IWDFLSB (Novel) Chapter 124




Time passed quickly.

Liena grew up in her new family as the much-loved and charming Princess Cassius.

When she learned that the business she was planning would require a large number of magic stones, she suddenly remembered a mine that a family had owned in her past life.

A mine in the Andala region. At that time, the mine where high-quality magic stones were produced became a hot topic.

Although the reserves were not large, the quality of the magic stone was good, so it seemed like it would be very useful for her business.

After hearing Liena say that she wanted to own a mine, Leandro willingly said,

"All right. It turns out I have some business to do in that area, so I'll meet with the owner of the mine."

While Leandro was away, Liena wondered how to acquire the mine without the eyes of the imperial family.

The buying and selling of mines have been closely supervised by the imperial family since ancient times.

"If the Cassius family buys it, they will definitely take care of it, and the Iver Guild is now too large..."

No, it was obvious that no matter who bought the abandoned mine, which, in the first place, had no use, it would attract attention.

However, Leandro, who returned from Andala, said something unexpected.

"What if I marry Lady Wallace?"


"Marriage is a good trick. All I have to do is get the mine as a dowry."


"Because the gap between families is so large, everyone will whisper, but if we focus on the marriage, no one will pay attention to the mine, right?"

"You don't need to get married because of me!"

"It's not just for you. Lady Wallace seemed like a good person... For some reason, I keep thinking about her."


"Even though it was the first time I saw her, I would say she felt strangely familiar. I've never seen someone like that before."

Liena experienced a strange feeling when she saw Leandro's face blush as if he were embarrassed.

As a younger sister, it seemed like a situation where she had to support her brother's love, but she wasn't in the mood.

Is Leandro in love?

For some reason, it was difficult to imagine the two brothers showing affection for someone other than themselves.

After Liena arrived at Cassius, the Cassius family only gave love to Liena.

Leandro didn't seem to notice Liena's silence.

"I will soon invite Lady Wallace to Cassius. You will like her too."

The day the daughter of Count Wallace visited Cassius, Liena was extremely surprised.

It was Ethel.

"Pleased to meet you, Princess Cassius. You are a very lovely person, just as I heard from the young Duke."

Seeing her friend warmly greet her, Liena could barely contain the emotions that were welling up.

As expected, Ethel, Liena, and Cassius were destined to become one family.

Otherwise, this miraculous event of Ethel following Leandro to Cassius, even though everything was different from her previous life, couldn't be explained.

Liena became the daughter of Cassius, and Ethel became the wife of Leandro, making them one family.

What a perfect image this is.

"Welcome to my home!"

Liena welcomed Ethel wholeheartedly.

When she heard the story of the Wallace family, whose family circumstances were much worse than expected, her heart ached.

"Poor Ethel. I knew nothing about that and thought you were living a rich life in a noble family..."

The guilt she had buried deep in her heart for stealing the adoption opportunity from Ethel also returned.

"Both of you look so good together!"

So, by connecting her with Leandro, she tried to get Ethel favor in Cassius.

It was the best atonement Liena could make.

The uneasiness in her heart that had arisen because of Leandro disappeared immediately.

Ethel is different from other people. Liena was willing to share her brother's affection with Ethel.

She was no longer worried that her family might abandon her because of Ethel.

The past ten years were enough for Liena to trust that the love of those around her would never be denied.

It was so. Until one day, she overheard a conversation between her father and her two brothers.

"By the way, Lady Wallace."

During a family tea ceremony, Leheim suddenly changed the subject.

"The more I look at her, the more I like her. Like a friend I've known for a long time."

Leandro agreed with that.

"It's interesting. That's why I requested a relationship with Ethel."

"Oh, I can understand that. What does my father think?"

Duke Cassius rubbed his chin.

"Surprisingly, I think the same. She seems sturdy, but somehow she feels familiar. Maybe because she resembles Cheryl."

"To mom? They don't look alike at all."

"Should I say it's the atmosphere? It's hard to pinpoint, but it's similar."

"Father, are you feeling lonely these days? You're saying all sorts of things..."

Crash! A loud noise cut off Leheim's words.

Liena dropped the teacup she was holding, and it shattered on the floor.


"Are you okay?!"

"Are you hurt anywhere?"

Liena barely nodded.

"Oh, yes. I'm fine. I'm sorry, Dad."

"... Your face is pale."

Although she said she was fine several times, the three men surrounded her, concerned about her health.

However, Liena's expression turned dark the next day and the day after.

The three soon realized that Liena had more of a problem than an illness.

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