SYS (Novel) Chapter 427

C427 - Elderly In Crisis (1)

The Phantom Legion mercenaries left, but Murakan couldn't contain his anger.

He had dreamt of happy times with Strawberrie Pie, but once again, the situation unfolded just as that "damned brat" had anticipated.

Over a hundred guardian knights had attacked Jin's personal training ground.

It was a number that could hardly be considered a mere warning to Jin and the Phantom Legion mercenaries, and that's why Murakan felt a surge of anger as soon as he saw them.

The entire sky darkened with the force of shadows, and Jin's personal training ground was partially destroyed with just a breath from Murakan, and even the roof had a few holes.

The guardian knights and those who had given them orders, and even the five hundred mercenaries who had been sitting on the dirt floor, all watched cautiously as the threatening gaze of the fierce Black Dragon.

In an unexpected turn of events, Murakan quickly subdued the guardian knights.

It was better that the guardian knights were moderately subdued.

Although they had received orders from Miu and Anne, it was considered madness to fight against the guardian of the Family and face certain death at the hands of the Phantom Legion mercenaries.

Moreover, neither Miu nor Anne had expected Murakan to protect the Phantom Legion mercenaries.

"Hey! You're dead, damn it. I'll kill you, bastards! How dare you point your swords at this body? Huh? Straighten up, I said straighten up! Today, neither you nor I will sleep. Understood? Damned..."

After the Phantom Legion mercenaries safely left, a truly extraordinary scene unfolded in the Garden of Swords courtyard.

Murakan was reprimanding the guardian knights who had attacked him.

"One, in front of the great Black Dragon, two, no complaints. You, in front, yes, you. Represent us."

"Rule number one: Call me the Great Black Dragon. Rule number two: Don't mess with the Great Black Dragon. You in front, yes, you. Say it out loud. Rule number one."

"Gr... Great Black Dragon."


"...Don't mess with the Great Black Dragon."

It was a completely unreal scene, but no one dared to step forward and stop Murakan.

It might have been a different story if it had been Jin acting like this, but dealing with Murakan was a burden for the whole clan.

And there was someone who vented their frustration while watching this scene from the main house window.

"Haa! Seriously, I've never seen such a mess. Does the Garden of Swords really have to descend into this chaos?"

"Oraboni, this is too much. First the younger one, and now that strange Black Dragon!"

Miu and Anne couldn't take it anymore after witnessing the unexpected outcomes from Joshua's room.

Joshua remained lost in thought and ignored the annoyed voices of his younger sisters.

'Did they predict all this just because Miu and Anne argued a bit, the younger ones?'

It was a judgment that couldn't be expressed as mere caution. However, it always comes with bold actions and repercussions that stir the Family...

Joshua was anxious despite his stoic behavior.

He felt as if his younger brother had already climbed up to his chin.

The younger one, who seemed like he could be crushed at any moment, was no longer the same.

"...Think twice before messing with the younger one again in the future."

Miu and Anne blinked in surprise when Joshua spoke.

It was a completely unexpected response.


"What do you mean?"

"Both of you poked a hornet's nest without thinking. You're the only ones who think it's fun to pick a fight with the Tona siblings, but that just makes you look foolish."

Joshua smiled gently as he observed Miu and Anne.

"And their reputations also affect me."

Miu and Anne, surprised, stared at Joshua.

Luna always found faults with them, Luntia always found them annoying even when showing affection, Dyfus and Mary looked at them with disdain, the indifferent Ran and Vigo had no interest in each other.

Among those older siblings, Joshua was the only one who had consistently shown them kindness and recognition.

That's why it was really rare for Joshua to speak to them with such coldness.

"Sorry, Orabeoni."

"We'll do better in the future."

"...Right. Our job is to organize the mess he made in the clan. And we shouldn't stir things up any more clumsily. We must prepare properly, and when the time comes, we'll engage in an all-out confrontation."


"We'll keep that in mind."

"Whatever our younger brother does, we must make sure not to lose our composure."

"Understood, Oraboni."

Joshua shifted his gaze outside.

He remained pensive as he watched Murakan angrily reprimanding the guardian knights.

'Phantom Legion mercenaries... Another conflict between the younger ones and the Council of Elders is inevitable.'

Joshua had already deduced that the Council of Elders had commissioned the Phantom Legion mercenaries to assassinate Jin.

The mission ended in failure, and instead, some kind of relationship formed between Jin and the Phantom Legion mercenaries.

So the Phantom Legion mercenaries would have to silence the clients or clean up the mess. I wonder how Jorden, the President of the Council of Elders, will handle it.

Jorden Runcandel.

The Head of the Black Sword Association.

Joshua hoped that Jin would waste his strength in a confrontation with him, eventually leading Jorden to seek help from Joshua.


November 16, 1799.

In a villa in the eastern part of Huphester.

A group of elders sat on an open terrace, gazing at the beach.

The massive table was filled with exquisite playing cards.

The hands holding those cards looked incredibly strong and powerful, almost unbelievable for men of their age.

"Damn it, I can't win a hand."

"At this rate, you're going to lose all your pension money. Are you worried about something? You're getting a little carried away."

