SYS (Novel) Chapter 444

C444 - To the Black King (5)

Jin reminded the Black Knight he had encountered in the hallway.

He decided to meet with the Black King Leader again in the morning when he left the reception room.

In typical cases, one would think of the process of drafting a contract and then spend some social time before proceeding.

However, the other person was not just anyone; he was a Black Knight.

A person like a Black Knight wouldn't be here chatting if the deal had already been closed.

This wasn't that kind of place.

Jin could be sure of it...

Valkas had not yet accepted the request from the Black Knight on behalf of Joshua.

However, there were many reasons why the Black King's Mercenaries might not accept Jin's request.

In the current world situation, an individual like Jin Runcandel was like a poisoned chalice.

If you drank from it thoughtlessly, it was very likely that you would clash with the true 'maximal' authorities of the world.

Although Jin was one of the superior beings among the 'supernovas,' it was still uncertain whether he could break through the solid defenses of the world rulers.

No one thought so unless someone was close to Jin or knew him well.

As remarkable as his achievements and successes were, miracles always came to an end someday.

Most of the world's population couldn't imagine or believe that miracles would continue.

Most still considered Joshua Runcandel the next master of the Garden of Swords...

And this perception even extended to figures like Valkas Krahn.

It seems he doesn't want to incur Joshua's resentment by accepting my request.

It wasn't just Joshua.

Jin had left an indelible mark on Zipple after the "Incident of the Holy Kingdom."

Recently, there were rumors that his relationship with the Imperial Family was not good either.

This was because the only thing the Emperor granted Jin after the meeting was the golden crown.

Moreover, the Emperor had even ordered that his encounter with Jin should not appear on the front pages of the Vermont bulletin.

It was not considered a significant event.

In other words...

Jin had poor relations not only with the future patriarch of the Runcandel and Zipple family but also with the Imperial Family.

To the point where it wouldn't be surprising if he found himself in a dangerous situation.

Valkas expressed all these reasons in one sentence:

"You're too late."

He conveyed his clear intention to decline without hurting the other party's feelings.

Joshua also made a direct request:

"Don't help Jin," without diminishing Valkas's pride.

He subtly warned Valkas by merely sending the Black Knight.

Both showed a stance befitting strong and experienced players in power.

'However, I can't stand idly by in this situation.'

Although Jin felt a little irritated, he had to seize the opportunity.

In moments like this, denying their rejection is a poor method and only has negative effects.

Jin needed a sure card to change Valkas's mind.

He had to make the other side willing to become a temporary ally of Jin despite all the risks. Because the 'Protection of Tikan' was not just any request.

But at this moment, Jin didn't have that card.

Jin didn't know much about Valkas Krahn, and he wasn't particularly cooperative, so the possibility of creating such a card in the near future was slim.


There was information suggesting that the troublemaker of the Black King's Mercenaries could be a Demon Dragon, but it wasn't especially valuable.

If he accused her without any evidence and later she was declared innocent, it could have serious repercussions.

'Should I try to recruit Black King's Mercenaries after Joshua and Zipple's true nature is fully exposed?'

Jin quickly reached a conclusion.

To begin with, he hadn't come with high expectations.

Of course, Jin was confident.

In the not-too-distant future, either the Black King's Mercenaries would come to him first, or Valkas would regret not advancing the conversation today.

'I should go visit Amela, the great mercenary of Gaifa Island. Seeing that the Black Knight is here, Joshua might have already sent someone to Amela.'

For Joshua, it was undoubtedly a rare opportunity to deal Jin a significant blow.

It wasn't a mortal blow, but it was annoying enough, like a small thorn stuck in the foot.

If both the Black King and the great mercenaries didn't help, then the task of protecting Tikan would overly depend on the Hidden Palace.

"I can't do anything if I arrive a step too late," Jin spoke calmly, and Valkas narrowed his eyes.

"Well, surprisingly, you're willing to back down."

"It seems the rumors about me haven't been very favorable if you add the word 'surprising.'"

"Well, it's not exactly like that. It's just that I hear many stories about you achieving what you want... It seems you're especially liked by the Third Division."

Valkas poured himself a drink from a drawer as he spoke...

Indicating that they could have something light since there was no need to talk about work between them.

Valkas showed his gratitude in his own way.

Although he couldn't accept the request, Jin wasn't displeasing to him as a person.

In fact, Valkas thought that if Jin were the Second Flagbearer instead of the Twelfth, they could have joined forces at any time.

"Thank you, Valkas-nim."

"Do you want a drink, Black Dragon? It's good liquor."

"Sure, pour me one."

