IBAWWMB (Novel) Chapter 190



"InThanks for inviting me to such a nice place, duke.


To put it bluntly, the whole family suddenly gathered because of Isidor, but as he seemed happy, as if he thought he had joined their family gathering, Duke Seymour suppressed a biting remark.

"... it's time for lunch, so hurry up, Duke Visconti."

"Yes, Duke Seymour."

Soon, appetizers and pink champagne were placed on the long table, and the meal began in a calm atmosphere.

"The ingredients are fresh, and the seasoning is really good."

Isidor commented in the midst of silence. Even though he ate happily enough for the onlookers to feel good, his table manners were perfect and aristocratic.


Enrique looked at Isidor with a certain resentment.

"Why does that person's hair and face shine, and he has such a good personality?"

"InEnrique, are you learning to use the sword?"

He heard that he was recently learning fencing, so today he handed him a precious sword with magic stones as a New Year's gift.

"It's a pleasure to see you again. You've grown in the meantime."

"How did he know I grew 1.3 centimeters tall?"

Most of them don't know. To be honest... Duke Visconti seems like a good person. It wasn't good manners to observe him like that, but he noticed it just by looking at his friendly eyes.

"If Isidor were a miserable and stupid person like Philap, he might be arguing that his sister shouldn't get married. I don't know, but I still feel bad!"



Suddenly, Isidor called him, and Enrique shook his shoulders.

"I think you really have a talent for sword handling."

"... me?"

"Yes. You have a good body, and looking at your posture, you don't seem to have any bad habits."

When the magic swordsman, who had made a great contribution against terrifying demons and monsters, praised his posture, Enrique felt a bit embarrassed and curled his toes.

"As he bit his lips because he didn't know what to say, the enormous crepe he had been wanting to eat all the time appeared. Deborah showed brief admiration."

"It's really big."

The giant crepe, which filled the table, was majestic enough to overwhelm everyone.

"But, how and where do you start eating this?"

The crepe was not cut completely because it originally featured retaining its round shape, like a full moon.

"Should we call the responsible chef?"

Belreck murmured in exasperation, and Isidor stood up.

"I'll cut it."


"Yes. Practice cutting steak carefully, and you'll be able to cut it well too."

"Why did you practice that? Is it part of your sword training?"

"Using auror allows you to confine the juices as much as possible, so you can enjoy the original taste of the meat."

"Oh, you're a gourmet."

"As if it wasn't a joke about practicing,
not a single ingredient from the crepe leaked, and it was cut neatly. Additionally, there was a service that placed each crepe in front of each person using movement magic."

"It's a useful talent."

"That's right."

Enrique's eyes widened in amazement.

"I'll eat well. Thanks for the portion."

"Eat a lot, Enrique."

"The boy who had spent New Year's like in a fairy tale book, where the whole family gathered and shared crepes, was very satisfied."

"Some Seymours smiled gently because the youngest member was very cute while eating his crepe. Meanwhile, Isidor cut the crepe into smaller pieces for Deborah to eat."

"However, there was someone who did not assimilate at all into this friendly atmosphere."

"Rosad squinted his eyes when he saw Isidor's subtle aura on his knife."

"That skill that cleanly cuts the food without leaving a mark on the plate seems useful when going out with a girl."

"Seeing that mana control is delicate and sophisticated, it doesn't seem like something he did once or twice."

"A player recognizes a player. As expected, he smells just like him."

"After all, I'll have to shake him properly."

"Towards the end of dinner, when it was time to go to bed, Enrique began to yawn, so Duke Seymour got up to take the youngest to the annex."

"I'll take him."

"As soon as the two disappeared, Rosad blinked at the servant. Next, appeared a barrel of a size that could make you feel intimidated just by looking at it."

"Deborah, you go up too. I have something to talk to Duke Visconti man to man."

"What do you mean? Are you drunk?"

"Isn't the husband something you'll get tired of seeing every day when you get married? There will be many opportunities to be together in the future, so for today, give up on your fiancé."

"Even Belreck pitched in."

"What do you think, brother-in-law? Let's share a cup sincerely."

"Brother-in-law. Those words struck Isidor's heart heavily."

"The relationship was acknowledged by the Seymour twins, who were like an iron fortress."

"Deborah swallowed a sigh as she looked at the emerald-colored eyes fluttering incessantly."

"Don't make him drink too much. Don't intimidate him. Don't poison him."

"Poison? Are we demons?

Then do it in moderation.

