SYS (Novel) Chapter 452

C452 - New Year, Rumors, and Significant Events

Breaking News:

The Black King's Mountain has been destroyed!

What fate awaits the Bise Kingdom with the collapse of the Black King's Mountain?

It is reported that the leader of the Black King, Valkas Kran, is currently in critical condition.

The fact that he has made no public statement suggests that his situation is dire.

Why was the Black King's Mountain attacked?

So far, the most likely suspects are the Twelfth Flagbearer of Runcandel and his Dragon Guardian, Murakan...

Do they have any grudges between them?

Was the power of the Black Mercenaries just empty talk?

A world mercenary myth shattered by a Dragon and an individual.

The Black Dragon Murakan, trampling the Black King's Mountain!

Rumors have it that the Twelfth Flagbearer, Jin Runcandel, has brought the "Spectre Corps" to its knees even before this incident...

A coalition of neutral forces, perhaps?

What will be the fate of the Black King's mercenaries?

As always, news articles poured in like crazy.

And, none of these articles were entirely accurate, as is often the case.

Both the Bise Kingdom and nearby media lacked the ability to thoroughly investigate such an event...

And external news sources had to rely on Bise Kingdom's reports for their own news.

As a result, misunderstandings, lack of information, and embellishments to fill the gaps made Jin out to be the destroyer of the Black Mercenaries.

The main reason was that the Black Mercenaries couldn't properly control the media.

If they had confined themselves to the Bise Kingdom and its surroundings, they could easily have produced news to their liking.

However, the Black Mercenaries are not as influential as Runcandel, Zipple, Vermont, or Kinzelo, considered significant factions.

Not even the four major factions could fully control an incident of this magnitude.

You can't stop a wave with your hand.

Moreover, after this incident, the perception was strong that the Black Mercenaries were "done."

Major media outlets had reached a point where they no longer needed to be cautious with their reporting.

Given Valkas's real state and the fact that the hideout had been demolished, there was no other way to see it.

"Hahaha, hehehe... Truly, it's the best year-end event."

Kelliark Zipple.

As usual, he sat on the top floor of the Zipple First Magic Tower, the Tower of Histories, and perused various news sources.

He had a face reminiscent of Beradin, full of a childlike smile.

[Ha, are you laughing? Does this amuse you?]

"Kadun! Don't you find it amusing? I think this is even more fun than that comedy I watched with you and Octavia last time."

[Hmm! How can you be like this every time? You did the same last time, and even when that damn brat was ranting about the return of the Magic Swordsmen, you found it amusing.]

Kadun felt like he was about to go mad when Kelliark behaved like this.

-[Is that amusing? Or are you crazy?]

"Why? At his age, he's turning Runcandel into a complete mess all by himself. Not even Zipple could achieve that. How could I not enjoy it?"

-[How much damage have we suffered because of that damn brat, Kelliark? Your younger brother died, the Demon God Orb was destroyed, and on top of that, our alliance with Kinzelo fell apart. The incident with the Holy Kingdom... It's indescribable. And not long ago, you even lost your Black Knight spy!]

"Don't forget the loss of the Spectre Corps."

-[True, that too. Anything else? Well! Magic Swordsman...! That brat is breaking the oath!]

This conversation took place a month and a half ago when they received the invitation to the Sword Emperor's banquet.

At that time, Kadun urged Kelliark to pressure Runcandel immediately, but Kelliark ignored him.

The same was happening now.

Kadun thought it wasn't the time for Kelliark to be so relaxed.

'He hasn't experienced the Runcandel of a thousand years ago, that's why he acts like this. Kelliark doesn't understand how dangerous they are.'

Whether Kelliark was aware of Kadun's thoughts or not, he continued to laugh heartily.

[Enough, Kelliark!]

"Ah, my ears already hurt. Kadun, why are you so angry?"

[How can you say that...!]

"Isn't it significant that the Twelfth Flagbearer brought down the Black Mercenaries? No, no, it's more accurate to say it's not the Twelfth Flagbearer but the work of his Dragon Guardian, Murakan."

[Exactly why it's a problem. Murakan is regaining his power.]


The reason Kadun was reacting so sensitively to this recent event was precisely that.

It was the information directly transmitted to him by the Fire Dragon Theo and the Blue Dragon Lalamaka that Murakan was regaining his power.

[If Jin Runcandel subdued the Black Mercenaries, absorbed them, or simply fought and won, that's not particularly important. But the fact that Murakan is returning to his prime is something we cannot ignore at all.]

As usual, Kelliark found Kadun's reaction intriguing, just like before.

"Aren't you too worried about that Black Dragon?"

[Unlike when I encountered him near Santel, this time he has clearly regained a part of his heart, and that too without the Demon God Orb.]

Kadun had effortlessly cornered Murakan at that time.

Murakan had been concerned with rescuing the people of Santel from Kadun's attack, preventing him from confronting Kadun.

At that time, Murakan had barely recovered his strength, so Kadun was much stronger to begin with.