"I can't help but worry about the Leader of the Phantom Legion visiting the Twelfth Flagbearer. What if he informed him about the contract?"

"And if he did? The Twelfth Flagbearer and the Phantom Legion mercenaries can't easily mess with us. If the rumor spread that they revealed the identity of the client, the reputation of the Phantom Legion mercenaries would be tarnished. No one would want to hire them anymore."

"I doubt the Leader of the Phantom Legion would do something so foolish."

"Hmm, you might be right."

"Anyway, let's have a talk with the president of the council of elders. Let's wait for that."

These were the Elders of Runcandel.

The Elder was a rank that didn't need to reside in the Garden of the Sword unless there were special circumstances.

Some of them dedicated themselves to training to enhance their martial arts, others held positions in the Garden of the Sword, while some lived their lives indulging in leisure and pleasure.

Even beautiful women who solely entertained the most powerful nobles, and bottles of alcohol worth hundreds of gold coins rolled on the floor.

"How about we call it a night, Elders?"

"Yes, let's head to the beach to cool off."

The expressions of the Elders changed just as the woman spoke.

"Shhhh, silence."

As the Elders stood up one by one, their gazes turned toward the distant sea.

Only the sound of waves breaking on this moonless night, but the Elders felt that something else lurked beneath the surface.

"What is it, a fishing boat?"

Naturally, the location of the Elders' villa by the beach was not accessible to ordinary people.

"It's unlikely to be a lost fisherman; is there anyone we suspect...?"


Before the Elder who was speaking could finish his sentence, a dagger appeared from somewhere and pierced through the back of his neck.

The person holding the dagger was a woman who wanted to go to the beach.

The other Elders drew their weapons at that moment and tried to attack the woman.

However, the ground of the villa cracked open with a loud crunch, and a group of men emerged to block their attacks.

"Even my monstrous brother is amazed by the person you've dared to touch. And here you are enjoying carefreely."

The woman took off the "mask" she was wearing, revealing her true identity.

It was Fey Proch, and with a shrug, another Elder's head rolled on the floor.

The Elders of Runcandel were all skilled individuals who had survived in Runcandel until now, but their habits and complacency had made their swords rust.

They had become so confident in their position that they always used the same place to entertain themselves, thinking that no assassin would attack them.

Today, the Elders found themselves defenseless against the Phantom Legion mercenaries for that very reason.

Veins appeared on the necks of the Elders as Lata revealed it.

"Leader of the Phantom Legion...!"

"This madman!"

"Indeed, you don't give me that creepy feeling."

Chk, Lata lit a cigarette and looked at the surrounded Elders.

The villa was already filled with paralyzing poison, just like when Fey had fought Jin in the past.

Moreover, dozens of snipers positioned around the villa had shot poisoned arrows into the arms and legs of the Elders.

However, the exceptional Elders still emitted a formidable presence, despite their weakened state.

However, they were no match for Lata, even in their prime.

Especially with the elite members of the Phantom Legion mercenaries led by Lata, death was inevitable once they infiltrated.

Creepy feeling? What... are you talking about, Phantom Legion Leader?".

"You don't give me that creepy feeling I felt when dealing with the Twelfth Flagbearer."

"And do you think you'll be safe after this? Even if you kill us, the fact that you took our contract is already documented. The Council of Elders, Runcandel! They will annihilate all of you. The Phantom Legion mercenaries will disappear without a trace."

The Elders didn't plead for their lives.

They simply shouted convinced that the Phantom Legion mercenaries would also meet their end.

"I've chosen the right side. Seeing that I'm not even remotely afraid of that threat."

"Are you talking about the Twelfth Flagbearer?"

"That's right. Why would I bother going to the Garden of Swords to meet him? I was there to board the same ship as him. Even after witnessing that, you failed to prepare for this. Blame it on your complacency and incompetence. Runcandel's background sometimes makes people so foolish."



As Lata began to swing his sword, the heads of the Elders fell one by one.


Lata spoke once all the Elders were dealt with.

"Take only the heads, and load the bodies onto the ship."


The next day, the office of the president of the council of elders.

"... Almost ten Elders were found dead without their heads. What the hell is going on?"

"This is an insult and a challenge to Runcandel! We must find out who these people are and who is behind them! They must pay for this with blood."

"What kind of lunatics would commit such acts..."

Almost all the Elders had gathered to discuss the murder that had happened last night.

Council of Elders President Jorden was nowhere to be seen.

"Chief of the law guardians! Please, say something. How should we perceive this situation?"

Lynn Milcano was about to respond, but...


The door to the office of the council of elders president opened, and a person appeared.

"Greetings, honorable Elders."

Jin entered while greeting them.

He carried a heavy bag on his shoulder and a single paper in his hand.

As soon as Jin entered...

The Elders felt that something was terribly wrong.

"What... What do you carry on your shoulder?" asked an elderly person with a trembling voice.

Jin placed the bag on the long table.

The heads of the deceased elders rolled one by one across the table.

"These are the heads of the Elders who wanted to assassinate me. This is a contract signed by the deceased Elders, requesting the Phantom Legion mercenaries to kill me."

Jin spoke calmly, but most of the Elders felt shivers running down their spines.

The Elders had to feel something they had long forgotten.

It was terror.

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