Belreck asked again, watching his sister's back as she walked away after giving him a sharp look.

"Sir Isidor, you were threatened at first, and that's why they started coming out, right?"

"No. I liked her a lot from the beginning, and I confessed first."

"After all, if you want to tell the truth, you should first drink alcohol."

* * *

The brandy that Rosad brought was so strong that Belreck, who doesn't usually drink, was the first to get drunk.

"Duke Visconti...! When my sister cries, it's not like there's blood and tears in her eyes. Because he must know that Seymour has neither tears nor blood."

Even though he ran forward and gave Isidor a damn warning.

"...Still, you're the best among young people your age. Everyone else is smelly and sensitive... The more I think about it, the less I see anyone like you."

He gave threats and compliments.

"But Sir Isidor, aren't you really threatened? I'm not doing this because I'm being threatened; objectively, he has a much better personality."

"Not at all. The princess is too good for me."

"Did Deborah teach you to say that? She's my younger sister, but she's very detailed and scary."

"The princess is more affectionate, kind, charming, and cute than Saint Nayla."

"Wow, am I drunk and still hearing nonsense?"

Belreck shuddered and finally raised his arms as if surrendering, then returned to his seat with a furrowed brow.

"The one who only spoke nonsense is gone; finally, we are alone."

Rosad sighed and looked at Isidor drinking alcohol.

"Sir Isidor, are you always this good at drinking?"

"It's not something I really enjoy."

"Indeed, you're good at drinking. It's good to meet someone who can drink well after a long time."

"I'm a little nervous. But I'm happy to share a cup with Rosad-nim too."

The two continued to give and take again, and as time passed, the hazy energy in Isidor's eyes grew stronger.

Isidor drank a lot unilaterally because Rosad secretly poured alcohol with quick movements.

"Let's see if really nothing comes out."

Rosad constantly filled the empty glass, and his eyes shone like a snake.

* * *

The next morning.

Deborah clicked her tongue at the sight of Rosad hungover.

Isidor, who had been drinking all night, slept in the guest room, unaware of the world, and the eldest son, who had a stubborn and impeccable appearance, turned into such a beggar.

"Why did you suddenly grab Isidor and make such a fuss? What kind of wind blew?"



"Be kind to Isidor."

Instead of responding, she made an absurd comment.

"...Why are you saying that suddenly?"

"Anyway, be good. There is no one in the empire like Duke Visconti. You were really blessed. If you are a Saint, then Isidor is a Saint."

"What does that mean?"

"Just that. For a moment, I thought you were pitiful, but you two look good together. You are a match made in heaven."

Rosad, who had only said what he had to say, turned around and clicked his tongue, recalling his drinking night with Isidor.

Last night. He took Isidor, who was quite drunk, and did one of his specialties.

"Isidor, honestly, wasn't it uncomfortable for you today? Father, Belreck, and I are not very easy to deal with. The same goes for Deborah. It would have been easier to deal with your previous partner..."

"Yes. Actually, it's not comfortable."

"Now you're becoming a bit more honest."

"I really want to get along with Deborah's family. So every time we meet, I get nervous, but today, I felt very happy when you called me brother-in-law."

Rosad felt strangely embarrassed by Isidor's response, which seemed somewhat innocent.

"Hmm! Call me hyungnim."

(N/T: Hyungnim means older brother and is a very respectful expression for addressing someone of the same sex who is older. It is a formal and polite way that men use to refer to their elders.)

"Yes... Ah, by the way, hyungnim."


"Who is my previous partner?"

"Do you mean what I said earlier? You must have known someone before."

"There was never such a person."


"That's right."

Isidor nodded widely.


"I have mysophobia. Except for Deborah, I can't touch anyone."

"Really? Deborah is the first?"

"Yes. The princess is the first; she's a genius, not very funny but adorable, and..."

What the hell is this kid? They say drunkards always speak the truth.

He was very skilled at extracting confessions from opponents through torture, and no matter how closely he looked, Isidor's tone, eyes, and gestures didn't seem to be lying.

Furthermore, he had to stay awake all night listening to a long speech about how great his sister was from the drunk Isidor.

"Well... after all, I gave him a drink."

He had unlocked the heart of the Duke Visconti with alcohol, but somehow it felt like he had opened something he couldn't see. He swallowed a sigh as he rubbed his head.

"Testing such a pure guy like the first snowfall. Somehow, I regret it."

His conscience suddenly hurts.

Reflecting on years of debauchery, Rosad decided to sincerely bless his sister's marriage.

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