Anyway, after that battle, Murakan survived and demonstrated his strength for all to see.

Both in the terrorist attack on the Sword Emperor Castle and a few days ago at the Black King's Mountain.

Kadun had been somewhat uncertain about Murakan's recovery when he heard the news from the Sword Emperor Castle.

He wasn't sure if the weak Murakan he had encountered in Santel had fully regained his strength.

[Now it's safe. Kelliark, we need to prepare before that guy regains all his former power.]

"You're quite afraid, aren't you?"

[That's right.]

Surprisingly, Kadun easily admitted that fact.

"Didn't you say you were the Dragon closest to Murakan in power a thousand years ago?"

[Near and on par are two different things. Fine, I admit it, he was the strongest. So take my words seriously and don't let that brat and Murakan go wild any longer.]

The smile disappeared from Kelliark's face for the first time.

"You're right. But, Kadun, it seems riskier to mess with the Twelfth Flagbearer and his Dragon Guardian."

[For Cyron Runcandel?]

"Exactly. When he's gone, the world will fall into our grasp anyway. And he doesn't have much time left. Can the Twelfth Flagbearer of Runcandel overcome Cyron's dominance in just that time?"

Absolutely impossible.

Kelliark continued speaking and made eye contact with Kadun.

"I have personally experienced the 19-year-old Cyron. I don't think the current Twelfth Flagbearer is better than the Cyron back then. The Twelfth Flagbearer will never reach his level."

[Just as you have experienced Cyron's power, I have experienced Runcandel and Murakan from that time.]

"I know. But, Kadun, look at the current situation. It seems to me that the fight will end as soon as Cyron disappears. The world will be ours. Why bother stirring the hive when all we have to do is wait for Cyron's time to end and adjust the variables appropriately? It's not like the opportunity has presented itself, right?"

Kadun didn't respond.

He didn't think Kelliark was wrong, but he couldn't put into words the unsettling feeling filling his heart.

"If you're worried, I'll order an increase in the personnel tracking Misha. It should help ease your anxiety."

In the end, Kadun could only nod.

[...Agreed. It would be much better if Murakan's sister is captured.]

"Yes. It's a bit regrettable that we narrowly missed her recently. Anyway, I'm more concerned about my son than the Twelfth Flagbearer or the Black Dragons."


"Yes. It's still difficult to manipulate his mind and memories, perhaps because the stability of the mind control magic is deteriorating or due to some other influence. Manipulating his mind and memories is becoming increasingly difficult."

The factors that could influence Beradin's mental world.

Kelliark couldn't know what it was.

It was about the emotions he had forgotten for so long.

[In my opinion, it's because the Twelfth Flagbearer and Dante Hairan have influence over Beradin.]

"Whatever influence they have over Beradin, the end result will be hatred and betrayal. And if that's the case, we must be even more cautious about touching the Twelfth Flagbearer until the perfect time comes."


Kadun shrugged, and Kelliark fell silent for a while, toying with a crystal ball.


The land of the beastmen, Kinzelo's Headquarters.

The faces of Bishkel, Berakt, and Joe were somber.

The table they sat around was filled with numerous news about Jin.

However, unlike Zipple, they didn't mistakenly think that Murakan was the main culprit in this incident.

"Hmm, Zephyrin... she went to cause an incident."

Joe said, looking at Berakt.


Although Kinzelo had not sent anyone to the scene of the Black King's Mountain collapse, they were fully aware that this incident was Zephyrin's doing.

Because the leader's condition had deteriorated rapidly right after the collapse of the Black King's Mountain.

It meant that either the leader had overused his power, as he did in the Sword Emperor Castle, or someone had taken advantage of the leader's power.

Now the leader suffered in the same way, and there was no doubt that only one being could borrow the leader's power without permission: Zephyrin.

"No, hmm... the leader's condition, um, isn't very good, chomp, right? Because, hmm, the Demon Dragon, uh, did something wrong!"

Bouvard said irritably while munching on a sweet potato croquette.

Bishkel and Berakt had the urge to immediately kill that fat piece of meat, but they clenched their trembling fists.


"Yes, Berakt-nim."

"What do you think about this matter?"

"I also think that Zephyrin's recent actions went too far. After the events in the Sword Emperor Castle, our leader was already bound to have an extreme rest."

"Besides, she failed to even show her face during Kinzelo's debut. I think she should be severely punished."

"Berakt-nim, Zephyrin is out of our jurisdiction."

"I am aware of that. I was just asking if the Vice-leader had any ideas. Our great cause may suffer a setback if our leader's recovery is delayed."

In response, Bishkel closed his eyes and thought for a while.

"Then, I will request a meeting with her and ask her a favor. I will ask her to spend some time as a spy within Zipple. It seems like the most we can ask of Zephyrin."

"There's a high probability she won't agree."

"I will make sure to persuade her."

Berakt nodded satisfied. Bishkel always kept his word.

"Understood. I trust you and await, Vice-leader."


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