IWDFLSB (Novel) Chapter 131




After hearing the story about the eccentric inventor, Terence gladly accepted my offer.

"Excellent. Fortunately, I can dedicate two or three days starting the day after tomorrow."


"It was worth putting in a lot of effort to be able to take a complete vacation."

"That's why you were so busy."

"Isn't it the same for Ethel?"

He gently took my hand.

"Would you like to go on our first date also?"


"Yes, a date."

Now that I think about it, according to Terence's expression, we were now in a relationship where I was being courted.

There was nothing strange about interpreting the act of two people going out together as a date.

"Oh no."

I was so preoccupied with appeasing the eccentric inventor that my thoughts didn't go that far.

Besides, I had done things with Terence several times in the past, so this time, without much thought, I invited him to go with me.

"For Terence, meeting the eccentric inventor is someone who will be useful to him in many ways."

But a date. Suddenly, tension spread throughout my body, and my shoulders seemed to become heavy.

At that moment.

"...I pushed you too hard."

Terence's eyebrows slightly arched as his voice sounded somewhat husky.

"I'm sorry. You don't have to worry about what I said a moment ago."

The moment I saw Terence's hand leaving me, my body moved faster than my head.

I shouted loudly while holding Terence's hand tightly.

"Let's do it! A date!"

Terence widened his eyes and soon showed a smile like a blooming flower.

"I'm looking forward to it."

I belatedly thought, "Is it okay?" but Terence liked it so much that I thought, "What's the problem?"

With a pleasant sense of suspense, I invited Terence to dinner.

The next day, as I would be away for a while, I left the imperial palace to prepare accordingly.

The carriage that transported me stopped in front of an elegant building located in a central area of the capital.

Lucibiu Mining Company.

A clearly new sign greeted me.

When I entered the building with my heart racing for some reason, someone recognized me.

"You're here. Is something wrong?"

It was a familiar face. Kayden.

Cassius's former butler, who testified in my favor in the divorce trial and is now the manager of Lucibiu Mining Company.

Lucibiu Mining Company was recently founded by me and was in charge of issues related to the development and management of mines and the sale of magic stones.

It was challenging for someone like me to handle Lucibiu Mine alone, which has been recently in the spotlight.

Therefore, from the moment I returned to the capital from the mining village, I had been planning the establishment of a mining company.

It has long been said that the most crucial factor in any job is trustworthy talent.

While struggling because I couldn't trust anyone with the management of the company, the thought of Mr. Kayden suddenly came to my mind.

"A mining company... I've only worked for the Cassius family all my life, so I'm not fit for that job."

"That's why I can trust you. You've been taking care of the large Cassius family for a long time. I'm sure you can manage the company well."

At first, he was reluctant, but when I asked again, he seemed hesitant.

Then, his son Joshua provided the decisive opportunity to change his mind.

With the words, "It's fantastic to see my father working again," Mr. Kayden accepted my offer and became the manager of "Lucibiu Mining Company."

Since it was recently established, we need to hire more employees and there are many things to worry about...

"Well, the owner of the company has come, so understand that I can only serve you a cup of tea."

Just as Joshua said, his appearance at work seemed lively and calm.

"No. It's very delicious. Thank you."

When I waved my arms and responded, the person sitting across from me looked at me.

"Ethel, could you come to visit and see my son sometime?"

"Yes? Does that mean..."

"This is the first time he has said he wants to meet someone other than me."


Joshua, who had closed his heart due to past events, has been reluctant to contact people.

Is the treatment received in the capital effective?

"Joshua loves to hear Ethel's stories. He always pesters me to tell him something new."

"My story?"

"That's because you proudly faced Cassius, who had instilled fear in that child."

"No, it wasn't a big deal..."

"Also, isn't it thanks to Ethel that the duke regretted his mistakes and changed his mind about wanting to apologize to Joshua?"

I had nothing to say in response to the flood of praise that followed, so I simply smiled shyly.

"For that child, Ethel is nothing less than a heroine."

It really was an undeserved title for me.

After conveying some things to Mr. Kayden about the company's operations, I didn't immediately return to the imperial palace but headed to Ambassador Leok's residence.

Because there was another piece of good news.

Congratulations Diana!

"Thank you! Ethel!"

Diana ran towards me and hugged me.

When she saw me, her eyes moistened as if the emotion invaded her again.

"It's finally over!"

Diana finally managed to get divorced after a long process that lasted several months.

I heard she won the divorce trial against her ex-husband, and last night she received approval from the temple.

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