IWDFLSB (Novel) Chapter 127




"What's going on, Cecil?"

Compared to Cecil, who seemed nervous, I responded to her words in a relaxed manner.

"I heard that you asked to buy magic stones from the Lucibiu mine. That's why I, the mine owner, decided to meet with you in person."

Cecil exclaimed.


"I asked the imperial family! Ethel Wallace, not you!"



"My last name is Lucibiu now. If you want the magic stones from my mine, be careful with this."

"...yes, I understand."

Cecil seemed dissatisfied, but she lowered her head, probably under the pressure of my influence.

Yesterday, Terence informed me that Cecil had requested the imperial family to buy magic stones.

"As you know, most of those who want magic stones are busy writing letters to you."

"It's inevitable. The portion taken from the imperial family through the contract is only a portion, and the imperial family is busy using it."

"That's right. Several other places requested magic stones from the imperial family, and all of them were families or organizations close to the imperial family. Except for one, the Iver Guild."

"The Iver Guild?"

"The name in the document was different, but considering that the representative was Cecil Iver, it seems they simply changed the name."

"Yes, the Iver Guild officially dissolved last time. It can't continue using the same name."

However, just because the guild dissolves doesn't mean its members disappear.

Moreover, Iver's high executives were a group with strong solidarity under Cecil, a reliable leader.

In a way, it was even stranger that they were all scattered at once.

"But Liena abandoned them."

That was certain, as the imperial family still closely monitored Cassius's movements.

From Liena's perspective, there was nothing good in continuing her relationship with the members of the former Iver clan.

Since Elliot claimed to be the mastermind, the people caught as criminals were limited to him and some of his direct subordinates...

"There's no way the world's perception of those who stay will be good."

If Liena wanted to do business again, it would be better to form a group of new and impeccable merchants rather than using Iver Merchant's employees.

Therefore, Cecil and her subordinates could be said to be in a situation where they couldn't do this or that.

No matter how well-known Cecil was to those around her, it wasn't easy to reach an agreement with her in the current situation.

Since she lost her economic resources and her former partners rejected her, the only support she could get was through high-quality magic stones.

If she produces artifacts using high-quality magic stones, she will make money, though not as much as before.

But Cecil made a mistake.

"I understand your situation more or less."

I said, looking at Cecil's trembling eyes.

"But you should have asked me, not the imperial family. That way, you would have a better chance of getting magic stones."

"...But since we're not strangers, I would like to offer you a special opportunity. If you make a formal request now, I will consider it positively."

"That's it."

"I don't understand. Why?"

"I said no. Please leave me alone."

"Oh, I casually brought a high-quality magic stone. Do you want me to show it to you? It's really beautiful."

I continued saying what I had to say, ignoring Cecil's direct expression.

But the content of the words was not important.

From before, I had been deliberately provoking Cecil and carefully observing her eyes.

There was no significant change. In other words, my blessing wasn't working at the moment.

"I guess the content of the conversation is important too."

It seemed to be effective only when the other person was, to some extent, convinced of what I was saying.

Now that I think about it, even Duke Cassius, Elliot, and Roland Cassius had conversations with me, or their attitudes changed after reflecting on themselves.

Duke Cassius read his wife's letter from the time capsule, and Elliot frequently met with Count Miloam and realized he had changed a lot from the past.

In Roland's case, there wasn't such a characteristic occasion, but he was repeatedly told that what he was doing was not true love for his granddaughter.

It was when.


Cecil seemed to have exploded at my provocation and hit the table between us with all her strength.

"I get it! The chances of getting the magic stones are much higher if I ask you!"

"...Then why didn't you ask?"

"How can I do that?! You're the one who repaid Lady Liena's kindness with vengeance!"

Finally, her true feelings came to light.

"Lady Liena was good to you, but you deceived Tara and stabbed her in the back. Elliot was right."

Cecil snorted and looked at me.

"Thanks to you and the Second Prince's behind-the-scenes work, our business was ruined, and even the young one was abandoned. I don't know about the imperial family, but I don't want to bow down to you even if I die!"

If it were me in the past, I would have tried to refute each of these accusations, but now I know very well that it's useless.

Would that work for someone who fell madly in love with Liena because of the blessing?

The important thing is to make them reflect on themselves.

"I don't feel responsible."

Cecil's words, which had been firing rapidly at my single word, stopped.

"But you're still the leader of an important group?"


"Think about it carefully. Whom should you prioritize? Between Liena, who simply abandoned you, and your subordinates and the Iver Merchant Guild."

Cecil's eyes widened.

"If you really want to revive the guild and take responsibility for its livelihood, wouldn't it be right to set aside your pride or loyalty to your former mistress?"

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