they would like to adopt a girl. If possible, the girl closest to Duchess Cassius."

"Were the duchess and I close?"

"Yes, you two got along quite well."

"But how could a high-ranking duchess and an orphan...?"

"She often came to our orphanage to do volunteer work. She also played with the children."

Cheryl Cassius's good deeds went beyond simple support for an orphanage.

"Duke Cassius heard a little about you, but it seemed he didn't know your name."

"So, did he send Liena instead?"

"Yes, the director disliked you. He seemed to think that if Cassius adopted you, you might cause harm."

Angela smiled faintly and added.

"Compared to Liena, who was obedient, you confronted the director when he mistreated the children. You always expressed clear opinions, so even the director would step back."

Did Ethel have that kind of personality? It was a bit surprising.

From what I felt reading her diary, Ethel was a shy and intimidated person.

Perhaps that was a personality formed after falling down a slope, losing her old memories, and being chased by the Wallace family for many years.

"Additionally, Liena looks like Duchess Cassius. The director claimed that Liena would have a better chance of being adopted if shown to the duke."

Angela lowered her eyes.

"Well, in reality, the two of them never met."

"Why? Liena was also in the orphanage."

"When Liena came to our orphanage, it was after the duchess's health deteriorated, and she couldn't do volunteer work anymore."

It's said that a few months later, the condition worsened, and the duchess finally passed away.

"The director was worried that this would be a problem, so he even falsified documents. To prove that Liena came to our orphanage before."

"Why go to such lengths?"

"It seemed safe. If Cassius adopted Liena, good things would happen to him."

Angela swallowed saliva and opened her mouth.

"Yes, actually... I saw it. One night, Liena entered the director's office. I thought it was a bit strange."


"Liena's attitude when entering the director's office was very calm. She used to be a child who was afraid of the director and would pale every time she saw him."

"...What happened after that?"


"Did Liena look different than before?"

"Hmm, now that I think about it, I guess she did... I couldn't see Liena for a long time because she was adopted a few days later."

Perhaps it was after Liena's regression.

Liena, who had returned, went to see the director, and the director tried to adopt her with Cassius.

"Did Liena suggest it to the director first?"

If she introduces her to the duke instead of me, she will help him in the future.


At that moment, Angela clapped as if remembering something.

"It was definitely strange. She didn't seem too sad when you went to another orphanage."

"Do you mean back then?"

"Yes. The director hastily sent you to another orphanage. With a lame excuse."

"I guess they were planning to get rid of me quickly before Duke Cassius's visit."

"I also believe that."

"...And shortly after, the director met his end."

The duke, who heard in detail from Liena the child abuses committed by the director, punished him.

"H-he was definitely trying to silence the director!"

Angela shouted, her complexion suddenly turning pale.

"Because the Director knows that Liena is not the girl close to the Duchess..."

"Calm down."

I rubbed Angela's trembling back, but the tremors didn't stop easily.

"Ethel! Help me! Maybe my turn is next!"

Angela pleaded, squeezing my arm tightly.

"At that time, I was released because the children spoke kindly of me, but I also know Liena's secret!"

"Everything will be fine. It's been more than ten years."

"It's not like that! In fact, I felt like I was being watched for a long time! It has worsened recently."

The woman with a deep darkness under her eyes surrounded my shoulders with her arms.

"I no longer have the energy to run away. The only person I can trust is you..."

Seeing that, I understood why Angela came to see me only now.

"Because I built my own power with the mine."

There was no way Angela, who was very afraid of Liena and Cassius, could visit me as the young

It was for my own safety that Ángela traced my movements to another orphanage and then verified that I was secretly adopted by Wallace.

Most likely, she was planning to take me with Cassius, expose the whole truth, and escape from Liena's clutches.

However, contrary to expectations, when she saw that the duchy loved Liena so much, she decided it would be futile and chose to live a life on the run.

I consoled Ángela, who was trembling with anxiety.

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