IWDFLSB (Novel) Chapter 122




"I knew for a long time that she resembled the duchess.

But I didn't know they looked so much alike.

Liena felt so unjust. Perhaps she could have become Princess Cassius.

She was very angry with herself as a child for foolishly hiding because she was afraid of the Duke.

Others were also petty. Wouldn't it have been better if they had found her and dragged her out by force?

Ethel was also a bit petty, but Liena shook her head.

Ethel was the only person who embraced her. She had to return her kindness.

However, she wasn't the only one who thought Liena looked a lot like Duchess Cassius.

The members of the Cassius family also treated Liena kindly, although they showed no obvious favoritism towards her.

Some of the duke's servants whispered upon seeing that.

"Did I hear she came here recommended by Lady Ethel?

They called Ethel, who lived in the duke's residence before entering the academy dormitory, their lady.

"How lucky. This is a place that only hires experienced staff.

That's right. Besides, it only takes on easy tasks.

Ah, the really fortunate part is that face that resembles the late duchess.

Don't even talk about it. Isn't she very haughty? I think she thinks she's a princess because she looks a bit like the lady.

But they really look alike. When I first saw her, I thought she was the duke's hidden daughter.

Liena was very used to being gossiped about, so she ignored it.

Instead, something else caught her attention.

"Am I Cassius's biological daughter?"

That can't be possible. She had never heard of such a thing, and if a family like Cassius had lost their own daughter, the empire would have been turned upside down.

But, strangely enough, those words continued in Liena's mind.

One day when Liena was getting used to her daily life in Cassius.

She accompanied Duke Cassius and his two sons on a stroll in the park.

"It's been a while, Liena! Isn't the work difficult?

Ethel was also there. Liena's job was to assist Ethel.

Ethel told her to rest peacefully, but Liena silently cut Ethel's apple and endured the humiliation.

Ethel is the one who is adored.

Obviously, when they were young, they were in the same situation, playing and talking, but their current situation was very harsh.

While clearly savoring the difference, a friendly conversation was taking place on the carpet spread over the lawn.

"Ethel, how are things these days?

The duke asked with a kind smile.

"Well, it's always the same. Sometimes it's difficult, but it's still fun.

After graduating from the academy, Ethel started working for a small company.

Iver? Well, I think that was the name, but it is said that the company was on the brink of bankruptcy due to mismanagement, but the members worked together to lift it up.

Ethel said that the employees' trust in the owner was so strong that they didn't leave even when their salaries were delayed.

She also seemed to have rejected the duke's offer to work for Cassius because she was attracted to such a master.

"And I want to live alone. I even regret receiving help.

It was a way of thinking that Liena found hard to understand, but somehow it seemed like Ethel's.

"Now that I think about it, what are you doing these days?

When the topic shifted from Ethel's work to memories of their days at the Academy, Prince Leheim said.

"He's a talented person who pretends to be proud of himself.

"Oh, Elliot?"

Ethel spat out a name she had never heard before.

"Yes, that guy! A fool who was expelled from school after calling a teacher stupid.

"I heard he left school.

"That's not important.

Leheim laughed as he bit into his sandwich.

"I wonder how he's living these days.
Due to his scandalous personality, there was no place that accepted him, so
he went to a remote area.

"It seems that Elliot is doing well in Miloam.

"At first, there was nothing but complaints in the letters, but I think he has gotten used to it these days.

"Is that so? It's quite something. By the way, you're really amazing too. How can you still be friends with that guy?

"... We're not close enough to call him a friend. All I did was sit next to him a couple of times at the academy.

"Then why does he keep sending you letters?

"Hmm, he's surprisingly talkative, isn't he? But I guess he has no friends, so there's no one else to send letters to except me.

"... Sometimes, it seems like you're really ruthless.

"What, me?

Then Leandro joined the conversation.

"Leheim, the reason you care about Elliot Rudd is because he embarrassed you a lot in the debate class, right?

"Ah, brother! Don't even mention that story!

"It is said that the incident where a commoner scholarship student verbally attacked Prince Cassius is still considered a legend in the academy.

"How could he have defeated that weird genius?

"To be honest, there are few students in the academy who are worse at debate than you. Everyone just saw our family and didn't bother trying to win.


Duke Cassius shook his head.

"Who does she resemble? She doesn't resemble Cheryl or me.

"Does my father think so too?

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