The three glasses clinked lightly, creating a pleasant sound.

Jin didn't believe the situation was so bad.

The request had already taken a wrong turn before being raised, so it wouldn't be surprising if he couldn't exchange a single word and had to leave.

"The dragons that have some history with us say that you were the strongest being in the past, Murakan-nim."

Although holding the position of Black King Leader, Valkas never forgot simple ways to please those of higher status.

He intentionally started the conversation with a somewhat disrespectful tone at first.

Sometimes, lowering expectations at the beginning could make the conversation even more enjoyable.

"It's true, if you mean the sky. I am the strongest and the best in history."

"Oh, so the Dragon stories were true. But it seems like you speak as if you had rivals on earth."

"There were some who could be called nemeses. There were some who could be considered equals, but no one could clearly determine who was stronger. I think I would have won if we had fought to the end."

"I would have challenged you even now if I were in my prime, Murakan-nim. Facing a strong and historic figure is not an easy thing."

"Well... even in my time, you would have been quite impressive."

"Haha, you're too kind."

Valkas refilled Murakan's empty glass.

He didn't lower himself excessively but satisfied the opponent's sense of superiority.

"Among all the humans I've met who are closest to being the strongest, you have the most exceptional awareness of the situation."

In terms of individual power...

Valkas had reached the level of Five Stars long ago.

Such transcendent individuals were hard to find displaying this kind of behavior.

It was due to the confidence they had, not having to worry about anyone's feelings or even stronger individuals or factions that couldn't touch them carelessly.

(Because if they did, they could only expect death)

Valkas had something different from other Five Stars beings.

He continued to act cautiously as a neutral party between the giant factions.

He had his reasons despite being in a position where he could do as much as any other transcendent.

The reason was simple:

Valkas Krahn, the Black King Leader, cared deeply for his subordinates.

In Valkas's opinion, there was no need for his subordinates to be senselessly sacrificed in conflicts between giant factions if he put in a little effort.

Jin could see through Valkas's feelings.

It wasn't difficult.

Valkas wouldn't have shown such behavior if it weren't for his subordinates.

I see why he initiated this drinking session with us.

Jin kept understanding the meaning of this gathering.

Clearly, this drinking session would continue until dawn, until Joshua's Black Knight returned to this reception room.

Just as Joshua had subtly told Valkas not to get involved with Jin...

Valkas also intended to express his intentions by deliberately showing the Black Knight that they were drinking together.

He wouldn't openly challenge his request, but he would watch the growth of the Twelfth Flagbearer.

That was the message Valkas wanted to convey to Joshua.

Jin nodded to himself.

I've learned something from this person, even if it was just a one-night encounter.

Jin smoothly joined the conversation and started drinking.

Murakan led the conversation, with Jin and Valkas intervening occasionally.

Murakan discussed various topics, such as the greatest warriors and mages in history, the most prosperous era, the most peaceful one, the biggest differences between dragons and humans, life and death, apples and watermelons, the most beautiful women, and many more.

Only after ten in the morning did the topic shift to Zephyrin.

"How the hell did that weird creature join you? The brat says the Black King's Mercenaries are the best in the world, but she seems a bit strange."

"She may seem eccentric, but she's a top-notch swordsman. She even claims to be self-taught, so I think she's a genius."

"What? Good with a sword? And she's a genius on top of that?"

"She doesn't fully demonstrate her destructive power due to the lack of Aura. She seems to have a condition where Aura doesn't accumulate well from birth. I also consider her quite a rare and unusual individual."


Coincidentally, Zephyrin entered the reception room at that moment.

She carried the same combat sword-axe on her back that Jin had seen the night before.

Next to her was the Black Knight.

They were supposed to meet again in the morning.

Although his face was hidden under the hood, he couldn't help but show a displeased expression at the scene with drinks.

He hadn't anticipated that things would turn out like this.

"Leader, I brought the guest!"

"...Yes, Zephyrin. But I heard that today, the Second Captain would personally bring the guest. Why are you here?"

"Oh, well, you see..."

Zephyrin shrugged with her characteristic lively and exaggerated gestures.

And Jin, Murakan, and Valkas couldn't help but believe what they saw in the scene that followed.


Suddenly, Zephyrin's hand pierced through the Black Knight's side.

Originally aimed at his chest, thanks to the Black Knight's reaction, he was stabbed in the side.

Zephyrin's purplish nails, which had grown significantly since the night before, now looked like poison-coated daggers, and the Black Knight desperately retreated, spitting blood.

"Ugh, cough...!"

"Do you really need to know? You're about to meet death anyway, Leader."


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